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  1. Wow, with what I did know about the rails and infrastructure in the valley I suspected it would be quite a maneuver but that's incredible.
  2. I didn't know where else to ask this so here goes: with the known instability of the Irishtown Bend hillside on the Cuyahoga river and its potential threat to bulk shipping up the river, particularly to Arcelor-Mittal's blast furnaces, could iron ore be railed to the furnaces from Whiskey Island? If so, what route would be required? To my knowledge there is no rail row through the valley to the mills, so could it be done via other routes or would the mills have to shut down? I bet @KJP knows the answer to this and thanks in advance!
  3. Agree with your take, except the Cle Dolans' wealth came from their investment in Cablevision (I believe started by Charles Dolan in NY); they've had the law firm in Chardon for many years ( my mom worked as a legal secretary there in the 70's) but that practice could never have supplied the juice to buy a MLB team. The Dolans would never move the Tribe, but sell it to someone who might? Paul Dolan was kind of cryptic in his interview about "his parents getting older"....would he pull a Randy Lerner and unload it after his father is gone?
  4. Could the Scranton Peninsula accommodate thousands of employees commuting in/out each morning and evening through the limited routes in and out each work day from such a facility?
  5. I think Francona has enough pieces/parts in the outfield to get decent production, the bullpen though......
  6. Correct, but selling all his dealerships? That's been mentioned nowhere unless you were talking tongue-in-cheek?
  7. If the aerial-tram idea could work anywhere, why not from Scranton Peninsula right into Tower City (as long as it could clear commercial river traffic)?
  8. My dad was a Pipefitter Superintendent on that Tower City project (now retired) and I remember him giving my brothers and I a behind-the-scenes tour one evening while it was still under construction....I'm excited to possibly get an opportunity to be part of building the next chapter in TC's story.
  9. I'm in the Carpenters Union here in town and this is absolutely true; with all the work going on right now, the projects slated to begin later this year (Nucleus, TC, OC projects, Pace lakefront, FEB etc) I don't know where all the labor is going to come from....I cant even imagine if SW had pulled the trigger on a new tower!
  10. I'm guessing revealing primary sources now would get people in some serious trouble with NDA's and whatnot
  11. While I'm excited about the prospect of potentially working on this, and the announcement of new investment & construction activity is pretty much always welcome news around here, I'm not overly excited about the concept being proposed here myself. While the potential "tech/blockchain" jobs sounds terrific, where are they coming from? (Guessing we'll know more as tenants are announced); how much public funding is in this? How much from the private sector? The redo of Prospect Ave & W2 sounds promising, but the potential loss of such a magnificent indoor civic space is reason for pause (I love taking my kids down there for the Winterfest & Toy Soldier show). Theres just so much about this we don't know and I'm just hoping that this redo will still allow public access & civic use when it's all said and done.
  12. One would think that Bedrock would be close to announcing their plans for TC relatively soon given that physical work there is imminent; would Bedrock need to go before the city to get any designs approved for the space or since its strictly interior work would it just have to jive with whatever its zoned for and pull the necessary building permits?
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