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  1. My wife was a volunteer balloon-blower-upper at this thing
  2. It wasn't, although they had space type stuff in there, as well as art, music, photography (we got to actually develop film) and various other hands-on things for students similar to what the science center has (as best as I can remember)
  3. I don't recall exactly when it demolished, but it was after 2015. As far as when it was built, I would say sometime in the early 70s as I recall going there for a field trip while in elementary school.
  4. I drove by here recently, and if it is the building I believe it to be, then they are doing some major renovations on and in it. I'll try to get a photo next time I drive by there.
  5. The wifey and I were there on Saturday. This was actually the first time I'd ever been there. It was nice... but there there sure were a lot of very large people and kids there and I was surprised at how much lack of diversity there was in the customers as well as the visible staff.
  6. Cuyahoga County Public Works Garage at the former RTA garage at 2501 Harvard Road
  7. musky

    All things Amazon

    Only six months behind schedule... thus far
  8. https://www.news5cleveland.com/news/local-news/cleveland-metro/cleveland-takes-a-step-closer-to-moratorium-on-new-dollar-store-locations So idiotic to even consider this.
  9. Wasn't there supposed to be a moratorium on "Dollar" type convenience stores by the City of Cleveland coming on line? It's completely stupid for the City to even think of something like this. Anyway, I thought I heard about it a few weeks ago.
  10. I saw the Bella Vita this past weekend evening and it was mighty impressive in person. Nothing was going on Saturday night on the boat, but a few of the windows had lights on closer to the dock near the Powerhouse. Essentially it was a mansion and the windows I could see in were the garage... complete with at least one additional boat, a raft, and no less than two jet skis.
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