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  1. ^This. Bolton & the neo-con’s along with Saudi Arabia and Israel desperately want us in a war with Iran for multiple reasons.Trump has talked tough but I’m really hoping his anti-war instincts (at least what he promised on the campaign trail) can hold these lunatics back....God have mercy on us if this escalates but we won’t deserve it.
  2. I was under the impression that Fred Geis had sold his interest in the family business to his brother and was on his own and involved with Hemingway Development, no?
  3. There are 81 home games....though hopefully more, i.e. playoffs
  4. ^Randy Newman’s ode to the Cuyahoga didn’t just open “Major League” but it was the entry song for my wedding party back in 2008 at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church (Tremont Greek Festival Church, though I’m not Greek)....great memories whenever I hear that song!!
  5. Outstanding!! I’ve daydreamed about the potential of these various projects and over the years made my own sketch-ups of various potential projects on paper....to see how these could feasibly happen within our lifetime is really exciting!
  6. My spidey senses are telling me Stark’s got an issue elsewhere in his capital stack and he can use the Building Trades/Port/City as scapegoats I’d this doesn’t end up going forward idk.
  7. I should add that Stark has never had an issue using/paying for union labor on his past projects (Crocker, Eton, Beacon, etc), so what makes Nucleus such a problem?
  8. So Stark is essentially at the funding finish line, has pretty much indicated a start date, and says “Oh btw, I can’t afford to do prevailing wage” wtf. Something doesn’t smell right about this....why did this come up now?
  9. Wow, with what I did know about the rails and infrastructure in the valley I suspected it would be quite a maneuver but that's incredible.
  10. I didn't know where else to ask this so here goes: with the known instability of the Irishtown Bend hillside on the Cuyahoga river and its potential threat to bulk shipping up the river, particularly to Arcelor-Mittal's blast furnaces, could iron ore be railed to the furnaces from Whiskey Island? If so, what route would be required? To my knowledge there is no rail row through the valley to the mills, so could it be done via other routes or would the mills have to shut down? I bet @KJP knows the answer to this and thanks in advance!
  11. Agree with your take, except the Cle Dolans' wealth came from their investment in Cablevision (I believe started by Charles Dolan in NY); they've had the law firm in Chardon for many years ( my mom worked as a legal secretary there in the 70's) but that practice could never have supplied the juice to buy a MLB team. The Dolans would never move the Tribe, but sell it to someone who might? Paul Dolan was kind of cryptic in his interview about "his parents getting older"....would he pull a Randy Lerner and unload it after his father is gone?
  12. Could the Scranton Peninsula accommodate thousands of employees commuting in/out each morning and evening through the limited routes in and out each work day from such a facility?
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