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  1. bfwissel

    Cincinnati: Findlay Market

    Sounds like a food court with small local food stands?
  2. I'm glad this is no longer a crack bar, but I'm still not happy that the owner of the building that ran that crack bar is collecting rent from these folks. It just doesn't seem fair when criminal behavior is rewarded.
  3. bfwissel

    Hamilton County Politics

    To be honest I really dislike Monzel and lately the Republican party in general so I voted for Dumas. I can't say I know anything about her. She shouldn't be worse than Monzel.
  4. Duke Energy blocking the streetcar again
  5. bfwissel

    Police Use of Force

    Just another update on the "Coffee Jaywalker". He's been locked up once again for domestic abuse and involvement with illegal drugs. If anyone here feels so inclined they can make a donation to the Women Helping Women https://www.womenhelpingwomen.org/ to help support women like those that are being abused by Charles Harrell.
  6. bfwissel


    Yeah, no. Maybe there will be a slight bump in voting, but young voting eligible individuals will always disappoint.
  7. bfwissel

    Cincinnati: Restaurant News & Info

    Snappy had a great pizza buffet that we did occasionally. Pizza was OK, but they had some interesting items on that buffet including dessert pizzas and a chili pizza.
  8. bfwissel

    Cincinnati-NKY International Airport

    Is that the same location where they have a pet relieving area directly next to the bus shelter?
  9. bfwissel

    US Economy: News & Discussion

    My gut feeling is that the stock market still has a fair amount of down left in it. If you're a consistent investor just keep putting in your regular amount and you'll do plenty well. We're going to hold on to a little cash we've accumulated until I feel like the market has hit bottom some time mid next year. We're hedging our bets by doing the regular 401K payroll deduction in case I'm wrong.
  10. Just from a purely selfish reason I hope they'd keep the Central Parkway and Vine stop. If I just miss the streetcar at 12th/Race I can run to the CP/Vine stop. I'm too old to run further ;).
  11. I see quite a few groups of people on scooters and have seen quite a few women riding them. That being said, my feeling is that there is some impact, but not that great of one. The morning commute which had been for the longest time just me and sometimes another person has jumped up to a half dozen or so.
  12. bfwissel

    US Economy: News & Discussion

    I'm waiting until Summer 2019 to really put some money into the market (still continuing my steady bi-weekly 401k deduction just in case I'm off). My bet is that by then the market will have bottomed out due to all backlash from the disastrous Republican taxing decisions combined with the trade war fallout hopefully hitting its peak.
  13. bfwissel

    The Trump Presidency

    Let's not also forget that the estate tax doesn't take away all the money from rich kids. Prudent inheritors could easily make the money they paid in taxes in a decade or so. That's on top of any money they earn on their own from their own hard work.
  14. bfwissel


    I'd say it's the same reason you don't owe everyone you come into contact with a conversation - privacy Meh, I think privacy in general is a bit overrated. I'd rather get more targeted advertisements than getting non-stop Viagra and diabetes ads. I'd rather get real-time traffic updates than be paranoid about some random Google employee stalking me. I'm still not sure if I understand why this overlaps with "non-criminal reasons for not wanting to talk to a cop". There's almost certainly a reason why a cop is asking me questions. It's very unlikely he's wasting his time just to learn if I'm a big fan of breakfast burritos. I'm not sure why I wouldn't take a moment or two to answer his/her questions.
  15. bfwissel


    I'm generally a "nothing to hide" kinda guy, but I understand where there can be abuse and appreciate some level of protections. I'm not exactly sure where that overlaps with "non-criminal reasons for not wanting to talk to a cop".