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  1. What the Trump Presidency should be reminding all Americans off is the need for us to stand united. We need a leader that can remind us that there is more that we agree on than disagree on. The division in our country is perhaps the biggest issue we face. We have become petty, selfish and partisan. We argue with each other, selfishly trying to ensure that our views of the world win rather than compromising and ensuring America advances and America values maintain their leadership role in the world. I don't agree with all conservative or liberal views - no party has a monopoly on what is right and best for our country. WE need to work together. Trump and his daily attacks on other Americans and our institutions represent something I never thought I would see in an American President. He is a wealthy version of who we hope our kids DON'T grow up to be. Republican or Democrat - Trump needs to go.
  2. Weather aside, I think people are generally a little more open to relocate when you option is a job in Cleveland or no job in Minneapolis. Cleveland sells itself way too short (arts, dining, sports, great schooling options, etc). I have no idea how big Valspar's staffing was but any increase in hiring in Cleveland should be offset by huge decreases in staffing in Minneapolis (too many redundancies). As for space planning, if SHW were to agree to lease space in a new office tower built by a developer, they would likely take 80% of the tower and would have the right of first refusal on additional floors/space if they needed it.
  3. A quick question. If SHW is concerned about paying down its debt, couldn’t it work with a developer to lease the majority of a new skyscraper that the developer could build now and SHW could occupy in the two years or so that it would take to complete? That would give SHW time to work additional synergies from the merger with Valspar, pay down more debt and not have to wait additional time to get into a modern, efficient and more cost effective headquarters?
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