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  1. It's a shame, for sure, but the era of local media outlets has been drawing to a close for some time now. As mentioned, most television stations in Ohio, as well as around the country, are now owned by some sort of media giant. I'll miss the local flare of WBNS-TV/AM/FM.
  2. I could see arguments for all of the above (Cleveland and Toronto being Great Lakes metropolises, Cincinnati and Philly having dense, historic neighborhoods abutting the CBD, etc). Since no real parameters were given, comparison cities is pretty subjective. For Columbus, I don't see much similarity with OKC, SLC and ATL other than them being rapidly growing state capitals. Rather, I would compare Columbus to Austin and Indianapolis - maybe Madison, Raleigh, and Minneapolis as well. Again, this is all pretty subjective.
  3. David & Goliath story in the making? https://www.dispatch.com/sports/20190410/blue-jackets-4-lightning-3--breathtaking-rally-puts-jackets-ahead-1-0-in-first-round-series Let's go Jackets!
  4. Good list. Of these cities, Columbus has had nonstop to all except SAN at one point or another, with the latest being Frontier offering a seasonal, weekly schedule to both AUS and SAT. The former was discontinued, not sure if the latter will come back. Both I would think could be supported weekly and seasonally with Frontier - we'll see if Nardone can make it happen. Southwest to MCI is a no-brainer, but apparently route expansion there is on hold until they get a new terminal going. Agreed, I'm surprised PDX and BDL are not on the list. Both could probably work with a Frontier-type schedule, however it would be great to see Delta resume CMH-BDL, a route they flew up until 2008.
  5. It looks like large-scale warehouses are slated for the former Columbus Coated Castings site as well: https://www.bizjournals.com/columbus/news/2019/03/14/exclusive-heres-the-plan-for-the-columbus-castings.html It's a pretty enviable spot for distribution, being close to highway and rail, and not too far from Rickenbacker. Interesting that it's garnered the attention of outside developers in Chicago and NYC. Too bad Columbus commercial and residential development, especially in the form of new, large-scale projects in the urban core, can't seem to generate the same interest.
  6. I love how there's nothing wrong with that statement in Ohio (drink, drive, park), lol. Less chance for a DUI, I guess.
  7. If you need to be told that "it's a sophisticated concept for sophisticated people", then it's not. Hence why it's going to Easton, where facades are all that matter. It is for the above subsection of consumers. Urban speakeasy-revivals and burlesque bars already exist in Columbus' urban core. This is nothing new to the city.
  8. The county apparently wants to replace the existing Municipal Court building with a brand-new one on the grass plot next to the more recently constructed Franklin County Courthouse/Court of Common Pleas: https://www.dispatch.com/news/20190204/plans-for-renovation-of-municipal-court-give-way-to-proposal-for-new-building The article mentions building something "iconic" for the downtown skyline. The current building is apparently 19 floors, however it doesn't seem like it carries that much height. I wonder if the gub'ment can put up a tower quicker than private development (looking at you Market & Millennial Towers!)
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