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  1. Sounds like a nice little “nucleus” of cranes we’ll see in the OC/Downtown area
  2. Does anyone here have a Cleveland Biz Journal subscription? Can you recommend? I already have a Crain’s subscription and am wondering if the content is different enough to make another subscription worthwhile.
  3. At least a playground wouldn’t be a permanent thing. A residential high rise always felt to me like the best use of Mall C, even at the expense of my ultimate frisbee games.
  4. Good job by the folks in this rendering for maintaining 6 feet of distance
  5. LOL. I’ll never look at the inconspicuous area in a render the same.
  6. http://looplink.natl.cbre.us/Listing/1001-1101-Euclid-Ave-Cleveland-OH/15577590/
  7. ^^^Battery Park has done a great job of blending Cleveland’s industrial past with her bright future, IMO. I love the skyline of Lakewood’s Gold Coast and wouldn’t mind seeing similar density overlooking Edgewater.
  8. Thanks.. good for them on retiring but always sad to see a staple gone forever.
  9. Hot Dog Inn is setting up in a new home, correct? Anyone know the address? Sorry if this has been answered up thread.
  10. Not sure this is the best thread for this but the thread I thought to be most appropriate is locked. Cleveland featured in this WSJ article. Cleveland Is a House-Flipping Hot Spot, and Covid Is Helping Real-estate investors are moving away from the Sunbelt to lower-price markets inland, scooping up homes to turn into rentals https://www.wsj.com/articles/cleveland-is-a-house-flipping-hot-spot-and-covid-is-helping-11591629995 my favorite take from the article.. “Even in many places where home prices are low, like Cleveland, a mix of factors has propped up rents, including employment patterns and the state of the local housing stock.”
  11. We had dinner at Lindsay’s Lake House and there was a very good crowd there for a Thursday night, although it was beautiful out. I honestly don’t know if Margaritaville or Collision Bend were open but they didn’t appear to be. There was a decent amount of pedestrians but probably down a bit with the current events and not every bar and restaurant being opened as a factor. I’ve yet to get down there on a weekend to see how business is but hope to soon.
  12. Progress as of this evening on FEB Phase 3a.
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