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  1. I think that a downtown loop would be the most impactful transit project, as it would make the existing rail system much more useful (if it was done right). That said, what @NR has proposed doesn't get you closer to anything worth going to other than CSU. (And the baseball / bball arena, but that could be addressed by an infill station on the existing tracks.) As I've thought about it more, I think it would be far more useful to bring loop closer to the CBD. Rather than running on East 17th from the Muni lots to Chester (as was originally proposed in the late 1990s), route this part of the loop along East 12th in dedicated lanes (the existing median or rail only lanes). East 12th is an 800 foot walk to East 9th - so much more of the CBD becomes accessible. (I mean, the ideal would be a subway under East 9th, but that would be crazy expensive - I'm trying to find the right balance of utility and cost.) I just think East 12th would make it way more useful to way more people as compared to the East 17th proposal (and especially compared to @NR's proposal in the distant hinterlands of downtown). The rest of the route would be east along Chester and then following the original proposal: south on a newly no-through-traffic East 17th to catch Playhouse Sq, then east along Prospect to the STJ Transit Center at East 22nd and the southern edge of CSU, then south on East 22nd past the hospital, then east along Comm College Ave to hit Tri-C, then south on East 30th to link back to the existing lines. Ideally a future phase (orange dots) would split south of Playhouse Sq to go west along Prospect, through or under East 9th, and under Huron to the existing tunnel stub. One of the Blue/Green lines would go clockwise around the loop, the other would go counterclockwise, and dedicated loop trains would also run to increase the frequency. I'll admit the stair-step route looks a bit silly on the map, but I think it does a good job of connecting the key locations and being practical (e.g. utilizing the median on East 12th). Obviously signal prioritization and dedicated rail lanes would be critical for sufficient speed. A multi-modal transit center at the current Amtrak / East 9th rapid station becomes much more useful, as nearly every part of downtown is accessible with no more than one transfer. Once all of downtown is accessible from the rail lines, the rail lines become much more useful, and then it is easier to justify investing in rail expansion. And I do really like the Detroit / Superior streetcar / subway proposal. I just think that the Waterfront Loop combined with a multi-modal transit center would have a much bigger impact. The only reason I might put Detroit / Superior streetcar first would be if SHW picks the Jacobs / Weston lots and we attempted to coordinate the opening of both the streetcar and the HQ. That would be cool. My proposal is in Orange (the Yellow shows the previous East 17th proposal). The thin purple lines are walks of 1000 feet from the proposed route.
  2. ^Imagine how good it would look with a new Blue Line train on a new Waterfront Loop down Community College Ave to East 30th and back to the existing Rapid lines. Dream big!
  3. I’m also a big fan of the I-90 realignment at Gordon Park proposal. That would create a massive redevelopment opportunity right along our greatest resource (the lake). Although that would also be spectacularly expensive. It’d be interesting to collect all the various proposals in the area with their costs to see how we would prioritize them. (Specifically ones that would likely require government spending: Transit proposals, parks, lakefront, riverfront, etc.)
  4. One of the world's first aluminum-reinforced concrete structures was revealed at a trade fair in Trondheim, Norway. The simple, stylish concrete bench is actually a world sensation. https://www.hydro.com/en-US/media/news/2019/what-makes-this-excuisite-little-concrete-bench-a-world-sensation/ "It is considered a given that steel is what is used as reinforcement in concrete, not aluminum. The reason is that the pH of ordinary concrete is so basic (high pH) that aluminum corrodes. But imagine if it was not the aluminum’s “fault”, but rather the cement, a creative researcher dared to ask – and decided to invent a new concrete that is not so alkaline. A few years later, it turns out that the new concrete – in addition to being suitable for aluminum reinforcement – has many and surprisingly significant benefits related to environment and quality, which can revolutionize the concrete industry." Summary of benefits: producing this concrete requires far less energy and CO2 emissions, it takes less of this concrete to build something (because the standard steel requires more concrete to protect the steel from the environment, which isn't required w aluminum), and they are claiming that it is "maintenance-free" (which seems like a stretch, but I could believe that it reduces necessary maintenance). The whole article was interesting, check it out.
  5. Cleveland, CMHA teaming up on $35M plan to replace antiquated housing, makeover East Side neighborhood https://www.cleveland.com/cityhall/2019/10/cleveland-cmha-teaming-up-on-35m-plan-to-replace-antiquated-housing-makeover-east-side-neighborhood.html “...The grant, coupled with local funding, would allow CMHA to replace the housing at Woodhill Homes, which has nearly 500 apartments at Woodland Avenue and Woodhill Road...”
  6. Playground north of Great Lakes Science Center - groundbreaking on Oct 28 at 2:30 https://www.cleveland.com/news/2019/10/first-ever-playground-planned-for-downtown-cleveland.html “North Coast Harbor will be home to the first playground in downtown Cleveland. Downtown Cleveland Partnership is staying mum until the free family groundbreaking, at 2:30 p.m. Oct. 28. But the playground will be built north of the Great Lakes Science Center, on the grass near the William G. Mather steamship.”
  7. Yes. They did a nice job with the observation deck. I went a couple months ago. You just show your event brite ticket to the security guard at the main info desk by the tower elevators. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/terminal-tower-observation-deck-self-guided-tour-tickets-33127241471
  8. Hey, that’s great news! I look forward to seeing her articles again. She will give @KJP some actual competition in the local media.
  9. Key Tower and Marriott next door were in 1991. I couldn’t remember what @KJP was referring too between 1991 and 2011 so I looked it up - the building now known as Fifth/Third was built in 1992. That was the tail end of a respectable string of towers in the 80s and early 90s. The only tower in the 1993-2011 range was the Stokes Federal Courthouse (and its rail RoW destroying footprint, ugh) in 2002.
  10. When Ohio was working on the budget, one chamber proposed removing the movie tax credits. The other chamber proposed increasing the movie tax credit. So when the Russo team was planning the movie shoot, they weren’t sure if the tax credit would be available. As a result they decided to move the shoot in LA. When the final budget was passed, it did include the movie tax credit (and added theater productions, yay!). Something must have changed on the film plan and since theOhio tax credits became available, the Russo brothers decided to move filming back to Cleveland again. they recently made a call for extras if anyone is interested. “Must look 18-35” iirc.
  11. But that’s @WhatUp‘s point - there don’t appear to be balconies at the red arrows. There are only balconies at the green arrows at the bottom and top of the grid. Balconies every other floor would make more sense than what is shown on the rendering. And balconies every floor would make even more sense (unless the corner units are two floors, but even then it’d still be nice to have additional balconies).
  12. And now filming is moving back to Cleveland. I hope it stays this way. https://www.ideastream.org/news/new-russo-brothers-film-cherry-confirmed-for-cleveland Production of the new Russo Brothers film "Cherry" is coming to Northeast Ohio after all. ... In an e-mail this afternoon, a spokesperson told ideastream that "most of the shooting is now in Cleveland and not in Californina as the benefits have changed in Ohio."
  13. Cleveland to Chicago at 110 mph - the linked article says it would be a 4.5 hour trip. That’s almost time competitive with flying for downtown to downtown travel once you factor in the necessary early arrival to clear security and getting from the airport to downtown Chicago. With those included, I figure 3.5 hours Cleveland to Chicago and 4 or so for the return (more time needed for security). And WAY more likely to be on time than United, not that that sets the bar very high. This service would be great. And of course the new station at Hopkins on that route would make that airport much more accessible for residents of Sandusky and Toledo.
  14. Chicago Ft Wayne Columbus also on the list of choices. And you get 10 votes. (Nice job narrowing it down, survey maker.) I voted for all four routes touching Ohio.
  15. ^The building is still the same size. The only thing that is (reportedly) changing is the office / housing mix. Plans evolve.
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