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  1. Thanks! It's not even a filter. That's actually just the natural golden hour effect.
  2. From the looks of that rendering, they are planning to close off E4 to vehicle traffic - nice. But then again, maybe not if this is an old plan.
  3. I the saddest part of the design IMO is the command post building to the north of the bridge. The idea that we need to employ a human being to push the open close button seems ridiculous.
  4. Last I checked, Battery Park Lofts was 100% occupied with a waitlist. And they not cheap.
  5. I am single and make about 100k, I'm even priced out of most ohio city new builds.
  6. Wow, that apartment on the bottom right ^^^ has the business next door's security camera pointed DIRECTLY onto their balcony!
  7. I wonder if this could be an expansion. I walk by that building every morning, its practically brand new and appears to be in great shape. It would be a colossal waste to abandon it.
  8. According to apartments.com, FEB has 24 units currently available out of 241 total units - that puts it at 90.04% occupancy. Not bad, especially if these reviews are accurate.. https://www.apartmentratings.com/oh/cleveland/flats-at-east-bank_9199332346275160110/
  9. Wow, I love it! Did you intentionally leave out the three left- most unidentified buildings on your skyline mockup? Or are they just too short to make an impact on the skyline?
  10. I find it hard to believe that a company like SHW would seriously be weighing such radically different options less than one week before they make they make the big announcement. They already said they want the R&D to be near the HQ, therefore, I'd expect the new location to at least be in Cleveland proper. Does the executive team really want to schlep 23 minutes down the highway each way everytime they need to make a visit?
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