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  1. It appears that some entry doors have been converted into windows, which leads me to believe that they reduced the number of units and made them larger as well
  2. Looks surprisingly good, considering the hideous addition they built
  3. Every time I've come back to Cincinnati I've checked on this development since its so close to where I used to live. It really is an accomplishment that Steiner has been able to create a brand new mall that is just as depressing as Cincinnati Mils!
  4. That was fast, was half expecting this project to be stalled indefinitely.
  5. Are they jumping the gun a little bit? Also, did they completely renovate the center part of Court street? In a photo I saw online there appeared to be turf and benches, but that could've just been there for the announcement.
  6. But how many are high-end? Cincinnati has one luxury hotel, there's plenty of opportunity for more.
  7. Hudson's Bay (Saks parent company) reported almost a billion dollar loss this quarter. I don't see Saks going anywhere, especially considering they pay next to nothing in rent downtown and would be paying quite a bit up in Kenwood. Ideally, Dillards would go, the space would be leveled, and Saks would move in, but I just don't see that in the cards for them. I agree, though, I think that spot would be perfect for a Zara.
  8. Saw on Reddit today that West Elm is opening at Rookwood Commons (or pavilion, whichever one is to the west). They left Kenwood, and the Cincinnati market, in 2010. Glad to see them back, however, in other cities they are opening in more up and coming neighborhoods... Wonder why they didn't choose OTR?
  9. How did you hear this? Are you the same person who said Gucci was opening in Kenwood Mall? Lol
  10. Thank you so much for posting these! Live out of town so these are very appreciated.
  11. Disappointing. Was really hoping for a more high end hotel, as Cincinnati really only has the 21c (I guess you could count the Renaissance or the Cincinnatian possibly). Would love to see something like a JW Marriott, W, Ritz Carlton, Ace, Fairmont, or InterContinental... Some of which can be found in similar sized cities like CLE (Ritz Carleton), Indy (JW), and Pittsburgh (Ace and Fairmont). Sure, a midlevel hotel like Courtyard will be lucrative and get plenty of business, but would love the prestige that comes with having an internationally known luxury hotel.
  12. This does literally look like an expansion project from the 1980's. Absolutely heartbreaking.
  13. Liberty Center is a joke. Especially when you compare it to Steiner's other retail centers. The construction quality is laughable-- it looks like a strong gust of wind would blow it over.
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