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  1. Ricardo isn't actually the owner of Felice. He is the head chef and general manager. Many of the servers also work at Fat Cats and Lava Lounge. Felice is owned by Margaret Mueller. She is in her 80s, lives in the neighborhood, and I believe she owns a number of residential properties in the area that are leased. It was a contractor who suggested this property be converted into something commercial for public use. Anyway, everyone has done a really nice job making this a neat restaurant.
  2. I've been hanging out on the East Side more lately. I had not really been on the Larchmere strip in about five years. I really liked how things are going vertical there. There are two very nice new condominium buildings I had not seen before, and some new shops like Four and Twenty and another one on the second floor of a building called Eclectic Eccentric. But I think the best thing on Larchmere is Felice Urban Cafe. The remodel of that century home into a three level restaurant is really cool. The first floor dining room, enclosed porch, second floor bar and lounge, and third floor lounge all have a different atmosphere. The music being played included jazz, rock and roll, and indie dance music. The crowd was diverse and lively. The food was superb and everything is under twenty dollars for entres and under ten for starters. The Shaker Square area needs more hip casual places like Felice. I guess Bon Vivant is following suit and plans to remodel its second and third floors into a bar and lounge.
  3. The pizza from Crust on Kenilworth across from Visible Voice is pretty delicious. It opened a few days ago. Definitely worth a visit. I heard a rumor that Michael Symon is opening some kind of specialty meat retail shop in Tremont. Anyone else hear about this?
  4. Construction is underway for a new subterranean speakeasy style cocktail lounge on E.4th Street. I believe the name is called Society Lounge, but I could be wrong. The entrance is at 2063 E. 4th (in between Saigon and Zocalo).
  5. I don't know why that is the case, but I agree with you. The Observation Deck is open Saturday and Sunday. You can buy tickets at Customer Service or online for $5.
  6. People at 668 seem to like it very much. It is one of the newest apartment building (conversions) downtown at the moment and very hot. I believe there is lengthy waiting list. Statler Arms and East Fourth Street Apartments are also in the same neighborhood and worth a try. I'd say this district and the Warehouse District downtown are very safe. Some Warehouse District buildings to check out are the Bingham, Bridgeview and Perry-Payne. As mentioned, The Healthline is Bus Rapid Transit line and operates like a streetcar. It will take you straight down Euclid to the Cleveland Clinic's main campus, so living downtown is great for your commute. I'm a huge advocate of the West Side (Ohio City, Tremont, Detroit-Shoreway, Edgewater and Lakewood) and it is great, but I think for what you are looking for - you'd be better off downtown.
  7. If this has been posted somewhere else, please let me know. I became aware of this Downtown Photo Scavenger Hunt (http://photos.clevelandphoto.org/) organized by the Cleveland Photographic Society (http://www.clevelandphoto.org/). It is a really neat idea. They release particular architectural details and you must located them and then replicate the shot with your own photo. It is free to sign up, but you need to do so before you can get to the PDF file with all the images on a sheet to print. However, the scrolling images are actual photos from the contest to find downtown. It goes from March to November, so you've got all summer! Supposedly lots of prizes to be announced. Is anyone else participating? I have joined, printed out the images, walked downtown, and located many (it is really hard!), but I haven't taken any photos yet to submit.
  8. Is anyone else concerned about the new trolley lines? They are getting all muddled up with odd times and routes. I've seen the detailed maps with hours of operation. They frighten me. 9/12 Line: Runs during rush hour on weekdays from the Muni Lot to the Q? Supposed to be for downtown commuters. By the way, I hate the Nine-Twelve name. I know it is E.9th and E.12th, but can we just use the original Erieview name? Nine-Twelve sounds like some kind of allusion to Nine-Eleven. Seems like the B-Line route should just be adjusted to achieve whatever is trying to be done here. Lakefront Line: Runs on weekend days. Supposed to be for visitors and local tourists to connect them with Tower City to Northcoast Harbor Attractions. Seems a little silly when the Waterfront Rapid line does exactly this. Or you could extend the B-Line service to weekends. Why not just rename the B-Line the L-Line (for the lakefront and lakeside avenue) and have it run both weekdays and weekends? Casino Line: Runs on both weekdays and weekends late into evenings, connecting Playhouse Square, the Casino and the Warehouse District. Absolutely absurd. Just keep the E-Line and Extend hours of operation!
  9. I guess there were galleries in there, but if the arcades really got their act together to rebrand, they would get in touch with better quality artists and craftsman. Something like a year-round Made in the 216 or Cleveland Handmade Market (Tower Press).
  10. Does anyone remember Market 25 - the venue/space - that existed prior to the Bier Markt? What about something like that for the arcades? Let artists/craftsman and other small vendors rent small space on a monthly or maybe even weekly basis. There are so many cool pop up shops during Christmas time, it would be great if there was a venue that was a more year round destination.
  11. The downtown visitor center looks really great right now and has been redecorated for the Rock Hall Induction.
  12. I live very close to the Settlers Landing stop. What is that utilitarian structure across from the station on the river? You know that really unsightly cube-like building with the weird dark glass on the river side?
  13. The door to that storefront space on East Fourth was propped open today. I got a peak inside, and it looks like it is strictly a utility storage unit for East Fourth/MRN. No signs of development going on with the interior space.
  14. The Happy Dog, though they are a bar with food for happy hour and dinner hours, is an actual concert club and music venue. They advertise as such with adds in the Scene and on their website and social media sites. They rarely have cover bands and feature original live music several nights a week. In addition to their stage, they have a regular "sound" guy and a regular "door" guy (when there is cover).
  15. The Happy Dog is seriously being targeted. Members of the fire department came in to close the place one night because they were supposedly over capacity. There were empty bar stools and seats! Then, some state officials came in another night to make sure everyone in there had a valid state ID.
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