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  1. If they're building multiple 20 plus story towers I sure won't be disappointed.
  2. I recall 4k being the projected demand for downtown only. It was in a DCA quarterly report recently.
  3. I do think that we have more mentally unstable people that fall through the cracks because we have no safety net for them. Video games, no. Guns should be regulated just like every other Bill of Right including almost every part of the First Amendment (there are strong restrictions on your freedom of speech). As an aside, I am a gun owner, but I don't buy into this unregulated buy all the cool guns you want mantra. That's something perpetuated by an unhinged NRA that used to be moderate and reasonable and somewhere along the way got hijacked.
  4. The west side is midwest and the east side is east coast.
  5. I think the design is good. I also think they significantly upgraded the plaza area, which will be a big boon for public events and gatherings in downtown Lakewood. I know light up Lakewood will be moved over to there.
  6. As someone whose wife works at Metro, the cylinders are cool but the interior layout is an absolute nightmare. This building will improve that hospital in alot of ways. Though one way it may not improve is by it's reduction of beds. That's to be seen.
  7. Im with both of you. His writing style is not bad per se, but the way in which he utilizes it runs old quick. I rarely read anything he writes anymore unless by accident.
  8. It's sort of hard to seize them. The whole reason these guys ride them is because you can ride them up on lawns to avoid being caught by police. Frankly chasing them can sometimes make it even more of an unsafe environment for the community. It's been a lose lose so far.
  9. Q The last two would be tough without statements from all the homeowners and people on the sidewalk.
  10. The county is not putting a billion dollars to Metrohealths Campus. Metrohealth bonded that themselves as they are a self sufficient organization, they actually make the county money. Edit: I somehow quoted the wrong person.
  11. In the article it states that the Platform owners will be running the day to day. Seems like a win-win as of now.
  12. Let me put it this way. There are probably less people from the sheer fact that there aren't three child households anymore, but I'll be my life that Old Brooklyn has a higher median income than it did. The big game changer to make neighborhoods have more people again is replacing a couple houses or old industrial plants with these 50 plus unit apartment buildings like we are seeing in Ohio City/Hingetown. That is the kind of construction you need to increase population just because household size isn't what it used to be.
  13. I wouldn't say that. It's not a strip in front of the building. It will be between the sidewalk and street (that is how Madison Park's is) and will serve the purpose of holding rainwater that would otherwise overflow the city sewer.
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