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  1. We'd be seeing the city-wide growth even sooner, or it could be happening already, if there wasn't such an enormous level of disparity between opportunities for people in different parts of the metro area. As a city we are paying the price of decades of segregation and racism. A lot of the growth in the near-west, UC, downtown, etc. is people who benefited and are now moving back into the city (children of suburban families, downsizers, or people moving back to the city in their 30s from other metros). This sort of trend is going to help broaden the tax base in the city, improve the schools, improve infrastructure, and encourage investment city-wide, and I think we are starting to see more of the broader growth spread into those areas and for benefits of investment to be felt city-wide, but it takes time to fix decades of purposeful neglect.
  2. I would assume that they are going to have insulation and interior walls. I've never been in one, but I've seen photos of interesting shipping container buildings built in other places.
  3. Quite an impressive job destroying an urban area.
  4. I can't find it, but I remember someone suggesting on here a flagship Sherwin Williams retail store on the ground floor, which would be totally awesome. A Sherwin Williams museum, combined with a paint science exhibit (in conjunction with Great Lakes Science Center) would also be a fun public facing way to make the street level lively.
  5. That would be really awesome for the city and could help make up for some of the hit the downtown commercial market will be taking.
  6. Have you heard any news on whether the various unnamed residential and commercial buildings in the works are still going forward? It is a tough environment for CRE right now.
  7. Hopefully they can’t block it. Although a blocked view is a bummer, the risk of blocked views is part of life, especially in a city. If they really wanted to preserve their views forever, they could buy all the nearby lots as part of the building, but they didn’t do that because that would have cost a lot of money and result in an insane association fee.
  8. I didn't think I'd ever see an above ground parking deck that I'd be happy to see built....
  9. I've kind of liked the move towards units being nestled in like seen in recent projects. It is similar to something common in cities where the land is valuable, space isn't wasted, and there is a premium on squeezing in units and achieving density.
  10. What related to the train tracks? Like the train is going to hit the houses if they get too close or something?
  11. Looks like the presentation with the various pictures and materials is up: http://planning.city.cleveland.oh.us/designreview/drcagenda/2020/05152020/CPC-Revised-presentation-05-15-2020.pdf
  12. Maybe spending a little more upfront on the contractor would have saved a lot of money in the end....
  13. Aren't they going to 44th and Lorain in the new building there?
  14. Yes, part of it. Brickhaus is holding onto a portion of the site as well.
  15. The Brickhaus plan would have been awesome. I'm not sure how realistic that plan is though with the Harbor Square development going in down the street. There is only so much demand for commercial and retail in the area, and Harbor Square's location gets way more foot traffic obviously and is a better spot. This is a more realistic plan and it will do a ton for the area in connecting the Carnegie bridge with Ohio City from a pedestrian perspective. Is it clear that this will have no ground floor retail from the article?
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