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  1. Really, this has turned out better than I expected. The detailing is quite good for a modern building. Terdolph might even rescind his objection to the building not being on the E 12th street residential corridor.
  2. He was hilarious before he "got religion". His "Readings by Robert" sketches were side splitting-no way you could put that on the air anymore.
  3. Well, I turned down the job myself, then they gave it to her.
  4. I actually like it very much. I just wish is was proceeding faster. I live in another city now and construction just goes much, much faster here. Same with the Schofield. A magnificent renovation but it took forever. If you look at when this project was "announced" until now, we are talking about what, ten years and it is still not even half way done!
  5. The rail system must be preserved at all costs. Where is NOACA in all this?
  6. I was never very impressed with Beth.
  7. I love the 925 building. I just wish they would put a bank in it and re-open the banking lobby as a banking lobby. Imagine making a deposit there! I just don't think that living there would be much fun.
  8. I think RTA's management would love to be relieved of the capital and maintenance burden of a rail system. I don't think that RTA gives a hoot about the other things you mentioned.
  9. They already do. If they would just complete their existing bldg., and take over all of the Skylight Tower they would probably have all the space they need.
  10. I think that the Democrats will do nothing about the student loans. No matter how easy Trump makes it to mine coal, as long as fracking exists, natural gas will be cheaper. End of story.
  11. I really wonder if this is part of a plan to kill rail in Cleveland?
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