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  1. As intriguing as that possibility is, I’m still favoring them (finally) developing the Jacobs & Weston blocks; those are just a huge gaping hole in our downtown fabric that can be solved with essentially one user/project.
  2. If this comes to fruition I’d love to see some effort to bring the CVSR north into this project with it terminating at the old B&O station in the flats, with the possibility of it growing into a commuter route to points south/Akron. i love the vision of this project; especially if the riverfront connection can be made.
  3. Agree with you here; I don’t have a problem with the exposed steel structure but could we get a new paint scheme in green or red? The off-white is so blah and any kind of rust shows up immediately. I’m definitely in favor of some color if they’re considering an exterior facelift. The rest of the park is outstanding.
  4. ^Second this; I don’t understand the claim that construction costs in Cleveland are comparable to NYC/Chi/coastal metro’s...with what I know about Union trades wages in those towns I find this claim impossible to believe. Does someone have data to support this?
  5. That curved Tudor-esque bldg reminds me of the Cedar-Fairmount intersection in the Heights.....what a loss
  6. If SW does pick the PS location, is the Jacobs Group assumed to be the developer? Or would they purchase the lot and develop it themselves (the RFQ sent out)?
  7. Maybe Stark’s Nucleus delay is because he’s dusting off the original 54-story Jenga tower design with the sky bridge and using that as the starting point for SW? The location would make some sense, though I’m thinking we’d all prefer a Public Square/Weston lots location. If any of this is true would SW buy this property from Stark and hire their own developer or use Stark as the developer? His track record doing anything of this scale is unknown, to be kind.
  8. So you’re saying Bob Stark is wooing SW for Nucleus??!! Im kidding, right?
  9. I can remember my dad taking my bro’s and I up to Conneaut Harbor in the 80’s now and then to watch the Huletts there unload the giant “boats” (not called ships on the GL); the interplay between the boats, the Huletts, and the trains was mesmerizing to me then and led to my fascination with the American steel industry, Great Lakes shipping, and Midwestern industrial railroading. Intermodal shipping indeed
  10. Add that to the continuous decline in coal traffic.
  11. Browns traded Duke Johnson to the Texans for a conditional draft pick in 2020 per ESPN
  12. This kind of sh*t infuriates me; the ceo doesn’t own the company, why should where he lives determine the hq location of a public firm for the next several decades when this guy could possibly be elsewhere/retired/whatever in the next few yrs?? Same situation with Eaton, where’s the oversight from the board & shareholders on this?
  13. Buster Olney said Tribe probably not done dealing today.
  14. Salazar supposed to start Thursday against Houston; first action since 2017 ALDS
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