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  1. KJP, Do your sources know if an actual announcement is still in the immediate future? What do they feel will actually happen, especially with regards to building on the woefully empty Jacobs parcels? If real estate professionals are all abuzz concerning this development, I am surprised that not even the intrusive and ever knowing noses over at Scene Magazine haven't spoken on this ... They're famous for such stories. Well, whatever comes out, I just hope that Sherwin-Williams goes ahead with a signature skyscraper near Public Square. We are all waiting and watchful ....
  2. All of this fantastical speculation can be mesmerizing for those of us who hunger to see another SUPER TALL skyscraper rise into the heaven's over Cleveland, but isn't that all this amounts to ... Mere speculation? If Sherwin-Williams does plan on erecting a new headquarters in the form of a skyscraper and it is supposedly the worst kept secret, wouldn't the local media have already pounced on this story like a Black panther. The speculation does excite the senses, but that is usually all that most of us are left with here in good ole Cleveland.
  3. Let's hope so! I'd like to see 'Scioto' incorporated into the naming of this project ... 'The Scioto Sphere' 'The Tower at Scioto Landing' 'Scioto Place' The naming will hopefully be something centric to Columbus and it's proximity to the Scioto River.
  4. Those fantasy renderings of super tall skyscrapers occupying what is now a vast and unsightly sea of surface parking lots in the n.w. quadrant of Public Square has me absolutely SALIVATING!!!!! Too bad those renderings do not represent reality for Cleveland. Oh, and speaking of these aforementioned parking lots, what has ever become of the proposed WESTON super block at this locale? I've not heard any mention of that project in quite sometime ... Anybody out there know anything?
  5. Ahhhhh ... I was wondering about this sign that I just noticed today as I enjoyed my routine Sunday walk along Carter Road. I realized this wasn't part of the proposed Thunderbird development a bit further down the road ... These townhomes look very nice, but I'm not a fan of removing all of that lush forestry from the hillside. Oh well, such is the price of progress. I've been walking this lonely and desolate stretch of Carter Road for over a decade. I've always relished the serenity and the fact that it was almost always devoid of vehicular traffic and people ... It certainly seems that those days are going to be behind me.
  6. I really like this latest and smaller proposal of nuCLEus. This is much more sustainable given the current market conditions in the center City. I liked the 2014 version a lot, but really feel that this will still be a game changer for our city's long overlooked skyline. Two 24-story building's atop a 6-story pedestal is definitely going to enhance and densify the way our skyline appears, particularly from the Innerbelt approach as motorists stream north into the city. Frankly, I am just happy to see this moving forward now that it's actually doable.
  7. Ahhhh ... Could this be in reference to the proposed "Thunderbird" development on Scranton Peninsula? Are you willing to drop any more hints or you'll just keep us all in suspense until your next blog is released on March 5th???
  8. The "celebration" is the mere fact that there's been sooooo much conversation over the potential for a filling station!
  9. I hate to be the one to put a pin prick to this balloon and unbridled excitement ... But WHY is it that there's so much celebration revolving around a Get-Go Food Mart & Gas Station? I realize that ANY development in this location is a positive, but my goodness ... So much thrill over a glorified filling station. More fueling locations are definitely needed in this area, but we need to be more excited about projects that will continue to propel this city upwards. Get-Go doesn't exactly fit that bill.
  10. Has anybody heard anything at all concerning the gloriously beautiful and long vacated Cuyahoga County Juvenile Courts building on East 22nd St? It's almost a criminal act to allow such a historical and wonderful landmark building like this to be left to rot. I know that several previous plans were in place to redevelop this mammoth complex, but for one reason or another they all have fallen thru. It's really a shame, this would be perfect for restoration as housing or perhaps something else of meaningful usage. The last time I've read anything about this was in 2017. https://articles.cleveland.com/cuyahoga-county/index.ssf/2017/11/cuyahoga_county_receives_one_bid_for_old_juvenile_justice_complex.amp
  11. Hmmmmmmmmm ... Could you be hinting at the Brickhaus development that has been in the offing for that prominent bluff overlooking the Scranton Peninsula??? If the renderings shown are similar to a proposed development in Cleveland, this would be my best guess. So, can you share more details and hints, Mr. Pendergrass???
  12. Wow, where did you find these plans for ErieView Tower? This would be a wonderful addition to this still attractive skyscraper. I do agree that this aging building is in need of some serious aesthetic updating, but overall it is still a very nice tower. Adding condominiums atop the tower would be the Erie-Views crowning glory. Downtown Cleveland is overfilled with apartments (Not a bad thing) but we need residences to be built for homeowners now. The momentum is still strong ... I'd love to see this transformation happen.
  13. Sherwin-Williams sells100 of it's retail stores and pockets an easy $150 million. I am just wondering if this move is to generate capital towards building that much anticipated and elusive new World headquarters?? Thoughts anyone? https://www.crainscleveland.com/real-estate/sherwin-williams-sets-150-million-property-sale
  14. I am an eternal Cleveland OPTIMIST. I love my city and bleed Cleveland all day, every day ... However, I am inclined to believe that all of us will just be left with the grandiose renderings released in 2014 amid all of that hoopla and fanfare. Stark seems to do a lot of talking and little else. Sure, he has The Beacon going up, but that's a far cry from the prolific nuCLEus project in size and scale. I'd welcome almost anything on that particular site, but if it's only going to be a 15 to 20 story structure, that is going to deflate the celebratory balloons of most Cleveland enthusiasts faster than the Hindenburg came crashing to Earth.
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