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  1. I'm not sure it's really that alarming that responsible journalists are double checking with security experts before posting an article especially if there are concerns that people could be harmed by releasing certain information. It's not like they'd be asking Trump directly. If they're just checking with career staffers that just makes sense. They could always ignore the responses if they find them to not be in the public's interest.
  2. As more platforms like Youtube, Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc... start blocking and banning the deplorables, it's inevitable that they'll try to find other places on the Internet to be. I'm just disappointed that they've landed here and found a home.
  3. The is a difference between disagreeing on political points and actively promoting racism, Pizzagate level conspiracies, professing support locking up children in internment camps, and just incredibly nasty trolling. While there are only a few people here who regularly engage in that behavior, I'm not going to be involved in meet-ups including such individuals. It's bad enough they've found a home here to profess their ignorance and hate.
  4. There was a carry out Indian restaurant in OTR!? I don't even remember hearing about it.
  5. "The lag proves that rising CO2 did not cause the initial warming as past ice ages ended, but it does not in any way contradict the idea that higher CO2 levels cause warming." https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn11659-climate-myths-ice-cores-show-co2-increases-lag-behind-temperature-rises-disproving-the-link-to-global-warming/ To claim that the CO2 lag disproves the warming effect of CO2 displays a lack of understanding of the processes that drive Milankovitch cycles. A review of the peer reviewed research into past periods of deglaciation tells us several things: *Deglaciation is not initiated by CO2 but by orbital cycles *CO2 amplifies the warming which cannot be explained by orbital cycles alone *CO2 spreads warming throughout the planet https://skepticalscience.com/co2-lags-temperature-intermediate.htm But in their paper, published in the journal Scientific Reports, the scientists confirmed that our emissions of greenhouse gases, “especially CO2, are the main causal drivers of the recent warming.” http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/imageo/2018/03/12/what-science-says-about-role-of-co2-in-climate-change/#.XRExZ-tKjPY
  6. As an aside, this is why I can't be asked to show up at any OU Meetup. Too many deplorables have hijacked this site and there is too little going on to curb them.
  7. Ugh, posts legitimizing Project Veritas. This forum has really gone to the dogs.
  8. Yeah, these claims about CO2 not being much of a greenhouse gas has a lot of similarities of arguments of anti-vaxxers and 9/11 truthers.
  9. The Trump supporters on this board will come out after Trump is out of office to claim they were never supporters. I'm calling it now.
  10. I'm still waiting to hear where these magical/Trump numbers come from. For reference, I'm using the formula below which is well understood to be the formula for calculating annual growth rate. annual growth rate = (((f/s)^(1/y))-1)*100 s = start f = final y = number of years
  11. Gee if only we could have seen that coming *roll eyes*
  12. https://pc-west.org/
  13. I'd love to see where the "Dow is up 36%" and "NASDAQ is up 44%" percentages come from. By my calculation it's more like 25% for the DOW and 35% for the NASDAQ since 1/1/2017.
  14. Nothing chills me more to the bone than seeing the Trump apologists on this and similar threads. It's truly a scary thing to see the depths to which people will stoop to make their morally bankrupt, un-American beliefs out to be sensible and righteous. I used to think that most of the Trump supporters were just being duped, but it has been made clear over time and by posters here that's just not the case. There are just a lot of truly horrible people in the world and that realization is quite disconcerting.
  15. Just as a point in reference, despite the ballooning deficit caused by Republican tax "reform", the growth of the S&P 500 since Trump took office is less than 10% annually. Also, the stock market is WAAAYYYY overdue for a correction (not to mention the structural issues Trump is creating with trade), so by the time of the 2020 election the annualized stock market growth will likely be a lot less than that. Anyone crowing about how Trump has made us a lot of money in the stock market really should watch themselves as their comments are going to burn them in not too much time. S&P 500 @ Jan 1, 2017: 2275 S&P 500 @ Jan 1, 2018: 2740 S&P 500 @ Jan 1, 2019: 2505 S&P 500 @ current: 2800
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