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  1. From Craigslist, This has to be some kind of scam, right? I googled wammerjammers and the chef's name and came up with nothing. Is someone just trying to get a bunch of busty gals to show up at Playhouse Square? Very weird. Wammerjammers----Now Hiring! Chef Babu Pratt-Witkowski, famous and hilarious winner of Canada's "Hoser Chef SuperStar 2012" is coming to you, Cleveland, to open a much needed Ohio location of his world famous pleasure dome... WAMMERJAMMERS Topless Burgers 4 Men. Now Hiring servers only at this time. Please send stats and pics (recent only please). Augmented knockers OK, but au naturel prefered (Chef Babu's preference). Or come in person to the lobby of the Hanna Building, Playhouse Square, Downtown Cleveland, Ohio, USA, with your glossy headshots and appropriate photos. Ask for Tony G. Inquire at reception desk, 10AM-4PM. Will be opening in the Hanna, 14th street. Hope to see you there, Cleveland!!! H http://cleveland.craigslist.org/fbh/4047904846.html
  2. Yeah, I've actually added all these places to my list of clubs to contact, but I have never once gotten a gig from cold calling, emailing or sending demos. Everything I've ever gotten was through being recommended by someone who knew the booker. Places tend to book the people they already know. So if anybody knows who does the booking at any of these places and can recommend me to that person, it makes it much more likely they might actually look at my stuff and call me back...
  3. This might seem like a weird place to put this, since it's not an urban planning related job, but I think a lot of the people on here may have contacts with local restaurants and clubs, so I am making an offer for anyone who can help me out. I've been on the road with the Glenn Miller Orchestra as their female vocalist, and a few of you may remember me from the Midnight Martini Show. Anyway, I am going to be leaving the road and returning home in May and looking for gigs. Specifically I'd like to get some regular or semi-regular nights to sing at a nice club or restaurant that would enjoy some nice jazz standards and so on. Anyone who can get me in the door for even a one-time gig at anyplace, I will pay a referral fee of $25. (I do reserve the right to turn down any gig that I don't feel is worth it, if it's too far away or doesn't pay enough for me to at least hire a pianist, etc.) If you are interested in helping me book more than one or two gigs and would like to be my "agent" we can discuss that too. Anyway, here's my website info, if you feel you know any places that would be interested in having me, please get in touch, thanks! http://www.eileenburns.org
  4. Hi all, I have been thinking about something recently and I was wondering if this idea makes any sense, so feel free to point out reasons why this wouldn’t work because I kind of assume there are probably reasons why this hasn't been done. I live in Lakewood. Lakewood has an abundance of rental properties, and the city has offered loans of $50,000 to those who convert doubles into single-family homes. I haven’t seen too many people taking advantage of this. My feeling is that this is because most doubles wouldn’t make very desirable single family homes because most of them would be very large, perhaps larger than the average 3-4 member family would want, without the benefit of a yard. Most homes in Lakewood have very small yards, but the doubles have almost none because the building goes so much farther back onto the property. Besides the fact that no matter how well you do the conversion, the layout of the house will probably always be a bit wonky since it was never intended to be one large residence. But this got me to thinking that not everyone cares about yards. For instance, the Rockport Square townhomes seem to have done alright, so there is a market for yardless homes that are right up against each other and they don't seem like they would be much larger square footage wise than some of the double units in town. It seems like the main difference there is that the townhomes are new construction with all the modern conveniences. So what if a $50,000 loan was offered to renovate and update doubles to be sold as double condos instead? It would be less complicated so you could spend the money on updating appliances and amenities, maybe do some soundproofing of the floor/ceiling instead of having to use it to rework the whole layout. Does this seem feasible?
  5. Anyone have a contact at this place if someone wanted to be considered to play jazz at this venue? It's hard to get your foot in the door at clubs/restaurants without a personal recommendation. It's not for me actually, but I know a few duos/trios that would love to play there and are great.
  6. FYI we have a Facebook page now that you can sign up for if you are a musician and want to get updates about gig opportunities. And if you are looking for a band, send us a message. :wave:
  7. This is a little project I have been working on to connect anyone planning an event with live musicians. I have started an email list for musicians, and anyone looking for a band can fill out a brief online form about the event and what type of music they are looking for, which will then be sent to the local musicians on the NEOgigs email list, and they will get quotes back from bands and musicians who can provide the requested style of music. This is a free service, no registration needed. http://neogigs.blogspot.com Northeast Ohio Gig Board In a band? GET GIGS. Have an event? FIND A BAND. No agents, no booking fees.
  8. Hi guys, I’m looking for advice for a friend of mine who recently moved back to town and is having trouble meeting people to socialize with. He is 30, single, gay, loves to travel, likes fine dining and drink, theater, the arts, fashion, etc. He was in urban planning for a while at CSU, he recently graduated from the University of Baltimore and is working downtown with the Federal Government in customer support. He hasn’t met many people his age at work, he goes to a gym but hasn’t met anyone that way either. He’s very sociable but needs to find some like-minded people to hang out with. Any ideas?
  9. I did a search for this, but it doesn't look like anyone mentioned it. NPR's Talk of the Nation broadcast from Cleveland yesterday. Among other topics, like Harvey Pekar, politics and manufacturing, they did an interesting piece about reimagining the city in it's new, smaller population density. Someone named Jeff wrote in to compliment the downtown architecture, it sounded like a UOer. You can listen to it here: http://www.npr.org/templates/rundowns/rundown.php?prgId=5&prgDate=11-10-2010
  10. The following article about Jazz28 and Verve was on Cleveland.com: http://www.cleveland.com/dining/index.ssf/2010/05/clevelands_jazz_28_takes_its_m.html
  11. This is what I'm not clear about. It seems like they are just managing the entertainment. I do remember last time we were at Jazz 28, talking to Mark at the end of the night that he seemed to be stretched a little thin, I believe he has a regular full-time job and then he was running Jazz 28 in the evenings? So maybe they made a decision that it was just too much to do. I did like Jazz 28, it was a friendly atmosphere, diverse crowd and they had good food too. It's really difficult to be able to financially support live music in a venue that small though. Hopefully they will be able to transfer some of that atmosphere over to Verve.
  12. Verve Review I just wanted to give a shout out to this new place, at least it’s new to me, Verve on Carnegie in the old Juniper Grill spot. Was there on Friday night to see the BF playing with the Sammy DeLeon quartet. He got the scallops, which I sampled, and they were excellent. Service was very friendly, the décor is nice and the music was great. FYI they just started doing live music, they took over the lineup from Jazz 28, which has closed. I think this is a positive thing, as Verve has more room, Jazz 28 was really tiny and hard to accommodate musicians and be profitable. I am not sure what Mark and Deborah’s (the nice couple from Jazz 28) affiliation is with Verve, they seem to be handling the entertainment. It was a small crowd when I got there, but it was getting late and the weather was horrible, so that may have kept some people away. I encourage folks to check it out, especially if you’re looking for a place to hear live music. There doesn’t seem to be any cover. You can see the music lineup on Jazz 28’s website or Verve’s facebook page. http://www.vervecleveland.com
  13. Is Villa Zapata still open? Someone told me they thought it closed.
  14. This is funny that you posted this, because I had the same problem last year. This year I got two seed mat heating pads, which made a huge difference. All my seeds sprouted a lot faster. I am not using them right now, as it has gotten pretty warm and I don't want to make them too warm. They are kind of expensive, I got two that are about 20" x 20" and they cost about $45 apiece, but hopefully they will last a long time. You plug them in and they give bottom heat to the seed trays. I don't have a grow light, but they are in a nice, sunny room. Most everything seems to be growing well so far. Although the marjoram I started several weeks ago seems to have stalled out and isn't getting any bigger. I think they have enough room, I don't know what the problem is. Anyone try to use peat pots? My BF got me some peat pot trays for individual seedlings and I tried to start some seeds in them but they almost immediately start to break down once they get moist. I have to water the stuff, I don't get how I can keep the stuff wet without it turning into wet cardboard and falling apart.
  15. I wish an improv group like Cabaret Dada would move into that space. I always thought they were better off downtown where they could get spur of the moment, walk-in traffic. The rent would probably be difficult though. I know the spot in the Warehouse District was difficult to pay for and then they had that break-in and robbery which was kind of the end for them there. I still think that would be a great location for improv though. And if someone did short shows, like a half hour every hour you could do 4-5 shows a night, charge a small ticket price and keep people flowing in and out. Younger people going out don't want to commit to a whole 2 hour show. But they might pop in for a quick bit of entertainment, then on to the next place. Anyway, that's my two cents.
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