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  1. What's the deal with the article making it sound like no progress was made with the city? Very different tone than the conversations you had with the developer.
  2. Thanks for the update. The lack of progress with the City is unfortunate. I wonder if them accepting the city's abatement, and waiving the OAQDA abatement would make things work. That cuts 15 years off of the abatement, but would let them keep the financing from the state.
  3. Market Square did not appear on the agenda at the September OAQDA meeting: https://ohioairquality.ohio.gov/Portals/0/OAQDA September Meeting Information.pdf Are they still having discussions with the City around a potential resolution?
  4. I like that overlook onto the park. That should also help to keep the park safer for people using it, as the overlooking units create a lot of eyes on the park at all times.
  5. I remember us talking about this as well a few months back, and disbelieving that a Nike store was going there, but also being confused about why it would say Nike if it wasn't one.
  6. That house isn't part of Cyan Park. It's up the street and was built independently, I think. Some photos of it on Redfin: https://www.redfin.com/OH/Cleveland/1362-W-58th-St-44102/home/66577579 Looks like a pretty cool place, IMO. I like the look of some modern buildings mixed into the more traditional homes in the neighborhood.
  7. The mention of a potential lawsuit from the city to block the project is what did it for me
  8. Hard to imagine this going forward anytime soon, unfortunately
  9. I don’t think there is a specific plan for that plot yet. There was talk of apartments/mixed use, but haven’t heard much recently.
  10. It's sitting in the House committee right now. I don't have any information on how soon it will be considered, although probably movement would happen in September if it is actually going to get passed this time around.
  11. How could they possibly be having financing issues for this with interest rates where they are and the opp zone funding potential? All of the issues they have had getting what is a relatively modest project at this point off the ground is crazy. I think the real issue is that stark is a suburban retail developer that decided to do something way out of his league.
  12. Maybe they could just turn the Galleria into a giant indoor playground (only half kidding)
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