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  1. Antonio Callaway has been waived by the Browns
  2. None yet. I imagine we will not get any until after the beginning of December. Yeah, I think that very well could for part of it, but not the whole 140,000 square feet. But what do I know
  3. From the Shore RFP site: https://shorerfp.wordpress.com/ Download the SHORE RFP here! https://shorerfp.files.wordpress.com/2019/10/shore-cultural-centre-rfp-final-20191031-002.pdf
  4. JACK Entertainment’s plan for elevated walkway over Ontario Street clears design review, but with strings attached An advisory panel for Cleveland’s planning commission narrowly approved JACK Entertainment’s plan to build an elevated walkway over Ontario Street, but not before a debate over whether it would really help revitalize the street below. JACK Entertainment wants to build a walkway that will connect the upper floors of the old Higbee Building to parking in the former May Co. parking garage across Ontario between Public Square and Prospect Avenue. The easy access to parking would make upper floors in the Higbee Building attractive for leasing, sparking activity in the neighborhood, Len Komoroski, a principal in JACK Entertainment, told a design-review panel on Thursday. The Cleveland Planning Commission’s Downtown|Flats Design Review Advisory Committee gave its approval by a 5-4 vote Thursday, sending it to the full Planning Commission. ... Ultimately the committee approved the bridge, but will require JACK Entertainment to provide more details of its plan for the street. JACK Entertainment Vice President Gino Del Pup said the company was willing to commit to providing a master plan. ... MORE: https://www.cleveland.com/metro/2019/10/jack-entertainments-plan-for-elevated-walkway-over-ontario-street-clears-design-review-but-with-strings-attached.html
  5. As a new Gold Pass member (and a former Platinum Passholder from several years ago), I am super excited about it. Just as long as the wifey gives in to her fears about riding some of the more extreme coasters. Plus, who says you have to go on the weekends?
  6. musky

    Show a pic of yourself!

    I see an Urban Ohio "back-on-topic" meme coming soon
  7. Cedar Point Auctioning Vintage Items From Town Hall Museum If you've ever wanted a predictions machine, a World Series arcade game, or another curiosity, this is your chance. Cedar Point is auctioning items from its Town Hall Museum, and the slate of biddable goods is eclectic, to say the least. Artifacts up for grabs include a coin-operated love-teller game, a vintage maple carousel organ, an antique cash register, a medical amputation kit, arcade motor bike riding seats, and a Star Trek commander's chair. The auction is being conducted through Cleveland's Gray's Auctioneers. The showroom for the auctioneer is on the west side, in Gordon Square. Bidding is now open online. MORE: https://patch.com/ohio/cleveland/cedar-point-auctioning-vintage-items-town-hall-museum
  8. With an RFP process in motion, Shore Cultural Centre is getting ready for its second act When it comes to arts and culture in Euclid, all signs point to Shore Cultural Centre. Located in the heart of the city, the 141,000-square-foot building plays home to many art-based studios, faith-based organizations, and health and wellness businesses—along with the Euclid Symphony Orchestra, Euclid Hunger Center, and Euclid Culinary Bistro (operated by Euclid High School students). Built in 1913, the complex has a long and storied history, landing the building on the National Register of Historic Places. For many decades, the building housed Shore High School (the northern counterpart to Central High School, Euclid’s other high school until Euclid High School was built in 1949 and both Shore and Central became middle schools). The Shore school ultimately shuttered in 1986, after which the building adopted its current use as a cultural hub. Thirty-plus years later, Shore Cultural Centre is ripe for revitalization, as the city prepares to offer new investment opportunities to developers who can see its creative potential amid downtown Euclid’s robust development plans. MORE: https://www.freshwatercleveland.com/street-level/shoreculturalcentre103119.aspx
  9. The wife and I had dinner on the train last week. Such and awesome thing to have here. Can't wait to do it again.
  10. Part's of Cherry were filmed in Euclid Friday and a bit over the weekend. I believe there was a bank robber seen being shot at the Eaton Family Credit Union on Babbitt Road.
  11. From what I recall when walking past here earlier this year, it is the front entrance to Broadvox Technology Center
  12. Yeah, Chris Andrews owned Warped Records as well as Chain Link Addiction. Those were great places to hang out. Different then Coventry, but just as cool. Later on he opened Capsule. The late Ed Wille (one half of Uncle Scratch's Gospel Revival) opened B-Ware with his wife Natalie. I went to high school with both of them. A nice non-denominational christian school.... just goes to show.
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