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  1. I was thinking the same exact thing when browsing their site. I believe expectations for a tower on this site are unrealistic. I see more of a midrise surrounded by 3-4 floor buildings on these lots....
  2. What are these 700' tower rumors? I've not heard any of these... Also, does anyone recall Hilton being specified as the hotel at Millennial? https://elfordrealty.com/property/millennial-tower/
  3. I'd love to stay at Moxy in NOV when I'm coming back to C-bus for the first time in 5 years. From what I can tell, the city has changed drastically. Photos please, would anyone post some Short North photos?
  4. High five to that! Urbanity and density isn't solely based on height. Height is great for postcards, density is great for vibrancy. I think most people are 'in this' for the activity, options, and density it will bring downtown opposed to how pretty it will look on a postcard. BTW - do people still send postcards? lol
  5. But, it also does say that Quantum Health Inc. needs the space sooner than later. I don't believe the timing would work even if the tower were going vertical tomorrow.
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