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  1. Literally nothing in that guys post is right. The officer tripped over his bike (correct) and grabbed the dude and asked him to (drop?) something. The guy backing up is then grabbed and pulled off to the right forcefully but not violently. It's questionable if he is arrested. A dude from the left comes over and tries to grab his buddy (obstructing justice) and he gets taken to the ground (I'll give you the overly forcefully, but not illegally) and restrained. That's what I see in this clip. Judging by the tactics the police are past the observing the protest phase and into the breaking up the protest and pushing people off the street phase via a bike phalanx. That's a high stress and tense situation where you typically are gonna get maybe two verbal commands and then the police are gonna assert control. Unsure how they got to that point but I'm not gonna speculate based off a minute clip.
  2. Richie's report was what I was alluding to when I made that comment.
  3. I never said it did. But it does equate to higher tax revenue.
  4. As someone who worked in a city housing department (not Cleveland) and now is on the outside, there's always two sides to a story. There's definitely a lack of urgency from Cleveland building and I'm certain there is graft, but don't kid yourself that half the time it's the developer not submitting the right stuff typically because they send an employee who has no clue what they're doing and provides the wrong info to their boss (or the boss is ignorant in that regard or just doesn't care about the rules). I've seen it time and time again. And trust me. Once we realize you are disorganized you are not gonna be expedited like someone who is organized and who you know is gonna get their stuff done to code and on time and who isn't gonna be a headache. Edit: expedited isn't the right word. A city isn't gonna go above and beyond what the job requires to help you once you're a known entity who cuts corners or ignores rules.
  5. I almost guarantee you the income difference of those moving in opposed to the greater number moving out is significant.
  6. That's 120,000 immigrants total in the region, not in a year. Still a pretty big number.
  7. I think as more new build is built then there will be more of a private sector appetite to rehab these old buildings as the rents begin to come in line with rehab. I'm with you, I hope we are able to preserve alot of these solidly built apartments. I personally think alot of these east side single family stock over there isn't worth preserving (with exception of course). Id like to see more multifamily and dense townhome construction on old single family land.
  8. There are. You can do a civil action and take receivership as the city. But unless the property is still in pretty good shape it doesn't make sense financially when the end game is gonna be foreclosure either way. You're gonna most likely be out the money you put into it as the city. Its typically cheaper to demo (especially when the money was coming from the county) and frankly the legal process takes just as long.
  9. I'm aware. What I'm telling you is do you know how hard it is to bring a slum landlord, particularly an out of state slum landlord to bring their property into good condition? Housing violations are criminal violations, and therefore service needs to be perfected. Best of luck with an out of state Israeli investor with a fake in state property manager. It's easier to nuisance abatement demo the properties and throw the cost of demo on the tax duplicate and then let them foreclose on it.
  10. Do you realize how hard that is to do from a manpower and from a legal perspective as well? It's easier to just nuisance abatement demo it.
  11. As of right now, outside of the districts and some specialized units like Hopkins, mounted Patrol, and some staff at Burke most specialized units are either at HQ or at public safety central (the old third). This new HQ would unify them. I wouldn't be surprised if they left a significant special presence downtown. Like a large substation, if you will.
  12. We have always had our own academy. Because of the number of classes they have been putting through they were sending people down to the highway patrol and TriC as well. I can tell you that we will no longer be sending classes down to Columbus, but this next class will be a Tri C, and the class that just graduated was at Tri C. Basically those classes go to Tri C to complete all the OPOTA (state mandated classes) and then they come back up to Cleveland to take the extra Cleveland specific training. My class is doing it all in Cleveland at our own academy. The academy staff, like every other department, is understaffed. It's a catch 22. We need more people but we don't have enough people to train all the new people. And as soon as a class graduates to fill the streets, an equal amount of officers retire. Like 60 percent of the force is within a few years of retiring.
  13. I mean there are definitely officers who agree with you. They will definitely have to keep some sort of presence downtown. However, what they are trying to create is a headquarters and sprawling state of the art training center. You unfortunately cannot accomplish that downtown for what I am hoping is obvious reasons. I'm in the academy right now, and though the instruction is top notch, the facilities are horrendous, and no one from top to bottom will disagree with that. It's no secret. We haven't had working water fountains on our floor for over twenty years. The gym is the mechanical floor and until they put up thin drywall up a few years ago (it still is the temperature of whatever it is outside there) you could literally look outside through cracks in the wall We have to go off site for building searches, the range, driving instruction, and multiple other things that make planning tough. A lot of the tech is a decade behind. This new building will give them the chance to bring their training and it's facilities up to the standard it should be and still make sure it's under the watchful eye of leadership.
  14. I would love for a psychologist to spend a year on cleveland.com and give clinical diagnosis to the different posters. It would be an astounding study.
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