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  1. Streetcar tracks turning on May onto McMillan, and from oak onto May. The tracks are easy to see at most intersections in walnut hills.
  2. Exposed streetcar tracks in Covington, Kentucky. Sorry for poor quality.
  3. Exposed streetcar tracks turning onto eastern avenue from private ROW and heading east. I saw this while looking at the ROW on google earth and decided I’d post them.
  4. Streetcar tracks turning off of baymiller in Brighton.
  5. https://photos.app.goo.gl/CxioKDvg3VcuSMR16 Hey, this an album of pictures of rail and rapid transit in Cincinnati, and some pictures of interesting/notable locations in the city. It includes inclines, the Rapid Transit Loop, streetcar tracks, interurban tracks, trolley poles, light poles, original pavement, and more. I know I would want to have access to this if someone else had photos, so I thought I would post it here. All pictures were taken by me. I can post these into more organized albums if anyone would want that. -Nolen
  6. Street car tracks and old pavement on Harrison avenue
  7. Street car tracks on tenth and Washington in Newport Kentucky
  8. It's in Hamilton Avenue in front of the comet, by Frederick. I love your site! I'm always on that map and reading the write ups.
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