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  1. Not enough Roman columns and no statues of naked ladies pouring water. Moreover, where are the arches?
  2. Having some insider information, I can tell you that they are bursting at the seams and do not want to increase enrollment. The goal is to increase matriculation or "yield". That is, they want to figure out who amongst the qualified applicants actually wants to attend CWRU as a first choice, and then just admit those. If they can better predict that, they can admit as few as 25% of the applicants, or less and still get a freshman class of 1200 (plus a few legacy admits) highly qualified students. They also need to attract more Merit Scholars under the new rating system to improve their national ranking. They are a little bit obsessed with this. All of this is a little bit of a black art. Early Decision is one step in that direction. Also, they are overall doing OK financially but have some historically under performing management units (College of Arts and Science, and Law) that are perennially running deficits and they want to put an end to that.
  3. Told you so. Now let's focus on getting the W 3rd. parking lots developed. That is more important than this site (which would do fine with 2-3 story extension of E 4th), or even the Jacobs lot.
  4. I'm glad that they didn't do it. I wish we could reverse the deal with Brook Park though. Some day, with an improving economy Burke will meet its potential.
  5. It's not really a debate. You are correct about politicians and constituents. But, when the constituents believe that they will participate in a growing economy, the politicians are at least incentivized to try and deliver. They may not be able to, but they will try. Cleveland has become a coddling ground for poverty.
  6. They don't care. Political entities like this don't see any personal gain for themselves or their supporters in a generally improving economy. None of them really participate in it or be live that they can. The only gain they can get is shaking down "the man" and distributing the proceeds.
  7. I don't think that they would work as residential because of the size of the floor plates. They could have been re-purposed as light industrial if Cleveland would have had any interest in not letting all of its manufacturing move out to Solon. Our leaders at the time just didn't care. All they were interested in was federal handouts (Ralph Perk looking at you).
  8. I understand that but you have to weigh that against the consequences. I live next to the entrance to a large park. I have intervened constantly with respect to violations of park rules, noise, people in the park when it is closed, etc. as have other neighbors. It took a while but the park is quiet and clean now. I think that the people I approached, on some level respected that I did not go to the cops first.
  9. The flawed assumption is that no one wants neighborhoods to be poor and run down.
  10. I think you made a strategic error. You should have gone to them first, as unpleasant as a that might be, and then call the cops if their behavior did not change. By going to the cops first you have demonstrated that you are intimidated by them and they will act accordingly.
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