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  1. I originally thought this project was cool but the more I’ve thought about it over the years the less I like it. Lake Erie is an incredible asset. I’m afraid that this will litter the views from downtown. There is something beautiful about the natural view of the water and sky and would hate for man made structures to impact that. The birds are a real concern but I would be interested to see more studies. Additionally how much of a benefit is it to have these in the lake rather than on land? I’d rather just leave the lake natural.
  2. 2017 which is why I gave a range of an additional 1,000.
  3. According to the latest census data, of the 70,781 private jobs downtown, 82% live outside of the city, 40% live outside of the county. Only a small percentage of downtowns population is in the workforce, whether they are retired, students, or for other reasons. In terms of downtown residents who reverse commute we are looking at 3000- 4000 people. Additionally 20% of those still work in the city, so no real gain there. Any way you look at it if working from home did increase, the city would be a major loser in terms of taxes, not even mentioning the other spin off issues associated with that.
  4. From my experiences and with people I know when you work partially from home you still pay taxes to the city the office is located. But when you work full time from home you pay taxes to your home city, even if a physical office still exists elsewhere were you do not have a desk. This doesn’t apply to temporary situation like we are in now but if companies decide to downsize their square footage and have some employees work from home full time I believe that those employees will begin paying their home city.
  5. I hope so. I believe a switch to full time work from home changes the tax structure and employees would then be viewed as working in their home city, and paying taxes to that city as well. That would be devastating to the city of Cleveland.
  6. Yeah that has been a huge problem with the square and one of the reasons the north side has always felt especially dead. Hopefully they don’t make the same mistakes here. At minimum design it so that the space could be easily converted once downtown Cleveland has a better retail space market.
  7. Just wondering what everyone is thinking about how covid will affect downtown Cleveland. Will things go back to normal? Will companies shift to full time work from home leaving office space vacant, and restaurants without customers which will cause further retail vacancy. Will downtown living become more attractive or less? (This could be linked to the office market) How long till the FieldHouse, Playhouse Square, and other venues are back up to full capacity? Can restaurants survive until that happens or will we see several closures? One thing I was thinking the other day was Heinens. Will the downtown location survive this? There are so many potential outcomes and problems can easily snowball. Just wanted to get an idea of what everyone else thinks might happen.
  8. The majority of the tower will also not be using the entire site so it could be pushed back to the west 3rd side of the site which would help somewhat.
  9. Plus Philadelphia has way more brick. I think the overall cloudiness here combined with a downtown full of grey buildings and grey parking lots is the “problem” here. Anyways this building is looking great and really does brighten things up!
  10. Found some additional pictures of downtown from the 80s from an odd source. Anyone know if higher quality versions exist? https://ubir.buffalo.edu/xmlui/handle/10477/24558
  11. Thanks for sharing! It is always great being able to see what the city once was again and being able to see how far the city has progressed since its lowest points. It is so easy to find photos of Cleveland at its peak but there really is a lack of public photos of the city during the decline of the 1960s-1990s. For the younger crowd they have no reference to what it once looked like. Most would be shocked to see what Downtown, the Warehouse District, West 25th, and Tremont used to look like. Again thanks for the contribution to an area where overall we are drastically lacking. This is a great resource!
  12. Came across this thread and was sad to see the photos missing. Any chance of a reload to get us through these difficult times?!
  13. For anyone who forgets what this building is going to look like...I’m sure we all just tried to forget.
  14. While I’m not a big fan of the idea, and think it could have a negative impact on future retail downtown, something that I think is still a long ways away, when looking at the site and how far down it is on the muni lot you really see how this is not really downtown at all. Nobody is going to walk to this. This site is basically equivalent to the reintegration center on East 30th near the post office. I do find the south side suburbs argument a little odd considering they have the best access to existing outlet malls.
  15. Id gladly give up Canal road, on the condition that SHW builds a public boardwalk along the river for the entire site.
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