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  1. Too bad. This was an opportunity for each entity to obtain concessions from the other.
  2. It disturbs me that this is not disturbing to anyone.
  3. Yes, Terdolph may be making a trip from the west coat in his StratoCruiser Air Command Center for a special appearance. Can we land that at Burke?
  4. Some interesting new statistics on the CWRU law school: •Our graduates had the highest overall pass rate on both the February and July 2019 Ohio Bar Exams. •The median GPA of our entering class was 3.63 -- the highest it has been in memory. •Our faculty was ranked No. 32 in the nation in scholarly impact, were cited in two recent Supreme Court cases and lent expert commentary to more than 700 news stories in the past year. •We completed our Forward Thinking campaign with more than $58 million in donations, coming from fifty percent of our alums, an extraordinarily high number for law school alumni giving.
  5. Sadly, I don't think anyone in City Hall is even thinking about soliciting a fortune 500 company to move to Cleveland. Their focus seems to be far more parochial, city council even more so. I suspect that waiving $$ to lure an out of town company to Cleveland would be perceived by city council members and the Mayor himself as an election liability (you know-charges of corporate welfare, selling out "the people", etc.)
  6. Coventry village? Shaker Square? Van Aken development?
  7. No, the Tower was the icon. The landmark buildings were for medical arts, etc.
  8. I don't know if increased house sales is good, bad or neither. Can someone please put this in context?
  9. I have seen nothing so far to give me any confidence in the new RTA GM.
  10. Glad to see that paragraph 5.0.2 confirms Terdolph's calculations: " 5.0.2 Where would they go? The best places to put them are indeed the north and south coasts of the lake as that is where the most activity would be."
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