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  1. Looking at the historic maps, it was built between 1898 and 1903 as the Ohio Bell Telephone Exchange. The addition, defined by the different colored bricks, was added by the 1930s when they were used as Ohio Bell offices.
  2. They were making upgrades to security and durability of the doors. The photo was being used as context as to how the current doors came to be. It was supposed to be a replace in-kind project but after some design review they made additional changes. There are additional photos that show those changes.
  3. From the story: "There was a legend that the roof was also designed for a dirigible docking station, but the rooftop plans prepared by Graham, Anderson, Probst and White show no such station planned for the building, and no contemporary news articles or other primary sources have been discovered that prove the existence of, or plans for, either the station itself or any accessory buildings on the rooftop."
  4. Yeah. Unfortunately it is a sad tradition to desecrate cemeteries.
  5. The Midtown at 3101 Euclid is going through the same process with tax credits. Both buildings were constructed at the same time. It would be interesting to compare to two projects to see if they encounter similar successes and difficulties once both are completed.
  6. Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati & Indianapolis Railway. After mergers it later became the Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago & St. Louis (Big Four) Railway.
  7. No. That was designated as a Cleveland Landmark last year.
  8. This is currently in the process of being taken down. This building was being renovated prior to the current owners purchasing it. They sat on it with demolition in mind for more of the new townhouses they had built next door. It went through the planning commission without any push back. They left the building open to vandals who last week (I think) started a fire and thus gave the owners more cause to take it down. This was a viable apartment building the renovation should have been completed.
  9. The main house will be a guest house and office for Transplant House while the rear portions will be an interpretive center focusing on anti-slavery activity including modern-day human trafficking.
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