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  1. If you didnt want it discussed, you probably shouldn't have posted it in the first place. I know nothing, man. Just speculating like everyone else.
  2. Why would SW execs be monitoring this forum if they had already decided that they were moving elsewhere? In that case, our thoughts / rumors would essentially be meaningless and they'd be spending their "valuable" time checking in on development rumors in X, Y or Z, USA.
  3. SW doesn't want to be in the suburbs. In 2019, all the evidence points to the fact that Millennials and Gen Zs generally want to live/ work/ play in the city. Moving to Brecksville or where ever would put them at a serious competitive disadvantage from a talent acquisition standpoint. These are smart people; it won't happen.
  4. In my head, I keep coming back to this beauty. For those that don't remember, this replaced the Lebron banner after his heartbreak departure in 2010. They aren't going anywhere.
  5. I'm just wondering how transformation 6k SW employees would actually be for downtown. Does anyone know how many employees SW currently has downtown? What would the net gain be for downtown and for the region? Is this basically a complete relocation of the entire Minneapolis-based Valspar team?
  6. Cool idea. They could maybe even do it as a fountain with led lights illuminating the water so that "paint" color could be changed!
  7. If true - I find this quite impressive. Here's a screenshot of pricing for a 1,000 sqft Terrace unit. $3,417 ?! Can that be right?
  8. Uhhh fruit store? Not even urban dictionary had an answer. Lol
  9. I flew on C-130s with the Air Force up until 2018. I promise you, in my 10 years of flying, I never once witnessed or heard of any behavior remotely close to what you described. That being said, no one can be 100% sure of anything, but in this case, all my experience points to the contrary.
  10. Is the plan for there to be continuous park from Detroit all way to Franklin? Some of the renderings I've seen seem to exclude several of the parcels that front W 25 - particularly the building on the corner or W 25 and Detroit. Also, I really hope they can at least clean up some of those trees on the northern portion of the CMHA property. Regardless, this will be a fun project to watch. Now is the time to buy real estate in Ohio City.
  11. As it rises, does the building actually angle over / towards Euclid slightly? Or am I just seeing things? I hope the answer is yes!
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