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  1. Not sure if it’s too late because supposedly a lot of people/operations from Minneapolis have moved to Cleveland but if I were the Twin Cities you can be damn sure I’d be going after SW.
  2. Very interesting article.... https://www.freep.com/in-depth/news/investigations/2019/09/06/dan-gilbert-bedrock-projects/2207973001/
  3. Yeah that’s disheartening (but not surprising) to hear and as much as I loathe the new site plan for NuCLEUs this news stinks. nice reporting as usual KJP
  4. Cleveland-Cliffs with a sponsored entrance? That’s a new use of marketing dollars for them...cool!
  5. Agreed with the big connection to Gilbert to lure national retail to these locations...probably different scenario compared to JHB unfortunately. also Huge Kudos to Gilbert and Detroit for the amazing makeover but with that level of pedestrian traffic I can’t imagine that particular Lululemon staying afloat for very long. Maybe once the Hudson site gets going...
  6. Looks great...as a medical rep that has conducted business in the current facility this is much needed
  7. Honestly hate everything about this project starting with the initial overblown fanfare and then especially the shift from potentially skyline-changing building to the suburban apartment tower crapola that it’s sadly morphed into. If you can’t afford it then Pull the effing plug already.
  8. They’re not messing around with construction...is it normal to work on Sundays or is it because they’re behind schedule?
  9. I’m ok with the office building’s proportions and scale just wish it could break the 400’ mark. The residential building is the one that really looks like a suburban apartment tower that you’d find on mayfield rd or in Schaumburg (Chicago burb)
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