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  1. I can remember my dad taking my bro’s and I up to Conneaut Harbor in the 80’s now and then to watch the Huletts there unload the giant “boats” (not called ships on the GL); the interplay between the boats, the Huletts, and the trains was mesmerizing to me then and led to my fascination with the American steel industry, Great Lakes shipping, and Midwestern industrial railroading. Intermodal shipping indeed
  2. Add that to the continuous decline in coal traffic.
  3. Browns traded Duke Johnson to the Texans for a conditional draft pick in 2020 per ESPN
  4. This kind of sh*t infuriates me; the ceo doesn’t own the company, why should where he lives determine the hq location of a public firm for the next several decades when this guy could possibly be elsewhere/retired/whatever in the next few yrs?? Same situation with Eaton, where’s the oversight from the board & shareholders on this?
  5. Buster Olney said Tribe probably not done dealing today.
  6. Salazar supposed to start Thursday against Houston; first action since 2017 ALDS
  7. No doubt we added some thunder to the lineup; I like it. Wondering if Antonetti will try to flip Puig to another team today? Him and Reyes are both primarily right fielders, though I’m sure they’ll get dh time if both stay. I love Reyes, and the lefty reliever is a real prospect too, impressive they turned Bauer into 5 guys, nice mix of present & future....plus Bauer goes to the NL (no potential AL playoff matchup against him). Nice job front office
  8. Good, let’s see how we stack up against big boy baseball teams. I’m looking forward to this stretch, hopefully with a new right-handed bat somewhere in the lineup
  9. Not sure where else to post/ask this: I’m aware of Progressive’s proposed hq tower downtown that obviously didn’t happen and their subsequent developments along 271; where were they located prior to the hq proposal?
  10. Yup! Expand the convention center underneath it and put a transportation center under it as well at Lakeside Ave level (I know @KJP has written at length on this) and now we’d be getting somewhere!
  11. ^Awesome job! Is it just me or does the linear green space in the above renderings appear to line up almost perfectly with the malls? I can picture the Land Bridge project descending several levels to meet up with Pace’s green space in this project.
  12. Question: would the commercial trucks share the same ferry with passengers? If so, where would this downtown ferry depart from so that it could accommodate numerous 18-wheelers queing up to board said ferry while tying up (I’m assuming) a tremendous amount of asphalt and degrading whatever waterfront property this ferry terminal would occupy. IMO, I love the ferry to Canada idea, but the trucks would have to have a separate location/ferry from the recreational passengers; there’s nowhere downtown that could accommodate the number of trucks idling in place waiting to board, and then those getting off coming in, not simpatico with a pleasant urban waterfront. Build a consolidated marine terminal downtown that would handle: *passenger ferry to Canada *Great Lakes cruise ships *Jet Express to CP/Islands *Goodtime *Nautica Queen This terminal would be located either on E9 or north of GLSC to make for easy walk from future intermodal terminal under Harbor Land Bridge. Commercial truck’s can board their own ferry somewhere on the northern side of Burke; plenty of room there.
  13. Wife and I took the kids, because of the heat we pretty much spent the whole day inside the convention center doing the interactive stuff and seeing the sights; really well done, lots of activities for fans of all ages, not overly crowded, easy to get around. It was a great experience!
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