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  1. If anything Elizabeth Warren's policies could be a good base for a more palatable candidate.
  2. Yeah, trying to get in to see a specialist with my son can be three or more months even though he should be seem more frequently given his diagnosis. There's some crazy ideas in Americans heads thinking that our health care system is nearly wait free and other countries have it so much worse. It is some wacky myth and I have no idea how it got started.
  3. Simple economics has been long been built upon. It has been shown repeatedly that with our current private health care system we pay nearly double than other industrialized countries while having worse healthcare results. If you'd like I can spend 5 minutes Googling links to the studies that proves it out. However, that information has been posted in these forums repeatedly. As for efficiency, I had to wait at urgent care for 90 minutes just over the weekend when I finally determined my breathing was bad enough to incur the medical cost. Even making as much as I do I still end up weighing my health against the time and cost. I can't imagine if I were making less and truly couldn't afford the care. I guess in at least that scenario I'd be on America's Medicaid socialized medical system. I have had many different health care plans in the US over the years. They've all cost me a fortune (especially now with kids) and I really don't see anything better with our system than in other countries where I would pay less. It has been even worse now that I have a son with a disability which is costing us over $15k a year with out of pocket costs and premiums. But I guess Econ 101 says myself and others are doing better in the US /snark.
  4. Could you please back up this assertion? Socialized medicine in pretty much every first world country seems to indicate otherwise.
  5. Yeah, I think we're done with the Taft Ale House as well. With so many other places to go I'm not sure why we'd go there again.
  6. It is possible to be happy with the President on most issues, but be disappointed with him/her on others. I certainly didn't agree with President Obama on all issues, but was also proud of his job in the White House.
  7. I've used the 2 hour trip for two and three uses before (sometimes I grab lunch at Findlay Market or leave my work badge at home). Maybe the label of it could be changed to be less confusing, but the fine print can just say 2 hours?
  8. Ugh, no indexing!? So, they're punting the problem once again?
  9. I wonder how the Avril Bleh butchers feel about the closing of the streets right in front of their business when they get so much traffic from people parking on Court Street.
  10. Welcome to the current state of Urban Ohio.
  11. I'm just saying not everything Trump does is treasonous. Quite a lot of it is, but not all. We still need to talk with other world leaders when it makes sense.
  12. I guess that assumes the city has an actual plan to deal with parking. Seems more like spotty, half-@$$ed implementations and last minute revelations that could have been avoided with even a junior project manager.
  13. To be fair, Russia has a closer relationship to North Korea than we do and doing research about dealing with their dictator is probably a good idea.
  14. Yeah, that book is thirty years old and is well known to be the bible of Right-Wing nut jobs. The brief even admits it's a "blend of scholarship and polemic" (leaning more on the opinion). Again, as evidenced by the first post (an opinion article attempting to tie the entire Democratic party as Marxist) leaving this thread separate will lead to nothing but misery. It's bad enough so many other threads seem to go un-moderated nowadays.
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