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  1. New design for natural history museum expansion evokes glaciers and waters of Great Lakes CLEVELAND, Ohio – The glacier that carved the Cuyahoga Valley melted about 10,000 years ago. But it’s returning, at least in fragmentary form, in a new vision for the renovation and expansion of the Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Renderings of the revamped and more modest project, which the museum is unveiling today, call for a new exhibit wing with a curvy, flowing, snow-white roof and glassy facades with horizontal sun baffles resembling waves on water when viewed from a distance. https:/www.cleveland.com/arts/2019/06/new-design-for-natural-history-museum-expansion-evokes-glaciers-and-waters-of-great-lakes.html
  2. It seems like these hotels and the suburban ones don't compete all that directly. The suburban ones tend to cater more to business travelers who need to visit businesses out that way (like the companies along the 271 corridor for instance). The city ones seem to be either for leisure travelers, convention business or people visiting businesses downtown or in UC.
  3. Cedar-Lee-Meadowbrook site: Same developer, more land to work with CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, Ohio -- City officials plan to work with the same developer on an expanded “Cedar-Lee-Meadowbrook site” that now includes property behind the theater. Council on Monday authorized City Manager Tanisha Briley to negotiate a Memorandum of Understanding with Cedar Lee Connection, LLC, the group that had been selected last July to put together a formal proposal for the one-acre “Meadowbrook & Lee site.” https://www.cleveland.com/community/2019/06/cedar-lee-meadowbrook-site-same-developer-more-land-to-work-with.html
  4. Thanks for another informative article, KJP. One thing though: your statement that the automotive industry doesn't have any strategies for electric cars, reducing emissions and driverless cars seriously undersells what they're doing. The auto OEMs are investing billions in these technologies. Most are planning several new electric models over the next few years and most have pretty serious AV units. I'm not saying they've got it all figured out and that everything they're trying is going to work, but I certainly wouldn't portray Tesla as the only one with their act together (and whether they really do is questionable too)
  5. I wouldn't read too much into that. Most companies have a standing policy of not talking to the media unless you're authorized to and they often send reminders when stories like this about the company appear in the press.
  6. One other note: I was at the event last week where Jon Pinney and Bernie Moreno spoke a bit about this. Besides just blockchain firms, they talked about how the tech startups are spread all around town and that it would be better if there was more of a focal location, the thought being that by having them close to one another (or under one roof) there's more chance meetings, etc that could lead to new ideas and innovation. That's not a crazy idea - a similar notion is often cited by academics about why cities tend to be more productive than less urban areas and if you've been in a silicon valley incubator space you can sort of see it in action - but it does mean that you might see them try to lure some of the existing tech firms in town to this location. Moreno also made similar comments to those in Craig's about being "this close" to getting a fortune 100 company to open an office here.
  7. Seems like they're more ending one food desert and creating a new one by relocating a mile down the street although I guess there are still the Asian markets near their Payne avenue location.
  8. If you click on the download brochure link in the page that brownsfan1226 posted, there are images of the updated design. A quick look suggests two towers atop 1 floor of retail and about 7 floors of parking. Taller tower looks to be about 17 stories above the parking and retail (about 25 total) and devoted to office space. Shorter tower seems to be 22 total or so and devoted to residential with bigger floor plates than the office tower.
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