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  1. I saw one complaint about storm sewers being at max capacity already...they really have nothing left to form a real argument with.
  2. If the pick the lot between eggleston and court, I really hope they dont tear down the flatiron(ish) building thats at the corner. Either way, if true this is pretty cool!
  3. woah. I looked it up and youre right, they are all literally the exact same building. Don't look nearly as nice as the renderings, either.
  4. What would that involve? 71 cuts it off pretty thoroughly, I dont really see what could be done
  5. Yeah its just that when 3CDC acquired it there was a ton of hype around redevelopment, I'm pretty sure Cranley said there would be "exciting news" in the fall. A bit of a letdown if you ask me
  6. Thats really dissapointing. That better not be the news weve been waiting months to hear.
  7. woah thats not what I expected at all. Seems pretty interesting, looks like the original building is going to be a clubhouse type building, no?
  8. Neat! Glad theyre saving the house, I'm interesting to see what itll look like
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