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  1. It's OK. I don't like the view of the BP building from that direction. As a former forumer once said, "makes me want to hurl"!
  2. Many years ago I used to sit on the first floor pretending to read a book in one of the big wing chairs by the windows just to feel like a rich guy. As I remember, they were pretty strict about your behavior and even appearance. No bums.
  3. You asses it with a thing that looks like a magic marker. They cost about 99 cents.
  4. Going to be a real mess when we find out that the tech hub thing is/was a scam.
  5. Boy, the B.F. Keith Building is a real beauty. One of my favorites in Cleveland.
  6. I don't know. Must be because I grew up in one of those homes.
  7. I still can't understand why other communities with homes built in the same era, using the same paint, don't have this problem.
  8. I would be OK with a tunnel between the Jacobs lot and the W 3rd. lots but not a gerbil tube.
  9. Any possibility SW would just complete the building it is in now (probably another 250k square feet) and take over all of the Skylight office tower? There is plenty of space to expand Breen by 170k square feet, no?
  10. Reminds me of the beautiful (potentially) train station we have in the bottom of the Terminal Tower. Bring back the concourses!
  11. I don't understand why the WHD is undevelopable. I have read all the threads about it and I still don't understand. This project, as it is now would be better on the E 12th residential corridor. Why is that controversial? And moreover, why all the hostility and snarkyness? I had forgotten how unpleasant this forum, and some of the people here can be.
  12. The downtown transit loop (completion of the waterfront line) I think would be transformational for downtown and would attract more investment than the Euclid Ave BRT did.
  13. The north side neighborhood got wealthier, a lot wealthier before CWRU built all the new dorms.
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