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  1. As someone who shops in Shaker Square frequently, I think the surrounding dilapidated buildings are the bigger issue. The empty plaza on Van Aken is uninviting. Also, the connections between the Square and the parking lots could use better lighting. Especially the one behind Fire. I just don't see the need for a dramatic change similar to public square. The quality of the tenants matters too. Cleveland Cinemas just seemed to give up on the movie theater. Hopefully, the new operator is better.
  2. My guess is the city since they patrol beyond the new development, I believe the clean/safe territory is all the commercial space north of Chagrin and west of Warrensville.
  3. I'm not sure if this was mentioned earlier but Downtown Cleveland Alliance is providing clean and safe services for Van Aken. The area is pretty well maintained already but I think DCA is making a noticeable difference.
  4. Residences at Terminal Tower site is up...www.terminaltower.com Fall 2019 occupancy
  5. Coincidentally a friend of mine just listed a rental in the Lorain/Triskett neighborhood near George's Kitchen...he got 54 rental applications in a week. This is not a hot neighborhood by any means, these are working class families searching for a decent price and a fair landlord. How do restrictions on multifamily housing development factor into this problem? Outside of downtown and the near westside how many large apartment buildings were constructed in the last 15 years? It seems many suburbs have large buildings from the 60s and 70s but nothing more modern. I'm thinking of Myafield, Lakewood, Parma and North Olmsted. For the people in development and construction, am I off point here?
  6. Here's his competition: 45 Erieview - totally empty AECOM - 55% occupied 55 Public Square - 50% empty 1215 Superior - 75% empty 55 PS is being partially converted to apartments. Buildings such as Fifth Third Center, 1111 Superior, Oswald Center, Terminal Tower, Keith building, Halle, Caxton and Hanna are all pretty healthy. There are some struggling buildings downtown particularly in the East 9th/ Lakeside area but overall it's a healthy market.
  7. Interestingly the building landed a solid new tenant earlier this year. http://www.crainscleveland.com/article/20180304/news/153696/tower-erieview-lands-money-manager The tightening office market downtown certainly plays in their favor.
  8. ^ I guess a lot of this depends upon the fate of Nucleus. If Benesch leaves 200 PS then there is a huge gap to filled, I think they have 3 full floors.
  9. Pure speculation on my part but my guess is both the large law firms will be out that building soon. A lot of large firms recently upgraded their space and I would expect Weston Hurd/Walter Haverfield to continue that trend.
  10. Fair point but a landlord who makes any effort to attract tenants would be a huge upgrade. My company asked for a proposal for leasing 4,000 sqf in the Tower last year and it wasn't remotely competitive. Clearly they weren't investing in the property. In terms of parking, UO members don't want to hear it but most downtown workers want to drive. Adding parking by converting zombie retail space isn't a bad thing. The garage entrance is off E. 12th
  11. Also with more technology some businesses are splitting their offices between high rent Class A and more modest space. Baker Hostetler put their legal staff in Key Tower and back office in another cheaper building.
  12. Why is this racist? Is it because the neighborhoods he listed are on the west side? I've worked with many young people who live in east side neighborhoods such as Hough. They have to deal with things everyday no child should have to encounter. Their families live there because of poverty not because it's a great place to live. Perhaps I misunderstood your response.
  13. Campus International on the CSU campus is popular school choice too especially for families that work downtown. A friend of mine who lived in OC sent his son there before relocating to Columbus. Also prep schools in Shaker such as US, HB and Laurel draw from the near west side. Not huge numbers given the cost but I know several families who use that option
  14. Work started on the next cluster of Van Aken/Onaway townhouses. I wonder if the existing homes have sold out?
  15. My guess is that the want to keep the tax incentives offered a secret. I'm assuming they were very generous and other business in town will ask for a similar deal. I have not read the redacted report just speculation.
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