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  1. WeWork typically signs 10-15 year leases, and since they've already signed a lease with the Moxy, a halt on new leases might not affect them. However, I also read this online: "WeWork forms a subsidiary to represent each lease deal, which means individual locations could fold without leaving the company itself with much risk. The parent company only guarantees the lease for about six to 12 months on a 15-year agreement, according to documents associated with WeWork’s inaugural bond offering" Which paints a less rosy picture. Theres also a chance WeWork capsizes altogether, although I imagine whoever buys up the pieces might have to honor the existing leases.
  2. I love that they hid the Main Bar behind a tree in that rendering.
  3. Petition to stop building pools on the north side of a building that will catch almost no sun.
  4. Low quality pic, but here's a different angle of the cores from a bit of a distance.
  5. For those keeping track at home, 342 feet would put this as the 15th tallest building in the city, just below the Continental Center and above the PNC building.
  6. Agreed. Particularly bad is the William Green Building, which essentially disappears at night.
  7. Let me be of assistance https://www.thisweeknews.com/news/20190416/developer-sees-trolley-district-project-as-catalyst-for-near-east-side
  8. I don't think they're adding more workers, just moving existing ones that already exist 100' over.
  9. "If voters approve a new Municipal Court building, it would be up to county officials to decide whether the old building can be renovated for another use or demolished when the court moves out in three to five years" Seems like a waste if they just up and move over a half a block, and tear down the old building. I'm weary about getting rid of any green space when there's surface lots a plenty downtown.
  10. I'd imagine the lower height is due to skyrocketing construction costs. I'm surprised it hasn't been hasn't been put on hold.
  11. For reference this is very common in cities like Chicago, where many of their buildings are built over railroad tracks.
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