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  1. I fondly remember being on a tour of OTR and we walked by a prostitue in an ally. I found it funny, most others did not.
  2. Wow, had no idea there was also a phase 3. Madisonville is going to look SO different in a couple years.
  3. Is there any article about this? I hadn't heard anything about a renovation
  4. wow. haven't seen any of that before. The park avenue one looks incredible. Both are equally awesome though. It's great to see them creating housing for middle income residents, WH seems to be doing a good job of balancing their new housing. The scholar house is low income, poste is pretty high, and now this for middle.
  5. Interesting. I'm glad to see it being redeveloped, I just hope they don't demolish too much. Better than being abandoned though
  6. Thanks for the updates! If anyone has pictures of the new buildings I'd love to see them! Curious how ugly that one building is!
  7. how on earth are people dumb enough to not only spend $250,000(!!!!) of their own money, but tack on a couple extra million after that?
  8. I think you may be interpreting the parking symbol wrong. There is currently a lot on the area with the red P which they are most likely representing here. Theyre representing current parking areas with the circled red P, and then the new garage is its own entity which would most likely have an opening on 15th.
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