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  1. That's regional growth. The Columbus region has slightly more jobs than Cleveland because Cleveland does not include Akron. So, in fact, it's pretty much comparable. Center city population doesn't really factor in, only regional population.
  2. On a side note. I've always been surprised that a bar hasn't occupied that building. It's across the street from a building filled with county workers, attorneys, sherriffs, and cops. Can't think of a better built in clientele for a bar.
  3. This will be a nice addition. Though the main entrance for the Justice Center is on the other end the Police Headquarters entrance is on the Ontario side and that's the entrance most of us use at lunch. On top of that, the Marriot and Key Center aren't far from there, and the non descript building to the east of The Standard has quite a few police and county workers in it as well. I wish this project success.
  4. Idk if I would call Lakewood hospital 1000+ jobs lost. Ya it definitely lost jobs, but they did build a clinic with a smaller ER right across the street which certainly offset some of the total job loss. It's probably closer to 500 than 1000. Either way a hotel and new hq plus retail would definitely help to offset some of that loss. Lakewood is one of the older suburbs and is built with some serious density and this project just adds even more of that. It replaced an old structure and it doesn't proliferate sprawl. Not to mention I'm biased towards this project because I live a few blocks away, so there's that too.
  5. Doubtful on the second one. Collinwoodup2nogood is a huge troll who thinks the entire city of Cleveland is the ghetto.
  6. Don't forget that this place had a dude running a fetynal lab out of the top floor.
  7. If they had an exit off 490 eastbound at 14th Street this would negate this issue completely.
  8. By time you're done, Scranton is gonna go from the least dense to the most dense area of Tremont. Kudos.
  9. You know what. I think @KJP is right. I don't know why the heck 2001 Payne is called the old third. It seems to have been the Old HQ. I'm gonna have to find out more.
  10. @KJP, correct sir. It is directly north of the fire station and Collinwood High School. As an addendum, 10600 may have briefly been the third district. But when you refer to the old third in the police department people are talking about public safety central on Payne.
  11. I'm in the academy presently. Homicides are pretty steady but violent crimes in general are up. You are absolutely correct that most of it is gang related or drug trade (heroin related). Heroin is such a big issue and it takes alot of man hours from police to handle situations with ODs and violence. Alot of our resources are being pushed to handle that straining other departments even further.
  12. Their mission is not really to patrol. They enforce traffic laws on state routes and highways. They don't answer calls for service like the traditional police. On top of that there has already been jurisdictional fights between them and the city. The 71 million will be going to local governments to hire local police. We are so short staffed in our specialized departments due to retirements and ramping up that federal help would be appreciated in the short term. Most of our patrol officers literally go from call to call, especially in the fourth district. Due to the need to keep patrol staffed they haven't been replacing people in specialized units. We put through 150 officers a year and lose 100 to retirement and other things.
  13. The two must haves for me are YouTube tv and Netflix. I would research both of those.
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