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  1. Maybe because those small lots used to be individual buildings and/or bldg lots that were either demo’d or never built on, but later acquired & combined into parking lots?
  2. And there were probably a few that were hoping for something taller
  3. Meh, the E&Y building has some height to it, but IMO the signature structure is the Main Ave Bridge.
  4. Lol, I have a copy of that Sanborn map with the SW location and I was going to get up and find it before I scrolled to the bottom of your post and saw that it had already been posted. #CLEhistorynerd
  5. Maybe this is obvious, but NFL games are predominantly on Sunday afternoons and the stadiums are often removed from any urban life/grid/etc so any bars “next” to said stadiums would probably have a tough go of it outside of the 10 home games each season. Even in the case of FES, who’s trekking down there now to partake in any hypothetical bar/restaurant scene outside of Browns home games?
  6. ^Is that ceiling just painted pan-decking? Because it sure looks like it.
  7. Per Mary Kay’s article DePodesta isn’t taking over football ops so that potentially leaves the door open for McDaniels to bring his own GM or whomever they hire to either have greater roster authority or bring someone with them who will
  8. Dorsey our per Schefter at ESPN
  9. Kitchens fired, per Jake Trotter ESPN
  10. Yeah, pretty much all of that^. This team, as constructed, can’t wait around for Kitchens to “figure it out” if ever; this team is seemingly talented enough to at least compete for a playoff spot right now, and the windows for certain players are open right now before guys need to get paid or let go and the Browns can’t waste these coming years. Go get a veteran HC with some playoff experience.
  11. Knowing @marty15, his teaser at the end had nothing to do with construction and I was having some fun with that Move along everyone and go Browns.
  12. Ok Pat I’d like to solve the puzzle; what is Jimmy Haslam’s stadium & lakefront plan including a new state-of-the-art hq for Pilot/Flying J?! Hell yeah!!
  13. The likelier participants are probably the cultural anchors right next door to the stadium and a potential land bridge/CC expansion yes?
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