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  1. Why not? Mayor Dailey shut down Meigs field after 9/11, paid a 33k fine, and it was a park 3 years later.
  2. This was info provided from someone who is in a position to know. Not a first hand account, but I trust this person... at least so far.
  3. 1. Burke has a lot of space available, plus enough for additional development. I am guessing the money to pay off the FAA was ultimately too much. 2. Pittsburgh wasn't the only place being considered, but one of several.
  4. Here is what I heard.... S-W was planning on building a HQ and R&D complex on Burke Lakefront, but that deal fell through. S-W would prefer to stay in Downtown Cleveland, but would be willing to move, if they get a much better deal elsewhere... Pittsburgh was recently being evaluated as a potential site as well.
  5. So, assuming 8 days per floor and 5 more floors to go, we should top out around Halloween.
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