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  1. Sandusky Transit rolling out new routes SANDUSKY — Forget about reversing course or staying in neutral on plans to improve Sandusky Transit. Sandusky officials are instead accelerating forward with a road map outlining significant changes to Erie County’s largest public transportation system. Starting Wednesday, transit workers will unveil an all-new fixed-route system snaking through the 44870 ZIP code area. FULL STORY: http://www.sanduskyregister.com/story/201807310019
  2. Once again, SpaceX lands at NASA Plum Brook PERKINS TWP. — The world’s leading private company in manufacturing and launching spacecraft needed a world-class public facility to test its latest cutting-edge product. So SpaceX representatives returned to the NASA Plum Brook Station in Erie County for a groundbreaking project. Known as the Crew Dragon, or Dragon 2, it’s described by SpaceX as a “next-generation spacecraft designed to carry humans to the International Space Station and other destinations.” FULL STORY: http://www.sanduskyregister.com/story/201806270033
  3. Aside from some iffy weather, it seems the event was quite successful! I'm very proud of my hometown for hosting this event....wish I didn't live so far away. Hopefully I can get there next year! Here is the event's Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Sandusky-Pride-1639641586092295/posts/?ref=page_internal
  4. Can owner re-invent Sandusky Mall? PERKINS TWP. — What’s to become of the Sandusky Mall, the city’s namesake premiere shopping center for the last 45 years? A lot of people are asking that question with news about the latest departure of a large retailer: Elder-Beerman, a clothing store, announced this week its closing all of its stores, including the one at Sandusky Mall. It’s been bad news after bad news for the mall. Last year the Macy’s store and Charming Charlie both closed and the year before, the iconic Sears left. FULL STORY: http://www.sanduskyregister.com/story/201804200010 ________________________________________________________ In the age of the dying mall, it amazes me that until 2016, the Sandusky Mall was doing relatively well. Now, 3 department store spaces will be empty. It'll be interesting to see what happens....
  5. Renaissance Too starting $1M project in downtown Sandusky SANDUSKY — Believing in Sandusky’s renaissance, they, too, want to make a sizable investment in the community. During a recent public meeting, city commissioners designated $115,000 in local grant funds so Sandusky-based company Renaissance Too can pursue a complete renovation project at 125 E. Water St. by Daly’s Pub. FULL STORY: http://www.sanduskyregister.com/story/201803270014 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This renovated building will be the new home of the Lake Erie Shores & Islands tourist and visitor's bureau. Right now, their office is located near Sandusky Mall south of town.
  6. $14M project proposed for the Feick Building SANDUSKY — A multimillion-dollar proposal calls for reactivating one of downtown Sandusky’s tallest and largest buildings. During Monday’s public meeting, city commissioners backed a financial package specifically tailored for project developer Marous Brothers Construction to revamp and modernize the empty Feick Building on East Market Street. FULL STORY: http://www.sanduskyregister.com/story/201803260013 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm hopeful the tax credit is approved for this project! *fingers crossed*
  7. Incredible news.... College campus pushed forward in downtown Sandusky SANDUSKY — Two Ohio-based institutions partnered on a proposed multimillion-dollar project, representing, quite possibly, the most significant investment ever made in downtown Sandusky. Through an unprecedented public-private partnership, Cedar Fair and Bowling Green State University want to create a college paired with a campus-style environment somewhere within the city’s central business district. It’s possible the academic center, solely focused on teaching tourism-related courses, and a related residential setting, housing upward of 200 students year-round, could open by 2020. FULL STORY: http://www.sanduskyregister.com/story/201802070028
  8. Check out downtown Sandusky's new market SANDUSKY — A longtime grocer believes he can successfully produce something completely foreign to the Sandusky market. Popular in Europe, Mike Graley envisions his multifaceted upscale venture as a one-stop shop for consumers to visit multiple times a day, with essentially each hour offering an ever-evolving edible experience. FULL STORY: http://www.sanduskyregister.com/story/201710310019 NOTE: It looks like this is the same "Vita Urbana" that didn't do so well in Cleveland. Hopefully it'll succeed in Sandusky....
  9. Very encouraging news from Sandusky, where 2017's ridership has topped 10,000 (first time that's happened this decade): https://www.narprail.org/site/assets/files/2454/sky.pdf
  10. Damn. All told, and as proposed, the project could take 15 years to complete. So I read that as it may take 25 years to complete. I'm starting to resent amazing looking projects that I may not live to see lol. I hear you! Hopefully this project can be achieved much sooner....it appears to have widespread support!
  11. Cedar Fair announces Hotel Breakers expansion SANDUSKY — Cedar Point will open a new five-story, 158-room addition to Hotel Breakers in May. The expansion will bring the hotel’s total number of rooms to 669. The expansion will build on land adjacent to the historic hotel, near the Cedar Point Beach. The new rooms will have premium bedding and amenities, and many will have balconies with great views of Lake Erie and Cedar Point, Cedar Fair executives said. There will also be an outdoor pool and a sun deck next to the beach. FULL STORY: http://www.sanduskyregister.com/story/201711020022
  12. Game on: $28M indoor sports complex coming to Erie County SANDUSKY — Consider it a double-play combination where children from across the nation can compete on neighboring world-class facilities in Erie County. During Thursday’s public county commission meeting, a host of entities came to terms on constructing a $28 million indoor youth athletic complex. It’ll be located next to the outdoor Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center on Cleveland Road (U.S. 6) in Sandusky. FULL STORY: http://www.sanduskyregister.com/story/201710050026 This facility will be located next to Cedar Point's new Sports Force Park (https://sportsforceparkssandusky.com/) and the proposed "The Landing" park in the post above.
  13. The Landing coming to Sandusky's unexplored frontier SANDUSKY — A proposed pathway not only incorporates elements of its natural environment but also introduces and invites locals to check out Sandusky’s relatively uncharted waterfront region. Preliminary drawings for a $24 million project, called Landing Park, show the nature trail encircling a 27-acre section off Cleveland Road (U.S. 6), behind, or just north of, Sports Force Parks at Cedar Point Sports Center. Great renderings and the full story here: http://www.sanduskyregister.com/story/201711190009
  14. Perry's Monument won't open in 2017 PUT-IN-BAY — An iconic and popular monument symbolizing peace on Lake Erie will not reopen in 2017. Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial rises 352 feet above Put-in-Bay and dominates the South Bass Island skyline. The monument will undergo a series of repairs this year and likely won’t reopen to guests until 2018. FULL STORY: http://www.sanduskyregister.com/story/201704110038 For your enjoyment, here are a few photos of mine taken of and from the monument in June 2015:
  15. tcjoe1985

    Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

    I flew a United flight on 4/8 from Denver to Cleveland. It was completely full (overbooked, even, with several on standby). Luckily, there were no parallels between this flight and that Chicago-Louisville one.