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  1. Love the lighting beneath each letter
  2. Hope we can get more glass towers in our skyline. I find that glassy and white buildings look less drab in overcast weather.
  3. I wonder if the convention center farm will be covered up if they build that land bridge over it. I hope those animals will still have sunlight getting through to them.
  4. My guess is that they let go of mostly non-R&D employees in order to hire more employees for their R&D/software development department. In the article, Bowman states that the company is embarking on their largest software development investment yet and this falls in line with the fact that my co-worker who's leaving for OnShift, works with me in the R&D department of our company
  5. Marty! Thanks for keeping my hope in this project alive ever since dropping the Google rumor.
  6. Found out from a co-worker who's leaving to work for OnShift that the company will be moving into offices in Tower City. I am not sure whether this will be a complete move of the company or just an expansion, but they are currently located in Playhouse Square. However, the news I wasn't expecting to hear was when my co-worker mentioned that Google will apparently be located 2 floors above them! Looks like maybe the hiring manager or whoever they interviewed with spilled the beans here? Regardless, I am much more confident about City Block's success than ever before now
  7. Curious @KJP if you're thinking about taking up a protégé who will take your place on this forum after you ascend into urban heaven, where not a single surface lot can be found downtown and the skyline stretches from as far west as Westlake to as far east as Mayfield Heights
  8. I wished the panels had more of a metallic luster instead of appearing matte. Think that would've made it look a bit more upscale.
  9. Taken tonight. I've never seen Terminal Tower lighting this dynamic before VID_20190802_213753.mp4
  10. Those windowed bays make the Huron-facing side look a lot more interesting and prettier than the Euclid-facing side
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