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  1. I dont know about the rest of you, but I was really not expecting 10 stories, thats great news! Excited to see how this turns out.
  2. I go down to the west end roughly once a week in the summer and there are ALWAYS kids playing football/basketball/baseball when its nice out.
  3. cant wait till he somehow gets elected mayor
  4. https://www-bizjournals-com.research.cincinnatilibrary.org/cincinnati/news/2020/01/06/philadelphia-company-will-develop-ex-northside.html
  5. from: https://www-bizjournals-com.research.cincinnatilibrary.org/cincinnati/news/2019/12/11/library-unveils-first-phase-of-300m-facilities.html
  6. Heaven forbid we realize we have archaic zoning that requires 25(!!!!) feet between the front of the property line & the front of the house. The trees & woods that are always littered with trash? Those trees? At this point lets just make everything a trail or a park, we don't actually need people to live near anything.
  7. Hopefully one day all of HPP gets redeveloped...seems just as unlikely as rookwood ever being changed though.
  8. I fondly remember being on a tour of OTR and we walked by a prostitue in an ally. I found it funny, most others did not.
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