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  1. Every time I fly home, the descent over Lake Erie is always my favorite part of the flight. Here's a pic from last Monday around sunset, just before we landed.
  2. Sandusky Transit System news.... - Increased frequency on several routes & free WiFi - A new route that connects Sandusky & Huron via BGSU Firelands - Not to mention STS is now a member of NEORide, which will implement a mobile ticketing app and eventually allow for better connectivity between regional public transit systems - STS routes are now included on several public transit smartphone apps to make trip planning easier
  3. Cuh-LUM-biss Also, as a native of Sandusky, it's "sen-DUSS-kee" ("sin-DUSS-kee" is also acceptable). Then there's Catawba Island....."kuh-TAHHH-buh"
  4. Cedar Fair company news: Schlitterbahn, Cedar Fair enter $261M water park sale deal AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — A Texas-based water park company on Thursday announced an agreement to sell two of its attractions and give the buyer the right to acquire its Kansas site where a 10-year-old boy was killed nearly three years ago. Schlitterbahn said in a news release it sold a water park and resort in New Braunfels, Texas, and another property in Galveston, Texas, to Cedar Fair Entertainment Co. in a $261 million deal. Sandusky, Ohio-based Cedar Fair also will have the right to buy Schlitterbahn's Kansas water park for $6 million in cash. FULL STORY: http://www.sanduskyregister.com/story/201906130036
  5. Here's a nice write-up of some of the current projects going on in & around downtown Sandusky: Boomtown Sandusky: See the projects transforming Lake Erie's Destination City SANDUSKY, Ohio – Jim Ervin got in on the ground floor of Sandusky. Literally, he set up his Sandusky Segwave tours – with the tagline, “Be shore and wave!” – in a corner storefront of Sandusky State Theatre. Figuratively, he arrived just as the 200-year-old Destination City began a re-boom, with $100 million in investment downtown in the last decade. FULL STORY: https://expo.cleveland.com/news/g66l-2019/05/58f10c905a2773/boomtown-sandusky-see-the-projects-transforming-lake-eries-destination-city.html
  6. Honestly "The Rock" or "The Rock House" isn't terrible, considering Cleveland's history with the music genre.
  7. To benefit riders, Sandusky shifts its Greyhound bus stop SANDUSKY — Sandusky officials sniffed out what they consider a great new spot for the local Greyhound bus stop. Beginning March 1, Greyhound will drop off and pick up passengers at the Amtrak station on North Depot Street. Passengers can expect four stops a day seven days a week. At 1230 N. Depot St., people can board a train or a bus: be it out of town, on Greyhound, or around Erie County, via Sandusky Transit. FULL STORY: http://www.sanduskyregister.com/story/201902130018
  8. tcjoe1985


    And then there's Sandusky.... Ohio city to stop observing Columbus Day, make Election Day holiday instead Officials in the city of Sandusky, Ohio, have decided that the city will no longer observe Columbus Day as a holiday, switching it for Election Day. The new rule, which takes effect this year, will give workers in all municipal offices the day off on Election Day, typically the first Tuesday in November. National story: https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/428808-ohio-city-to-stop-observing-columbus-day-make-election-day-a-holiday Local story: http://www.sanduskyregister.com/story/201901300027
  9. Great idea for a thread! SANDUSKY - Wayne Street (boulevard section): https://goo.gl/maps/4a87dFPedyT2 - Cedar Point Road (the entrance): https://goo.gl/maps/RZAjLtvUDw32 - Cedar Point Road (the chaussee): https://goo.gl/maps/34gtLAjY2Ks NORWALK - East Main Street (uptown): https://goo.gl/maps/ztqWZ7gL5BD2 - Rosedale Blvd (1940s-ish): https://goo.gl/maps/YkEscPBWP1u MILAN - Park Street (NE corner of the square): https://goo.gl/maps/mzvseYPzn6D2
  10. After just now reading through this thread, and looking at the new data, it appears that the changes to the Toledo area have flown under the radar. There was a considerable shuffle in the northwest part of the state. Toledo's MSA (Lucas County, Wood County, and Fulton County) gained 1 county (Ottawa County). Using the 2010 census numbers, the Toledo MSA went from 610,001 residents to 651,429 residents. Toledo's CSA gained 3 counties (Hancock County, Seneca County, and Sandusky County). (Ottawa County went from being a CSA county to an MSA County). This increases Toledo's CSA population from 651,429 residents to 843,900 (an increase of nearly 200,000). This bumps it ahead of the Youngstown-Warren CSA. The use of MSAs and CSAs as a method of population measurement certainly comes with many doubts, but it's interesting nonetheless.
  11. This! I remember my mom telling a story of her helping a customer and in their casual conversation, the customer----from South Carolina----was surprised that she couldn't see across Lake Erie. Like, she thought that the lake was small enough for her to see Canada. lol
  12. Taken Sunday, November 4 My first time tailgating at an NFL game...and the weather was perfect!
  13. Fall in the Firelands: taken about one week ago---early November---in southern Erie County near Norwalk.
  14. Thanks for the photo tour, ink! It's always nice to see my hometown ?
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