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  1. This is such fantastic news!!!! The realization that the sea of parking lot's ringing the Western perimeter of Public Square will be no more is cause for much celebration. Downtown Cleveland was already reawakening 5 year's ago, but this NEW headquarters is simply the icing on our city's very rich cake. I am so excited for the future as this project will almost certainly become a catalyst for more large-scale developments in the CBD. As for a headquarters that will be in the 30-story range ... I am a bit underwhelmed at that prospect, but a win is still a WIN!!! Who knows, once the renderings are released we may all be pleasantly surprised. A lower height tower doesn't mean that it can't be architecturally striking. I very much look forward to this announcement by Sherwin-Williams. ❤
  2. I am also wondering if this mystery MEGA PROJECT (company or development) that @KJP mentioned in Cleveland's future is this latest acquisition by Cleveland Cliffs? I was under the impression (initially) that perhaps a corporation that is larger than the behemoth Progressive Casualty Insurance Co. was planning on building an enormous presence in our city ... In the form of a brand new headquarters or just by moving here. @KJP, please spill the beans ... Was the mysterious MEGA COMPANY / PROJECT coming to town this latest acquisition by Cleveland Cliffs?? Inquiring forum member's are dying to know ...
  3. Perhaps, Sherwin-Williams will surprise us all by constructing an unexpected (but rumoured) 75-stories tall tower that would be iconic among America's cities. We can still dream can't we ... Until we are all notified via an official announcement from the company. Sherwin-Williams may have the LAST LAUGH upon all of us who are thirsty and salivating forum member's.
  4. One guy had heard from an "insider" that Sherwin-Williams was proposing a 75-stories tall skyscraper while attending his child's sporting event. The idea of such a monstrosity was absolutely tantalizing for about 5 minutes... Somehow, I knew that such a tower just wasn't in the card's for our beloved metropolis. Still, like other's on here, I am hopeful and optimistic for at least something at 40-stories or slightly greater.
  5. While I would absolutely love to see a 75 stories tall headquarters skyscraper for Sherwin-Williams, that doesn't seem to fit in with all of the information that has been provided by Urban Ohio's super sleuth @KJP. I guess we all have to remain hopeful until the company releases some type of official renderings. Sherwin-Williams, if you're reading this (I'm convinced that you are) then puleeeeeze build us a 75 story skyscraper that will become as iconic as our own Terminal Tower!!!! ❤
  6. I'm probably one of this city's most loyal and ardent supporters ... I was born in Cleveland and will probably die here, but facts are facts. I absolutely love and cherish this city ... But to overlook the realities that impact Cleveland is rather short-sighted. In a statement from Sherwin-Williams it has been indicated that they want their future home to be in a place where there will be significant resources and an easily tapped pool of future talent as the company continues to grow. I believe that the company will likely stay here, but there's always still a chance that they won't. For decades this city has dwindled in population and sadly this isn't going to change in our lifetime. The so-called "brain drain" from the region is quite irrefutable and very real. Even in my own personal sphere of friend's, I have had to say goodbye to friend's who had to leave due to limited opportunities in their field of work or expertise. It's wonderful that companies like Sherwin-Williams and Progressive can attract highly educated talent to our city - but these aforementioned companies can not and will not sustain an entire metropolitan area and outlying region. Let's just hope a gleaming new tower or corporate campus will soon be announced for those unsightly parking lot's adjacent to Public Square.
  7. Brent Larkin has written a very solid article with regards to Sherwin-Williams quest for a new global headquarters. One thing that nobody has seemingly mentioned in any posts is the fact that our beloved Cleveland and it's surrounding region is considered to be quite stagnant when it comes down to attracting new residents ... Particularly those with higher education credentials. Might this play a pivotal role in Sherwin-Williams decision making process? Toss in the well chronicled and problematic issues swirling around the city's transit infrastructure (RTA denied $60 million request to replace aging rapid-transit rail cars) and we may have all of the necessary ingredients for a less than favorable outcome. Don't even get me started on our long neglected Hopkins "international" airport. Whatever the state, county, and city officials are offering up, they best NOT drop the ball on this one. Our city is poised to continue moving upwards, but if Sherwin-Williams does pull up stakes and leave town, just imagine what turmoil would be left in it's wake. The incentives better be a proverbial pot-of-gold!!!!
  8. I share in the sentiment of other forum member's with regards to 'The Illuminating Co. Building' at 55 Public Square. I have also thought that this building has aged quite gracefully over the past 61 years. I love the original glass curtain exterior and my hope is that it can be emulated with energy efficient glass that doesn't drastically alter it's 1950s era look and appeal. I would've personally loved to see this converted to apartments or even condominiums for purchase.
  9. I'm curious if anyone else cringed at the news yesterday that RTA was refused $60 million from state coffers to replace the aging rail cars that have been in use for over 40 years on "The Rapid" rail lines? I wouldn't think that this unfortunate news would be very appealing to any companies and corporations that are potentially looking at Downtown Cleveland as a possible home. This includes Sherwin-Williams, of course. Atlanta, Charlotte, and Dallas are dangling all of their amenities that include excellent transit system's in an attempt to lure away our home-grown paints & coatings goliath. I would imagine that such news regarding critical transportation infrastructure could ultimately become a deterrent for some. (I wanted to post this in the Sherwin-Williams thread, but it is locked. I know this thread pertains primarily to First Energy Stadium development, but my question can still pertain to this topic, too. How many companies may overlook Cleveland if the city's embattled transit system can't maintain and update its infrastructure. Just thinking out loud ...
  10. A new corporate headquarters in Downtown Cleveland that isn't Sherwin-Williams? Who could this be ... Has Amazon or Google put Cleveland on their collective maps? The suspense is intense!!!!! Also, what's this about Cleveland's iconic cultural anchors going in together on a project downtown? I don't believe our stately and imposing Cleveland Museum of Art can be loaded onto a moving truck. Spill more details, puleeeeeeze!!!!
  11. Everything concerning the future headquarters of Sherwin-Williams is nothing more than optimistic speculation ... However, we've now gone from potentially having a super tall skyscraper exceeding 1,000 ft. in height to nothing more than a 25 to 30 stories tall building. I am elated that this homegrown company wants to supposedly remain true to its Cleveland roots, but my goodness the height and stature of whatever might be built is dropping floors faster than the leaves are coming off the tree's. I would be largely disappointed in anything built that has a floor count of less than 40 stories, particularly on the Public Square parcels. Good grief! I really hope that an official announcement is made much sooner as opposed to later. Rant over, carry on ...
  12. While I would be elated for Sherwin-Williams to remain in Cleveland, I am being cautiously optimistic until an actual and formal announcement is introduced by the company. I know that I am not alone in feeling a bit let-down if S-W does build their headquarters on that small sliver of land behind Tower City. I don't believe that anything of prolific stature and architectural significance could be erected there due to the confines of the available space. Certainly, building at the riverfront site would provide less of an impact on our skyline because it would be far less visible from other vantage points in Downtown. Building a new headquarters anywhere outside of the Jacob's or Weston lot's just simply leaves me feeling a bit crestfallen. I personally would NOT want to see a NEW Justice Center and Jail complex rise on Public Square ... That space has been aching for a signature skyscraper for eons and eons. C'mon Sherwin-Williams, make yourselves very visible to the World with a glittering and prolific monstrosity in the heart of the city. Just my two cents, rant over.
  13. Care to elaborate further, Mr. P? Don't leave us all in unbridled suspense!!!!
  14. The renderings from the 2014-2015 proposal showed an interest in erecting a super tall skyscraper complex. This would be the same renderings that the city borrowed for the AMAZON H2Q bid. Let's hope that the company executives are still in favor of such a plan.
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