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  1. This does literally look like an expansion project from the 1980's. Absolutely heartbreaking.
  2. Liberty Center is a joke. Especially when you compare it to Steiner's other retail centers. The construction quality is laughable-- it looks like a strong gust of wind would blow it over.
  3. Maybe if Hilton took this long with the Cincinnatian the renovation would have actually been... decent.
  4. I've somehow let this project slip through the cracks. Does anyone have a name or link to renderings?
  5. "We are moving" and "undergoing renovation" are just Cincinnatian for "permanently closed" cough*brueggers* cough
  6. Where are you getting this info? The company that owns Saks is struggling financially, it doesn't make much for them to put the money into opening a new location in the city when they don't pay rent for the current one and it's a ghost town anyway. I've also heard nothing about Gucci entering the market.
  7. I really can't believe what a disaster this development turned out to be. The quality of construction is laughable, especially when you look at how polished the Greene and Easton are. They really, really dropped the ball.
  8. Leave it to Cincinnati to demolish an entire city block before realizing something like this.
  9. I think at this point they should really target more upscale, national chain restaurants. Think Hard Rock Cafe, Cheesecake Factory, Hershey's, etc. Those accompanied by some more LED screens and billboards would liven up the place and further solidify it as the Times Square of Cincinnati.
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