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  1. So, if SW does build a supertall on PS, then at least part of the WHD lots will be in play as well, besides a parking garage. That works.
  2. Right, I get some of my MSAs and, in this case Cleveland's CSA, overlap at times...so Akron MSA grew by 478! Even better. Thanks!
  3. This building has progressed enough to allow the build-out of the lower floors to get moving and head upwards. Normal.
  4. Well if you take the 5 county CLE MSA net gains v. loss, it's not a huge overall loss; under 1,000. Same with Akron 3-county MSA. Since there's a ? not sure what you're getting at with that.
  5. CLE metro lost under 1,000 while Akron metro (3 counties) lost less than 100. Not huge losses of course, hopefully there's + population growth in the near future.
  6. It is hard to tell where that Amazon supertall is. The contrast graphics not the best in the rendering. When terdolph said it's not on the jacobs lot, I thought 'oh yeah it's not''... Looking again, it looks like it is on the Jacobs lot as you can almost detect a w 3 border there a bit. There's no way that supertall Amazon building is directly adjacent east of those other towers and all being on the superblock-WHD lots. Regardless, a SW supertall is needed on the Jacobs lot. Where would parking go for any building let alone a very large and supertall building on PS?
  7. The original AmeriTrust Center called for a parking garage on the southeast quadrant of the superblock (W 3 between Superior & Frankfort) with a hotel ballroom on top of it; there was supposed to be either a Hyatt or Hilton hotel as part of the mixed-use tower. So yes, if a SW tower went up on PS, then there would have to be a parking garage somewhere.
  8. We've been waiting for at least 30 years for what could be there. A tower on the Jacobs lot will or should spur development in the WHD. Maybe a nice mixed-use project like the one proposed by Weston a few years ago.
  9. Kelly needs to up this sentiment to ''will work with the company'' and ''the city will keep SW in Cleveland''. Not this ''we'll try''...c'mon. Grow a pair Kelly.
  10. Put a super tall on the jacobs lot, use some of the WHD parking lots for whatever, if needed, leave the W St Clair section open for housing. A 900'+ tower on the Public Square lot alone will change the dynamic of the entire WHD neighborhood. Hasn't there been talk about a boutique style coming in somewhere along this part of St Clair?
  11. Huh? The Terminal Tower is being dominated by super talls? I hope it's taller than Key Tower.
  12. Yes, very much so...lol. If it ends up as a downtown tower, preferably on PSquare, then it will be worth watching this headquarters paint dry.
  13. of course it does, it was a joke (hence the smiley face)...but, it's out there again that SW is looking for a new headquarters. We've been reminded of this headquarters search since the late '80s, then in about 2016 the new headquarters announcement that didn't happen, so we're back in suspense mode again in 2019. The real issue is downtown or suburbs. Hoping its downtown on the Square with a large skyscraper presence, yet this being Cleveland, it could still go to the 'burbs. It's on the table, not off the table. Given the momentum of 2019 downtown Cleveland, one would expect any SW headquarters building to be downtown. But the suburbs still call...
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