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  1. They are really hitting the mark with this stadium. Any rumblings of naming rights/sponsorship of the stadium yet?
  2. So true — the section north of the pool has very high quality finish work and *mysteriously* no dryer vents? Am I missing them?
  3. i can’t unsee the dryer vents that are stuck halfway between the cornice and the masonry.... causing them to protrude from the masonry
  4. This is tough. So tough to see -- what took so long to get to this point, gone in the matter of hours. I also hope they find the ability to rebuild. The master plan for the area is so needed and once the masonry work was completed, it looked great.
  5. Ive noticed this as well. There was a period of about two weeks where it was operating at full capacity until the performance started degrading until it was shut off completely.
  6. I have shared this thought almost exactly. Especially the piece about winterfest and even hoping that CBJ's winter park which has since been discontinued (always arriving too late in the season IMO) would be the push needed. So, after giving it thought, the one issue I always come back to is location -- Cleveland has a public square now, Cincy has fountain square (not sure if this is where they host their public ice rink) -- outside of the commons, we lack that public square element in our downtown. However, as I kick the tires on this, the COSI Pavilion (Genoa Park) continues to arrive top of my list of desired areas -- right up there with the commons; however, given that this is atop an underground garage, I am not sure about weight limits etc.. In my thought, either the upper or lower portion of Genoa Park could host this and drive attendance to winter fest, the scioto lights and even the Columbus commons lights as it is a quick 10 minute or so walk from the riverfront to the commons. Just some dreary Monday thoughts during a conference call
  7. Random thought.. A public ice rink during the cold/holiday months would fit so well in that grassy oval area on the edge of the river
  8. This is great. Design is a bit bland so I hope they dress it up with LED lighting accents of some sort. hopefully this paves the way for another pedestrian bridge from North Bank park into franklinton/Scioto peninsula.
  9. Great point. I didn't even think about the implications this could have on future development in that lot. 11 stories is a great way to set the precedent.
  10. This spot has long intrigued me. Its such a deep building and that little plot between the Cap and this parcel has so much potential. Very underutilized at this point.
  11. CASTO welcomes StudioTorch a unique and energized fitness experience to River & Rich, a mixed-use project featuring 200 residential units and nearly 24,000 square feet of retail space located in Franklinton. https://www.castoinfo.com/press-room/studiotorch-river-and-rich/
  12. The "organized mess" component of a construction site will never stop fascinating me.
  13. Wow -- need some info on the materials. Kinda reminded of the paneling used on "rustic" looking northern corner of the Gay and High project (name escapes me). Overall, such a downgrade and I do hope this is a spite project. Edit: Overall* not Overally
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