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  1. Construction to start at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport on expanded center for shuttles, limos https://www.cleveland.com/cityhall/2020/03/construction-to-start-at-cleveland-hopkins-international-airport-on-expanded-center-for-shuttles-limos.html
  2. Gotcha.. I always thought the lot on the north side of St. Clair, across from Stark’s old HQ, was where the Realife skyscraper was intended. Thank you for clarifying.
  3. Cross referenced from SHW HQ thread.. would have posted to Warehouse District but it’s locked. Does anyone know if this lot is in play for development? I know there was mention that several projects are likely to go forward as a result of Sherwin Williams decision to remain downtown. Would love for this crater to disappear with the rest of them.
  4. Same, I picked up 125 and wish I would of picked up more lol.
  5. Platform Beer offering free home delivery due to coronavirus crisis https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/2020/03/platform-beer-offering-free-home-delivery-due-to-coronavirus-crisis.html
  6. Of all the developments that don’t become reality, this one ranks up there with those I really would of liked to have been built.
  7. Photos might not do it justice. This building’s skeleton is coming along nicely.
  8. I’m really enjoying these trips down memory lane. https://www.cleveland.com/arts/2020/03/two-decades-that-transformed-downtown-cleveland-planner-hunter-morrison-looks-back-at-1980-2000.html
  9. https://www.wkyc.com/mobile/article/news/local/cleveland/cleveland-clinic-named-second-best-hospital-in-the-world-by-newsweek/95-8c17881f-4d92-42c1-a487-9fd98c133c28 Not sure if we missed this, if it was posted elsewhere or.. most likely it’s not news that Cleveland Clinic is one of the world’s best hospitals. Side note: The three top hospitals in Ohio reside in Cleveland proper. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Metro climb these lists over the next decade. They already have one of the best level 1 trauma centers in the country.
  10. I have no trouble blaming city officials and their seemingly never ending blunders. But Pace, and the snail’s pace (no pun intended) at which he moved this development forward shares some blame. I can’t say I’m shocked the relationship soured, as stated in the article, after five years where we only saw a restaurant and 16 residential units built.
  11. Bernie Moreno keeps making moves. https://www.crainscleveland.com/technology/blockchain-firm-wins-funding-one-its-businesses “Ownum, the Bernie Moreno-founded company that is developing several businesses using blockchain technology, has secured funding for Vital Chain, which digitizes birth and death certificates. Ownum also announced that Vital Chain has its first client: the MetroHealth System. Medici Ventures, the blockchain venture subsidiary of internet retailer Overstock.com, will acquire an undisclosed equity stake in Vital Chain and assist Vital Chain with product development. MetroHealth, Cuyahoga County's public health system, also will assist in building the Vital Chain product.“
  12. Busy morning on Michelle’s Twitter feed. Anyone have an idea when we may see the first renderings? Xmas in July maybe?
  13. Can we take a vote on two UO members to replace Baskin and Phelps here?
  14. Can you please share if and when they reply?
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