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  1. Your concern is valid. As a white male, I've seen discrimination toward people of color (friends included) at places and venues I have no problems at. Systemic racism has no place in Cleveland. People of color should have and own places and venues downtown. I frequent East End and re:bar, both of them typically are a majority people of color when I am there. I've never had or seen issues aside from the occasional fight at East End (bystander). That being said, violence of any kind, in the form of multiple instances especially, cannot be tolerated no matter the race of the owners or majority of the patrons. The other big problem, other than the multiple shootings, is that you see no comments/outreach/effort from Medusa to let the public know things of that nature will not be tolerated. You see no public effort to calm the neighborhood, protect their patrons, etc. I don't care if a drill rapper was in town at their New Years party, it's unacceptable to put your customers in that position and neighborhood in that light. They should own it, find a way to try and mitigate the issue/worry it has caused. If they can't do that, their venue shouldn't be welcomed into the neighborhood. No one, black or white, wants to live or patronize venues that increase the chances of something unsafe occurring.
  2. Over the last few months, I've heard and seen some things on Prospect outside of the restaurant that I never saw in the past three years: Fights Nothing out of the ordinary for a place that has a drunk crowd. The bad part is these fights usually spill onto the street and it looks like a scene from a Saturday night on West 6th except there are no police or law enforcement to be found. I wish they'd keep it on the sidewalk or elsewhere and quit forcing people driving down the road to reroute their drive and residents on the street to lose sleep. Street racing This is the most aggravating one. Cars and motorcycles speeding from East 14th and Prospect down to East 9th and Prospect. I did some "research" out of my window which has a view of the entire street and patrons from the restaurant after close were involved in every aspect of the race (driving, filming, cheering, etc.). Next morning you'll walk down to broken bottles of wine or liquor on the sidewalks where the same people were seen cheering, screaming, filming, etc. All of this happens after close (2am/3am). I know a place can't be responsible for their patrons after they leave their establishment. Overall, it's a bad look for the city. Prospect is starting to come back to life with places like Chicago's home, Domino's, a yoga place, a dispensary, businesses, condo/apartments, etc. but the only time I see law enforcement or the city caring about the street is when there's a parking ban. These street races/street brawls and broken bottles littering the sidewalk should be of the cities concern.
  3. Moving conversation about the shooting that happened outside of Medusa: On top of the other shootings, there are weekly street races happening right outside the club late at night around 2am/3am. While I agree with you @inlovewithCLE, Medusa is wild at best. Celebrities visiting is at the bottom of the list when it comes to building and maintaining a safe downtown/neighborhood. If we want celebrities to visit/live here, we need to make sure shootings and street racing are not occurring. Side Note: it's ridiculous the police haven't caught onto the street racing yet. It also takes place on Prospect Ave with patrons from Chicago’s Home of Chicken & Waffles. The restaurant occasionally turns into a club at night.
  4. No, they will be in the same space as Whistle & Keg. https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/2019/12/athens-hotspot-big-mammas-burritos-announces-cleveland-restaurant.html
  5. They'll be sharing the space on Huron Road with Whistle & Keg. Unfortunately, not filing any voids but their food caters to the drunk crowd so it should do okay sharing that space.
  6. It is not done and the scaffolding is not gone. The owner of the CAC owns my building I currently live in on Huron Road. With my experiences here and with her, she is well intentioned but not someone who is good at "developing". The inside of our buildings lobby is largely the same as it was fifteen years ago and has been "being upgraded" for years now. I would not expect this to be "done" until late this year or early next year.
  7. The Simply Food inside of Reserve Square was there the last time I visited a friend at Reserve Square in January. The Simply Food on East 12th has been there since the summer.
  8. That is still there. They also expanded and opened another location across the street at 1810 E 12th St, Cleveland, OH 44114.
  9. If your logic is correct, Dollar General X will do a number on Heinen's– we'll see. I'll be headed to Heinen's for anything meat/vegetable/fruit/prepared food related. Anything else, I'll use DGX. Target and Heinen's have different uses. I won't abandoned Heinen's because I can buy lesser quality meat and frozen meals at Target. Anyone who already shops and spends significant amounts per week at Heinen's shops there for a reason or else they'd drive out to the OHC/Midtown for Dave's or Aldi's.
  10. Dollar General quietly moved into a storefront location at Reserve Square. More info about DGX concepts. https://www.bisnow.com/national/news/retail/after-cautious-start-dollar-general-poised-to-invade-cities-with-its-dgx-concept-94558#ath As of Fall 2018, there were only 3 in existence. Nice to see big chains investing in downtown!
  11. Moving the discussion here– if cities like Minneapolis can have a Target, Marshalls, Pac Sun, etc. downtown, Cleveland should be able to.
  12. From the perspective of a downtown resident, all retail loss hurts– we already have so little and so many empty retail spaces. It's really bad when the only convenient, useful places to shop downtown are CVS, Heniens and Constantinos. We need retail options. Food, beer and deodorant are great but I'd love to pop into a Target, Marshall's, J Crew, etc. all by walking down the street. Hopefully we can hit that 20,000 people living downtown mark soon so some of those places consider joining downtown.
  13. I believe Winking Lizard used to occupy this space but I could be wrong. They used to have signage on the windows. Winking Lizard still occupies the space to the left of this and a school occupies the space above.
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