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  1. But not everyone has the mayor of Cleveland in their family doing nothing about gun violence at the same time said mayor has grandson living with him while charged with gun violations and now great grandson shoooting at cops. Nice image Mayor Jackson. lets add to this dysfunctional image : Lance Mason
  2. This is the grandson that lived with mayor Jackson. Now we have have the teenaged great grandson shooting at cops. Where are the parents? Not grandpops or great grandpops...where are moms and pops?
  3. Wonder where the proposed Trade Center tower is on the cancelled project list? The trade center tower was supposed to go on the hippodrome lot when the parcel was cleared. Hopefully there will be development on this key parcel before the upcoming 40 year anniversary of the hippodrome’s demise.
  4. Hmm, making downtown Cleveland a ''grocery'' destination? That's a new one...
  5. and Heinen's downtown has been open over 4 years now...and the ''grocery'' section of the store is not profitable, though it is improving. Without even knowing this profit info, I thought a downtown City Target, especially in the Huntington Bldg, would undercut Heinen's. A City Target would derail any potential profits for Heinen's grocery section, thereby placing more pressure on its ''prepared food'' sections to subsidize the whole location. It's not a good time for a low cost grocer (Target) to open downtown at this time. Heinen's grocery sales would tank pretty much immediately.
  6. The discussion is downtown Cleveland so the comparison to UC-Clifton area of Cincy is misplaced. Is there a Kroger and City Target in downtown Cincy? Please keep an answer to ''downtown'' Cincy and not that Greater Downtown Cincy stuff.
  7. If only the intent of forming RTA 45 years ago came to reality...then our future plans wouldn't be past plans.
  8. Right, cuz Heinen's took a big risk coming into downtown Cleveland and all I'm stating is that I don't know if competing with a Target is even fair to them at this point. Currently it will take a toll on Heinen's. Ideally, both would be able to survive...down the road as downtown Cleveland attracts more and more residents, visitors, and workers. A Marshall's or something similar to it would work currently, provided the market is established enough for these types of retailers. It's all coming in (hopefully) eventually though in the end.
  9. Didn't realize Dollar Stores have low cost grocery sections. Of course some people will stay with Heinen's for meats etc but for many other items, cross the street to Target in the Huntington Bldg for pretty much anything else. So downtown Cleveland is ready to add a low cost grocery store in its core, let alone across the street from Heinen's. I'm sure Heinen's welcomes the direct competition then, since according to you, a downtown Target won't change Heinen's current competition existing in midtown, OC. The more options the better! Guess it's time to directly undercut downtown Heinen's.
  10. A city Target, with its large low cost grocery section, in downtown CLE would take a real toll on Heinen's now. Let alone in the Huntington Bldg.
  11. Take it easy...traffic has always increased in the Flats during rush hour generally. If it's worse, that's a good thing. Maybe don't use a pic describing how bad traffic congestion is with a passing train as cars wait for said train to pass...lots of variables in the Flats that can add to traffic back-ups...that's all.
  12. Was this McShepard guy paid for this report? All generalizations and now, of course, the Russians are blamed for blacks not voting for Hillary...lol. You can’t make this stuff up. Oddly, no mention of black flight. with current inept black leadership like U.S. Rep Marcia Fudge, Frank Jackson, Ken Johnson, Jeff Johnson, and soon to be mayor Zach “King of the Warhouse District” Reed, it can only be blamed on the Russians I suppose. From the black optimism of the ‘70s Chocolate City Movement to friggin’ Fudge, Jackson, the Johnsons, and Reed. What a disaster. Honorable mention to Lance Mason. Let me guess, these “programs” will be sponsored by “community groups” funded by taxpayers. See also Reggie Rucker and his non-profit (except for him personally) Cleveland Peacekeepers Alliance among others. Now we have “leadership” programs.
  13. The WFL is passing by in this pic which cars have to stop for, you can see the train to the right. This isn’t regular traffic congestion.
  14. Only matters when, as here, CIN and COL misleading “downtown” #s were used to argue that downtown CLE is so far behind by comparison with its downtown condo market. The CIN “basin” and downtown CLE are very different, that’s why they shouldn’t be compared.
  15. The problem, if you read the thread, is that the other Cs “downtown” figures aren’t accurate. CIN’s #s are misleading as it covers downtown, OTR, Pendleton, and Mt Adams. So a true picture of downtown CIN remains unknown but CIN claims 17,000+ downtown while the residential #s here include Greater Downtown, which in CIN includes distant Mt. Adams...lol. Looks like we need to look closely at CIN published #s going forward and call it “CIN puffery”. Looks the same for “downtown” Columbus. the Geis location is excellent and the taller the better. More floors = more $$.
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