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  1. That’s awesome! I found myself wondering yesterday what the hiring of Adm. Faison could mean for CSU and the region as a whole. Thank you for taking the time to research and write about it, @KJP.
  2. Don’t know what it could be specifically, but what company wouldn’t want to capitalize on establishing a presence in Cleveland? A relatively inexpensive market with growing tech talent.
  3. Maybe a couple cranes at the airport constructing a new terminal by then? 2-4 others!? that’s exciting to think about. Here’s hoping the Weston-Jacobs sites are fenced in with heavy earth moving equipment inside by the NFL Draft. Those bare patches have had their fair share of the limelight, time for something new.
  4. @KJP do you have a feel for what amenities will be built into the HQ? I know you mentioned Bedrock jumped back in the race by offering a hotel and residential. Is there another developer working to add something similar to Weston-Jacobs?
  5. There’s no mistaking Cleveland’s status as a legacy city, and the restoration of the Hanna, CAC (Athlon) and JHB (Euclid Grand) help you celebrate that. But I agree, I love the way the new meshes with the old. Keep on building these glassy, vibrant towers!
  6. At 23 stories and 264 feet, something similar to Skyhouse Raleigh would work just fine by me. https://www.rent.com/north-carolina/raleigh-apartments/skyhouse-raleigh-4-100047015
  7. https://www.cleveland.com/news/2020/01/cuyahoga-countys-gdp-highest-among-ohio-counties-data-shows.html Perception isn’t always reality when we’re told this region lacks among peer regions.
  8. This is awesome and thank you for sharing! If this creates an approximate 100 more hotel room bookings per night, does this development expedite a Renaissance expansion or Convention Center Hotel Phase II? Does SHW have an official hotel partner?
  9. “What’s the most annoying thing about this courthouse?“ “The elevators.”
  10. https://www.cleveland.com/news/2020/01/airway-stents-developed-by-cleveland-clinic-doctor-cleared-for-use-by-fda.html Amazing medical innovation and a new spin off company from the Cleveland Clinic.
  11. Diversification is nothing new in business. There was a time when Amazon was an online book store.
  12. Big time acquisition for a growing Cleveland company! https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20200106005302/en/Dealer-Tire-Announces-Acquisition-Dent-Wizard
  13. ^I’ve seen him downtown in his Ferrari so let’s hope he doesn’t have a suburban mindset and wants to work where he plays. I have no inside information on where they set up their new HQ though. I would think if they are to position themselves for future growth place matters, and young talent wants to be in walkable, urban areas.
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