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  1. Speaking of Circleville, there's some pretty big projects going on in this little town that never has much going on. A four-story 100 room Hampton Inn is under construction. A new Holiday Inn Suite Hotel and a shopping center will break ground any day on South Court Street and Crites Road. Then on the north side of town across from Mary Virginia Hannah Crites Park, Epcon is building 60 cluster house condominiums. Of course this isn't much by Columbus standards, but it proves that outlying areas are now benefitting from Columbus success.
  2. Those buildings have no character and no architectural significance at all. Whether than prejudge the future development and jump on the negative bandwagon, I say wait until the proposal is submitted. Some people were quick to condemn German Village residents over a Hotel proposal that did not fit the historic character of the neighborhood, but now want to save a group of building simply because they are old.
  3. So , If I remember correctly the proposed Capital Tower at Third and State was to be anchored by the law firm of Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease that is currently located on Gay Street, they had originally decided to take 200,000 thousand square feet, Bank One also had committed to lease 200,000 square feet, which would have been half of the available footage. After all of these years maybe Vorys will decide again to relocate and maybe Chase will decide to relocate some of the New York staff here. Its to bad that downtown has lost 2 major Corporate HQs this year. Ohio Health and CoverMyMeds. I don't think Ginther is pulling is weight. Another 37 story tower was proposed to replace the Beggs Building in the late 80s. The building was later renovated and expanded to become the 5/3 Center. I've looked for renderings of that tower but can't find them. I remember it was a Classic Art Deco design named 21State Street.
  4. A 700 foot Tower rumor is floating around in Cleveland also. An announcement is expected by the end of the month concerning a new HQ for Sherwin Williams.
  5. I don't usually comment on topics and I truly appreciate the interest and passion that people on this site have for development and positive progress in our city. But, after spending $375,000 on a small house in German village I understand why the gas meter fiasco happened, I absolutely did not want that ugly monstrosity on the sidewalk in front if my house. I'm more of a YIMBY than a NIMBY, but GV and Columbus desreve is the best quality architecture and appropriateness as any other City. GV is the largest privately restored community in the United States and one of the most unique communities in all of North America. Concerning the hotel project, I've seen elegant new historical looking hotels built in Boston and Washington DC, GV deserves the same quality. The current proposal is nice but it could be built anywhere in the city. I'm pretty sure the developer will come back with something that makes everyone happy and it will happen.
  6. Exactly!! Although, it is going to rise 110 feet. I'm not sure how though. 2 levels of above ground parking and 3 levels of office space, that's about 20 feet per level...hmm..
  7. Edwards Co planned on converting the PNC building into a mixed use of Office, Residential and a Hotel once OhioHealth and some other tenants moved out. Maybe this project will soon become a reality.
  8. I like the penthouse level of LC North as apposed to the top of the LC South building. But, they are both great additions to Downtown.
  9. Now, if only the City would complete a road diet and street scape project along Main St from High to Grant.
  10. Thanks for the pics, I remember when CU had construction updates, before it became lame news and lost their way.
  11. The parking floor heights are high intentionally, so they can be converted to office space in the future if needed.
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