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  1. Wow... highly doubtful, but impressive if true. I'm not sure where to find the percentage break down, but Case's 2008 numbers were: Enrollment (fall 2008): Undergraduate: 4,356 Graduate and Professional: 5,458 Total (headcount, all programs): 9,814 States represented: 50 Countries represented: 87 EDIT: uh oh, i went off topic again. ... I LOVE West Side Market and Great Lakes Brewing Company!! Last I heard about 50% of the undergrad population is from Ohio. The graduate population is obviously MUCH more diverse. For the past two years our incoming class of 1000 students has been over 60% out of state and 8.5% international students, and those numbers will not be going down. As doc broc mentions, the graduate/professional students are even higher percentages. Regarding those students staying - of those that go immediately into the workforce (about 50%), slightly more than 50% of those students take jobs in northeast Ohio. And that's another reason why I love Cleveland!
  2. Not sure if there's somewhere better than this, but I am completely shocked an appalled. http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/09313/1011971-53.stm A tax to students for the PRIVILEGE of being educated in Pittsburgh? Are you kidding me? This seems like a horrible, horrible idea to me. Not the type of people/institutions you want to tax and get on your bad side - even if they are freeloaders. Could be a boon for those recruiters at CWRU, though :wink:
  3. http://clevelandfoodie.com/2009/08/qa-with-jeni-britton-bauer.html :clap: :-D 8-) :banger: Go to the link & comment on locations...some people are saying Eton! Gross!
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    This is a test, only a test. Nothing to see here....just having trouble in another thread.
  5. Great eye, great job of portraying Ohio City, really a flattering set. Thanks for sharing!
  6. JeffreyT

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  7. Wow - unbelievable. Inspiring. And I agree about residential....even though I just bought a house...maybe I'd need an east side place...
  8. Is it bad that I lived there for two years and I have no idea where the old gas station is/was?
  9. That's actually the rooftop pavilion (partially enclosed) of the new Vascular Institute - and, it's open to the public :-) Great set of shots!
  10. Thanks for sharing! Great pics of the crowds/feel at Parade the Circle, and major kudos on getting on the roof at the Clinic.
  11. http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=4299656&categoryid=2378529 Nice shot of Cleveland in the background of Chris Broussard.
  12. :weird: If there was a face for throwing up in my own mouth I would do that too.
  13. I agree with that completely. When I lived in the HWD, many of my neighbors were transplants from Chicago/NYC.
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