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  1. OTR is still one of the top most dangerous neighborhoods in the city despite all the recent progress. I imagine it will be decades before that is no longer the case. This is just another reminder to be careful when in the neighborhood.
  2. I tried getting involved in the OTRCC. I was a board member of the Downtown Residents Council for two years and thought it could be a bit of a mess sometimes. However, the culture at the OTRCC is toxic to the extreme. You literally have people shouting at each other and grabbing microphones out of the peoples' hands. If you value your sanity stay away from that hot mess. It's no wonder anyone who wants to make a difference in the community does their best to avoid them.
  3. bfwissel

    The Trump Presidency

    The reason I say the tax cuts were a disaster is that they were always intended as a way to concentrate wealth to those who already have it at the expense of pretty much everyone else. Now a year later we're seeing exactly what most economists had predicted, only a very a short term gain that did not help workers and put the country in a long term perilous financial situation. The reason I mentioned trade issues above just tariffs is that Trump has also kneecapped the World Trade Organization so much so that it no longer even functions, abdicated our role as the world leader in trade to countries like China, and damaged our relationship with long time trading partners due to Trump's vitriol. The reason I mention immigration is that employers in the United States are losing the ability to attract much needed skilled (and well as unskilled) labor. The poorly implemented policies (many of which have been found to be illegal) are hurting employers' ability to hire the staff they need to keep the economy moving forward. Lastly, the reason I make Trump the exception to the rule for US Presidents is that while his predecessors have made policy decisions that not everyone agreed with, they were at least based on some logic and reason. They were also seen as stable leaders who could be counted on while with Trump no one knows from minute to minute where he stands. How can businesses plan on anything when their businesses could be (and already have been) tossed into uncertainty at a moments notice because the President goes into a tantrum. We can't even be confident that Trump will preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. These are dark times for our country and enough people realize it that the stock market is reflecting those feelings.
  4. bfwissel

    The Trump Presidency

    Normally I would agree that the president himself/herself only has a minor impact on the stock markets. However, Trump's erratic behavior, trade decisions, tariffs, disastrous tax changes, blocking/harassing immigrants, immoral and possible illegal behavior, etc... has made people in general incredibly nervous about investing despite the decent economy. The is no good reason the stock market was down as much as it was last year except for the 300lb elephant in the room.
  5. bfwissel

    The Trump Presidency

    S&P 500 @ Jan 1, 2017: 2275 S&P 500 @ Jan 1, 2018: 2740 S&P 500 @ Jan 1, 2019: 2505
  6. bfwissel

    The Trump Presidency

    If you just block eastvillagedon and Ram23 you'll save your sanity and brain cells. It would also help me so that I don't end up seeing their posts when someone inevitably responds to the stupid.
  7. bfwissel

    Peak Education

    Congrats man! Nothing better than the feeling of paying off those debts .
  8. Probably just cost savings of combining all the back office stuff as well as making coordination better between the two.
  9. 3CDC was probably just making sure that it was reported to the building owners downtown that their fees wouldn't cover 3CDC operations or OTR. I would have hoped that the Business Courier would have pressed them with those types of follow-up questions, but maybe they were asked and not answered (or presented as "off the record" to the Business Courier for now).
  10. bfwissel

    The "Generation Gap"

    I don't like the narrative that Social Security and/or Medicaid will not be available in the future. Even in worse case scenarios Social Security will be able to pay out 70% of the promised benefits due to younger workers still paying into the system. Trying to cut Medicaid will cause the large portion of the voting base to run anyone out of town who makes the attempt. This is why I'm trying to put more of my money into Roth IRA accounts. The tax rates in the future are going to be crazy and will focus on those that have been diligent with saving. An expected result of Republican spending combined with their tax breaks to the richest few.
  11. bfwissel

    The "Generation Gap"

    Oh I agree, I'm sure many Millennials are able to use a can opener. I just don't think it's fair to paint them all as incompetent just because some don't know how to use one because they realistically don't have to anymore. P.S. Even I struggle to use the really old, tiny can openers that we used in scouts to save on space/weight. Those things sucked.
  12. bfwissel

    The "Generation Gap"

    Thank you. I thought the skit was funny, but it really isn't fair to make out like Millennials are incompetent just because they can't use a can opener.
  13. bfwissel

    The Trump Presidency

    Just wait until all the other things that Trump (and Republicans in general) are baking into the economy come out of the oven. The stock market is going down in a major way relatively soon (I expect by Summer 2019). I doubt even when the cow pie is cooling on the windowsill that Trump and Republicans will take any responsibility for choosing the ingredients.
  14. bfwissel

    Cincinnati: Crime & Safety Discussion

    The final straw of them harboring Karl was something I just found out on Friday. I've got some year-end and holiday work to do, but I plan on making on making it my mission to put a spotlight on them after the New Year. There's nothing I hate more than non-profits that are bad neighbors especially at this scale.
  15. bfwissel

    Cincinnati: Crime & Safety Discussion

    I've been reaching out to Tender Mercies for quite some time now. I even gave them some money a few years ago to help with their lighting issues. However, their line that they're good neighbors that hold their tenants accountable is complete bunk. It took them a year to put the screws on one of their tenants who was regularly tossing garbage and containers of his urine out the window. A prostitute that's been heavily engaged in drugs as well as has been recruiting others to join her has been causing issues for nearly a year now. Karl (the one I previously mentioned who's been causing issues for years) lives there and was even featured in a one of their Facebook posts recently. Any pressure they put on the people there is weak at best. They're now the main source of drug dealing/abuse as well as prostitution in the area and frankly they don't care.