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  1. Arshot is garbage, worse developers in the city. If this project was from Kaufman or a few other developers I would feel okay about this moving forward. However, its Arshot, they cant be trusted
  2. Wood has the best looking development in the city. I hope they build the Market Tower as nice as others
  3. The problem is there is a huge demand for skyline and river views. Unfortunately literally no one is building what there is a demand for. I live downtown and many of my neighbors are waiting for a project with views. I do relocation and many from New York want only nice views downtown. If our developers can't get the job done start selling off to Chicago and New York developer's. We have to make our city appealing to individuals from other large cities. A bunch parking lots and 5 story buildings don't do the job
  4. Go to downtown Charlotte, Austin, and even Indianapolis, they have several buildings over 30 floors under construction. Columbus isn't getting the job done. A lot of New Yorkers who are or have relocated here want height. For some reason they dont want to live in some 5 story high building downtown.
  5. I know this project is a dead horse. Let's never accept anything Arshot puts on the table again they're horrible
  6. I have a feeling this is a no go . Sell the site to a New York Developer
  7. I doubt the market tower will ever be built. The projects the Wood company is building now look amazing. However , I don't think they can afford the Market Tower
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