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  1. The jobs and the retention of a major corporation are the most important things and I am not suggesting that someone build something on spec - my point is that Public Square (like Times Square, the Magnificent Mile, maybe La Defense as a more recent example) are such unique and historic spots that it seems like a missed opportunity to build something impressive on those spaces. 30 floors is nothing to be upset about. I wouldn't mind seeing something similar or taller, perhaps from the Justice Center, on another PS lot. There are plenty of other locations in Cleveland for organizations interested in something less dramatic. Why choose PS if you don't respect how distinct, unique and historic it is. Having a dramatic Public Square only adds to the allure of Cleveland IMO
  2. The truth is no one knows who would be next. Maybe an out of town company, maybe a growing company (Alexander Mann), maybe the Justice Center?? I rather believe good news (SHW HQ, Playhouse Square, London Stock Exchange, etc) draws attention and helps others think/believe why not Cleveland - ie, if you build stuff, they will come.
  3. Does anyone know if SHW still has an annual sales / business conference? I thought I had read speculation that they were likely to announce the construction of a new world headquarters at their annual business meeting which was in the Jan/Feb timeframe pre-Valspar. Perhaps, if they are holding a similar conference in 2020, the announcement would be made at the meeting this go'round?
  4. Was fooling around on the internet over the weekend. Target's downtown campus is 1.8M sq ft and is spread over two buildings (one of which is 30 stories - 33 I believe).
  5. Sorry - none of the candidates are perfect BUT the alternative to whomever the nominee is would be Trump. My point is - do really think any of these candidates would not better serve the interests of all Americans than Donald Trump?? Do you really think if Mayor Pete is the nominee that you'd be better off not voting or voting for Trump? However "bad" we think any of these candidates are on any issue, they are all thoughtful, rationale, decent people that I would trust 1,000% more than the current White House occupant.
  6. Even if you think Pete is naive and a little elitist, the alternative is Donald Trump. I will take a smart, decent, caring veteran that speaks about bringing our country together over a divisive, childish con-man that seems to only care about conspiracy theories and his own business interests. No one is perfect, people can change - and I would rather rely on a smart, good person that can be presented with new facts and make an intelligent, informed decision based on those facts (even if I disagree with the decision) rather than a con-man that peddles in conspiracy lunacy and that seemingly makes decisions based on the latest Fox News rant he's heard during "executive time".
  7. I do find it interesting to say that Mayor Pete would be bad on racial issues. I'm pretty sure the LGBTQ community would have said that Obama was bad for their issues at the start of his presidency. To me, what Pete and Obama have in common is that they are incredibly smart men and they are decent people. Obama changed his thinking over time on LGBTQ issues because he cared, he was smart and he listened. Do we really think that Mayor Pete would not do the same on issues of race? We are not all going to get the nominee that we each want - it is impossible BUT if we end up with a smart, genuine, decent person (of which every Democrat in the field is, including Mayor Pete) then we will end up with someone that will at least have the capacity to listen, care and change their view based upon facts in a way that our conspiracy theory-believing President and Republicans will not.
  8. KJP - Quick question, and I apologize if you have already addressed this BUT was the possibility of a tall Justice Center tower the "other big downtown news" that wasn't SHW or is there still another announcement lurking?
  9. Hess Tower Houston - 29 Stories Pinnacle Nashville - 29 Stories Something around 30 stories wouldn't be a complete loss
  10. I’m pro- tower (glass or otherwise). I’m honestly hoping for something closer to the 40 stories on PS - State Street is new and meets that 40 stories criteria. I might prefer something more Key Tower-esque BUT if it close to 40 stories, it’s a win whether glass or otherwise. Apologies if my earlier comments were misleading. I thought the Brooklyn tower was appropriate for a courthouse and for PS
  11. I'd like to see them do something similar to the below (from State Street Boston) with the main tower and have that architecture flow into the adjacent campus buildings. State Street's tower is 43 stories - so slightly taller than SHW said they would go. But something similar to the below would be a worth addition to PS:
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