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  1. Sooo, I don’t come to UO to debate politics. The option is there and I’d rather not. However, I feel with politicians there’s always going to be a peacock show of “what’s in it for my constituents” that seems to hamper these type of developments. The resistance is part of the political show and what’s feasible will still come to fruition.
  2. It’s been five years since this project was announced. Frankly, I’m burnt out.
  3. What a transformational project this will be for Cleveland.
  4. I do hope Mr. Albert’s finds a new home. Cleveland staple much like Norton’s Furniture.
  5. That would be great news for us fans of Ichabod the Crane’s Twitter feed
  6. I tend to like the design, but can see why people would not. I think once built people will find angles that are more attractive than others. I’m sure we can all agree it certainly is not cookie cutter.
  7. I think it has something to do with the Terminal Tower residences. My guess is to raise HVAC equipment but not 100% certain. I doubt it’ll be there for more than a day or two but they’re always fun to look at.
  8. The things that are debated when development news winds are calm. Still 100x more palatable than the Cleveland.com trolls who overran the Jacobs Public Square thread.
  9. I feel they sort of have to do their due diligence, how else could they maximize the incentives they receive? However, it still is a reason for concern. I emailed Dan Brady, Jack Schron, Kevin Kelley and Kerry McCormack. Is there even a point to emailing asleep at the wheel Frank?
  10. Very interesting, thank you for starting this thread. I’m curious though as to why the micro grid would not expand west of the river, incorporating at least to west 25th and north of Columbus would make sense, no? I imagine the micro grid itself would create several well paying jobs. Apologies if that’s discussed in the linked articles, I’m a little pressed for time at this moment.
  11. Kudos to the committee for not only pushing back, but for giving the scathing feedback that this proposal deserved.
  12. That’s a good point I wasn’t thinking about. However, if nuCLEus leases like the Beacon is preleasing (we know it’s already doing well for retail and commercial), then a future phase probably isn’t that far fetched.
  13. I’m torn. I don’t want to add surface parking by any stretch, but if demo paves the way for future development I’m all in. Yes the Herald building has some history, but how long has it sat vacant? In it’s current state it’s an eyesore. I’m guessing the ends don’t justify the means when it comes to renovating it.
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