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  1. Wow, that apartment on the bottom right ^^^ has the business next door's security camera pointed DIRECTLY onto their balcony!
  2. I wonder if this could be an expansion. I walk by that building every morning, its practically brand new and appears to be in great shape. It would be a colossal waste to abandon it.
  3. According to apartments.com, FEB has 24 units currently available out of 241 total units - that puts it at 90.04% occupancy. Not bad, especially if these reviews are accurate.. https://www.apartmentratings.com/oh/cleveland/flats-at-east-bank_9199332346275160110/
  4. Wow, I love it! Did you intentionally leave out the three left- most unidentified buildings on your skyline mockup? Or are they just too short to make an impact on the skyline?
  5. I find it hard to believe that a company like SHW would seriously be weighing such radically different options less than one week before they make they make the big announcement. They already said they want the R&D to be near the HQ, therefore, I'd expect the new location to at least be in Cleveland proper. Does the executive team really want to schlep 23 minutes down the highway each way everytime they need to make a visit?
  6. So 2,500 total new jobs to downtown. 900 CLE-area relocations and 1,600 MSP transplants or new hires. Sweet
  7. Ok, so cool outlet mall and all, but did anyone else notice this?! Zoomed in screenshot from page 10 of the marketing brochure. Every other major proposed downtown project has a yellow outlined box around it on the map with the name of the project inside the box. There is one box, however, without a name! and yes it happens to be on the Weston lots! Mean anything? Lol
  8. I also think its important to note that electric vehicles are clearly where the industry is headed over the next 20+ years. In my head, that means good potential for future job growth / stability. Really exciting stuff! Do we know if Rivian is a UAW employer or what the payroll might look like? I assume, it would be similar to other automakers.
  9. This is currently a parking garage with retail space on first floor, right? Does anyone know what is planned here? Are they only working on the first floor space, or do they have plans to update the whole bldg? I could see a strip of small fast casual style restaurants doing well here.
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