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  1. As of now, yes for both parks (though I'm not in the day-to-day loop). I've heard some other ideas for Findlay specifically but they are all in the "park/community" wheelhouse as well. The current planning combines Findlay and Grant park redevelopment. It's one initiative.
  2. Not true at all. Quite a few people working in the resource marshaling & planning stages on this one. I'm sure there will be more to come soon and all the folks in this forum will be great people to have your ideas and efforts involved! I renovated and live in a house a block from Grant Park and am part of a partnership that owns a bunch of properties around it so I'm very invested and active in the direction we're going up this way. We've been working directly with the City and CPD at the highest levels during the recent crime spike but as other have mentioned, there are no easy or quick answers. We all know most of these issues get much better for everyone when abandoned properties get developed, new businesses open, and there is more activity around. All that is in process by us and others but just takes time. The area around Grant Park will look much different in 12-24 months, just as lots of areas just like it did all over OTR this past decade.
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