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  1. This is so cool! When was the last time someone on city council spoke out in support of light rail? I legitimately cant remember hearing someone speak up about this
  2. Arent they planning on building a real path to connect them eventually? Or am I thinking of something else?
  3. I agree with this. Pittsburgh seems to have fewer, but much denser/larger neighborhoods, whereas cincy has tons of smaller ones.
  4. Agreed, I moved to Pittsburgh a little while ago and its blown me away how much larger the business districts are. Even just for areas like East Liberty there really isnt anything comparable in cincinnati.
  5. I'm not complaining. This city has a severe lack of good retail spaces anyways, so I'm glad a developer is willing to give it a shot. Better than being completely abandoned as it was before.
  6. its just a little weird, not really awful but it seems very mishmashed
  7. considering that the oakley square area as a whole still kind of sucks, I'd personally be advocating for more large scale development & growth but to each their own
  8. oh I really like the street level of that, it looks pretty cool.
  9. Yeah I just moved to Pittsburgh. The city as a whole is so much denser, I was honestly caught off guard because everyone talks about how similar the two cities are, but Pittsburgh has much more "east coast" density to it once you get out of downtown.
  10. oh how sad...the hamton inn on madison road on hold. you just hate to see it happen.
  11. 576 parking spaces for 316 apartments? Am I reading that wrong?
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