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  1. The old Glenwillow train depot, on the active freight line from Bedford to Twinsburg to Kent, is being moved across the tracks into the nice little park on the south side of Pettibone. (I see the Cleveland Commercial Railroad locomotive frequently parked just to the north on a siding of this line.) My understanding is they are renovating the building and adding restrooms. It should be a nice addition. It is also close to the Tinker’s Creek trail if any of you bikers want a destination.
  2. I was like “what’s Crittenden Court“ so I looked it up. Then I realized that my brother lived there and I stayed there multiple times. Ha.
  3. @KJP was actively promoting the dual-level railcar idea for a while, but eventually he discovered that dual level cars aren’t possible on the RTA system - the difference between the platform heights is too much. You’d either have to rebuild all of the platforms or raise the track at Red Line stations. Now if you are suggesting to just build a separate platform for the Blue/Green cars at this proposed station (like how E55 station has separate platforms for Red and Blue/Green Lines), that could be interesting. Maybe if a low floor platform was also added to the W25 station, it might become worthwhile as a short extension of the Blue Line, enabling direct connections between Ohio City / West Bank Flats / Columbus Peninsula and Shaker Square / Van Akin Line.
  4. It’s also important to understand that the money doesn’t, and more important CAN’T, come from the same places. If it was all the same source, then yes, other RTA projects would take priority. But it isn’t. Federal matching is for new capital expenses, period. You can get federal money for new stations, extending lines, and sometimes rebuilding stations if specific new things are happening (like ADA Americans w Disabilities Act compliance). Federal money typically makes up a big percentage of projects like this. It cannot be used for operating expenses. It cannot be used for many of the necessary state-of-good repair items we know need to be fixed. So it is NOT a question of “what’s the best use of $20 million that RTA doesn’t have?” Rather, the question is “what’s the best way to generate community interest and political clout to get more money for anything RTA related?” @KJP specifically highlighted in his article the reasons why Metroparks might be interested in sharing costs on this proposal. The thing he didn’t mention in this article (but has talked about before) is how the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad is trying to extend downtown, and one potential end point is the old B&O terminal at Canal and Carter Roads, a short walk from this proposed station. How awesome would it be to get to anywhere in the CVNP or tow path trail directly from the Red Line? Why do Metroparks levies pass? Because everyone in the county uses them and most see the benefit of properly funding them. The most important thing that RTA needs to do is make themselves relevant to more people to increase their political support. Unfortunately most of the ways they could accomplish that are staggeringly expensive. But relatively small projects like this increase ridership. The development of projects in Ohio City (particularly Market Square / Intro) increase ridership. And perhaps most important, any redevelopment of Rapid Station parking lots into Transit Oriented Development (TOD) will increase ridership. In turn, increased ridership increases political clout. Increased political clout makes it more likely that future levies pass. That’s the only way that RTA is going to get out of its current financial mass, much of it related to circumstances outside of their control, specifically sprawl and the stagnation of Northeast Ohio, both of which undermined the RTA sales tax passed in the 70s. People don’t get excited about repair projects. People do get excited for new, useful stations and TOD. I’m all in for this proposal.
  5. @KJP or anyone who might know - was there ever a direct connection for streetcars from the lower level of the Detroit Superior bridge to the rapid tracks under Terminal Tower? I thought the streetcars came back up to street level just east of W9. But this comment I just saw on Facebook has me wondering - can anyone confirm whether this comment is true? “The Rockefeller Building has a "platform" at the basement level for the streetcars, when they traveled on the lower level of the Detroit/Superior bridge. I don't know if it exists anymore, I saw it in the late 70's/early 80's. Not quite a rapid stop but similar.”
  6. ^Project looks great and I hope the restaurant is good. “The Hiatus” seems like a very strange name.
  7. CVNP Facebook post: “When the idea of removing the Brecksville Dam was proposed in 1989, it seemed like a farfetched dream. Canal engineers first dammed the Cuyahoga at the Pinery Narrows in 1827. For nearly 200 years the river has not flowed freely below Akron. Today decades of planning by many partners was realized. An excavator reached its long mechanical arm into the tumbling waters and, over several hours, jackhammered a notch into the concrete dam. By tomorrow the water level will drop and our national heritage river will begin a new chapter.”
  8. Imagine how much more substantial this project could have been if the owner of that stupid parking lot next to it had been willing to sell or partner. Oh well, still a great project.
  9. I can confirm that all of this is correct. (My wife works at M Italian, also from the same Chef Art Pour ownership.) It’s too bad - they had the only good pizza in Solon.
  10. I suppose this project earning potentially earning the Historic Preservation Tax Credit eliminates the possibility of that sweet five story addition on top. Sad face.
  11. A few questions for @KJP or anyone else who might know: - How far does the existing, abandoned subway tunnel stub under the Ontario / Huron intersection go along Huron? I realize that all of Ontario in that area is basically a bridge over used and/or abandoned rail tracks, but I'm curious how much of Huron has the subway tunnel. I'm assuming it's pretty short. - If a Waterfront Extension/Loop proposal were to come together, could the money that RTA, Cleveland, the county, and Ohio put into the original Waterfront Line be used towards the "local contribution" in the calculation of federal funding for the Loop project, considering that Cleveland did NOT use federal funding for the original Waterfront Line? I realize the proposal is entirely a fantasy, but it is interesting to me to consider the possibilities. Any type of downtown loop that better covers the CBD and also links Playhouse Square, CSU, St. Vincent Hospital, and Tri-C would RADICALLY improve the usefulness of our existing rail system and would dramatically increase ridership. Would this type of project be likely to qualify for federal funding?
  12. Lox, Stock and Brisket to Relocate to Van Aken District; Rice Shop to Take its Place in University Heights https://m.clevescene.com/scene-and-heard/archives/2020/05/11/lox-stock-and-brisket-to-relocate-to-van-aken-district-rice-shop-to-take-its-place-in-university-heights Both restaurants are from chef Anthony Zappola. Lox, Stock, and Brisket will be in the Market Hall at Van Aken District.
  13. @KJP covered it in his recent nuCLEus articles. The Herold Building concept looks great. Of course, who knows what will actually happen.
  14. Delta Air Lines suspending service at Akron-Canton Airport https://www.cleveland.com/business/2020/05/delta-air-lines-suspending-service-at-akron-canton-airport.html GREEN, Ohio — Delta Air Lines is suspending all flights at the Akron-Canton Airport next week, temporarily consolidating service at Cleveland Hopkins. The suspension of service will last at least through September, the airline said. Akron-Canton is one of 10 U.S. airports where Delta is suspending service due to a dramatic drop in demand caused by the coronavirus pandemic.
  15. Progress: Top of the Hill real estate closing sets stage for start of construction at gateway to Cleveland Heights https://www.cleveland.com/community/2020/05/top-of-the-hill-project-closing-sets-stage-for-start-of-construction-at-gateway-to-cleveland-heights.html CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio -- Years in the making, the deal has officially been signed on the dotted line for the Top of the Hill project. City officials took the final step today (May 5) with the closing on the financial package, essentially turning the project over for construction of the $83 million “catalytic gateway development” that could get under way this month, beginning with a 550-space parking garage. The developer, Flaherty & Collins of Indianapolis, and contractor Cleveland Construction anticipate an 18- to 24-month single-phase building cycle that should be nearing completion by the first half of 2022.
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