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  1. Pretty dumb question here that I have always had concerning the Fort Washington Way Cap; what is the exact weight limit? Can these potential highway caps hold a large building, like a museum? If I look at the potential highway caps, Freedom Center, and the Banks, I always wonder if the Freedom Center (which is not 1 large building, but 3 smaller buildings connected by elevated walkways) could be removed from their foundations, and moved 1 block north to a cap over Fort Washington Way? It would open up a large prime plot of land at the Banks, give an anchor building to have on the highway caps, and would seem to help bridge (pun intended) the gap between the CBD and the Banks.
  2. I don't think we should lose sight of the option of the empty land and parking lots to the south of the casino as a potential site for a new arena that could be potential joint venture between Nederlander Group and Rock Gaming (casino owner). Put a new 17K seat arena on that site, next to a casino allows the Nederlander to draw more national music acts, and Rock Gaming the option for potential boxing & UFC events once sports betting is legalized on a state level, which is expected in the near future. If you keep the cyclones as a tenant, even better. Tear down the old US Bank Arena and open up the land to the highest bidder to whomever wants riverfront property in downtown Cincinnati.
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