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  1. That's exactly what I thought when I read it. Human scale density.
  2. It's my understanding that they're doing a full gut of tenants so that they can start from scratch.
  3. Minneapolis is the HQ of target, so I hope that they have one downtown. It would be real helpful if we had an anchor store downtown. Once we have that other retail will show up.
  4. I honestly think a City Target itself would handle most of the retail void.
  5. Out of curiosity because I honestly have not been keeping up, what closed stores would have been worth keeping downtown?
  6. The condo market could be robust, but if robust means 3,000 owner occupants and 3,000 renters downtown then the numbers don't justify a supermarket. Cleveland has one because Heinen's took a gamble and downtown Cleveland had a downtown worker population double that of Columbus, as well as a downtown residential population double that of Columbus. Their gamble was that the downtown workers would buoy their numbers while the downtown population grew. I believe they have been in the black close to right off the bat, mostly from alcohol sales and carryout items. You really need 20-25k downtown to justify those sort of things (or a large downtown workforce).
  7. I am unsure if someone from Cincy and Columbus is on this thread that can correct me but I believe they are having great success in the condo market area because those cities aren't afraid to build shorter low to mid rise structures of condo units (even wood framed). That was my impression when I walked through downtown Columbus last time I was there (barring the twenty story condos on the river). In Cleveland, it seems to be high rise or bust, which might be a symptom of the value and location of our vacant lots in the downtown area. Good for those cities though. I think Cleveland has a lot of potential for that type of development in the Superior Arts District, it would mirror the old industrial building conversions in that area.
  8. Ya its a big catch 22. As my criminal law professor (who was black) used to tell us, "You can challenge the due process of your stop, just always remember you will be doing that from prison, not at the scene".
  9. That's by far the largest downtown in the state and has also been increasing by roughly 1,000 people a year for the past five years. So I don't know about that. I looked at Downtown Cleveland Alliances Annual report. I always check them because though im unsure what boundaries are atleast we can get a steady data set. Downtown appears to have 105k jobs. I am sure they are including everything within the boundaries of I90. But if you read old reports from the past few years that number was below 100k.
  10. People have been privately financing major "public" projects since the age of the Roman Republic (frankly before that even). Cities are at their best when private works together with public to improve infrastructure for all.
  11. I think a lot of people on here discount the number of those wealthy enough to live where they want and send their kids to private school, which makes all of the above a non-factor. Its not nearly as large a group as the other groups you named, but if there were more condo options downtown that group would be more size able than you think.
  12. I mean it's a parking lot tucked behind a commercial strip that fronts the street. So there's that I guess
  13. Is the county garage going to be part of this development?
  14. I believe the surface lots around the greyhound station used to be three or four story rowhouses. Someone can correct me if I am wrong.
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