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  1. As a resident of that block, I agree! It is a really great street, and even the one rundown house is finally getting renovated after a sheriff sale. It’s a real neighborhood feel with a really active block club and a nice mix of old and new residents. Oh, and I apologize for my dog who undoubtedly barked his head off from our front window as you walked by. He literally sits there all day “protecting” the house from every dog walking by. Which in current times is every five min.
  2. My favorite building (NE corner of 58th and Herman) in the neighborhood is finally being renovated. They totally removed the front wall today, which was really bowing. Does anyone know the plans for it? I never saw anything on City planning. I assume it will be historically restored? I always thought it would be an awesome space for a cafe, a Fox in the Snow type place.
  3. The Burger King at Lake and Detroit has been “Temporarily Closed” for the last few weeks. That’s a little strange for a fast food restaurant during this shutdown. A sign on the door directs customers to the still open steelyard location that’s owned by the same group. Could be a sign that the sales at this store aren’t very strong? Maybe it won’t ever reopen and we are a step closer to redevelopment of that giant lot. Probably wishful thinking.
  4. No, that was good info. I hadn’t seen them linked before. Troubadour is good, makes me even more excited for la taza rica
  5. Judging by their Facebook page, Troubadour’s new coffee shop is La Taza Rica.
  6. There are new windows in at the former hardware store on Bridge and 47th. I assume it’s still going to be an African grocery store? They’ve been slowly chugging along on the rehab. Also, across the street, there is now a Knez sign in front of the closed Santiago auto repair. I hope it’s townhomes instead of just a couple single family homes. Has anyone seen plans for it?
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