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  1. Its to my understanding they will not be 3 stories, rather only 2. Additionally, the same developer is doing the project across the street from the Knowlton Tavern, the one you mention. They might be waiting to start those 3 after KT closes down.
  2. Does anyone know if the Knowlton Tavern is still open. I thought it was supposed to be shut down by now already. Did they lose their liquor license ? Anyone know what the situation is?
  3. ^ these two guys have gone up pretty quick too. I was surprised to see the foundation get installed, and then a week later or so to see the framing rise up. They are not going to be too big, no basement either.
  4. ^ this is very true. I work out of the Gwyenn building on 6th street. The dentist who is located in the same building is retiring because of the ensuing redevelopment. A Lawyer in the building is having a hard time finding comparable office space a rate they find reasonable. The Gwyenn has to be one of the least expensive office buildings downtown.
  5. Anyone notice that signage is up for "Northside Express" across the street from DoJo. Perhaps this is a smaller scale convenience store filling in a need in the community. This is the same site as the long rumored home of the fabled Northside Applebee's. https://goo.gl/maps/7zuG7SrPF14S3cHZ7
  6. https://goo.gl/maps/ms77E6AUWX5Sd3Xz8 ^ this site would be cool to have as a grocery store. It was on the market last summer. I think GasLight Properties picked it up.
  7. From my understanding, the whole site was to be redeveloped to include housing and perhaps more retail. I am not sure if the existing Sav-a-lot building is going to be repurposed now.
  8. So the loss of About Space for bands, coupled with all the single family home renovations in Northside seems to spell the end of an era for Northside as a creative DIY, and music hub. I know of two band practice houses that have gone off line since October. One on ApJones caught fire in a spectacular blaze. Another on Langland, near Junkers, which had the infamous "Jack Shack" off Carrie Alley sold and is currently getting renovated.
  9. Kaze was my go to for happy hour specials. Before Thunderdome took it over, I feel Kaze easily had the best happy hour deal in the entire city.
  10. I am really surprised you found a bar that you described as being similar to MOTR and Northside Tavern in Zurich. Good for you. I've been to quite a few of the principle cities in Switzerland and never came across anything remotely like those establishments. I find Zurich, and Geneva to be clean, accessible, safe, and SUPER EXPENSIVE, but all in all pretty boring. Thanks for sharing your trip through Europe. I've looked at all the photo's you posted. Prague is one of my favorite cities to visit.
  11. The top columns were intended to be pay respect to one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world. The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus.
  12. ^ good list. I will add that it was designed by Ohioan and prominent American architect Cass Gilbert. He is credited with designing the Woolworth building in NYC, US Supreme Court building in DC, and a handful of buildings at Oberlin College. He also helped the 1904 World Fair in St. Louis. Played a large role planning the in the Palace of Fine Arts, which was the only permanent building constructed for the fair. His body of work is incredible !
  13. Its currently pending at $424,000. That would be the highest priced home sold in Northside this year.
  14. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/11/11/event-center-opens-in-northside-photos.html?iana=hpmvp_cinci_news_headline They have been working on this things for like 3 years. The courtyard looks really nice. Havent been inside yet.
  15. While poking around the county auditors site looking for info on 918 York in the West End, this interesting parcel came up. Its like 6" wide and runs the length of the property. Could this be some kind of easement ? What do others think about this? It has a completely different Parcel ID than the other 918 York. https://wedge.hcauditor.org/view/re/1840003016200/2018/aerial_imagery Property Description YORK ST 0.46 X 150 FT PT LOT While the other 918 York street is a complete mess. I walked a client through it last week. Its a beautiful disaster. It was listed in Aug for $120,000 !! Currently @ $98k. It would take someone 2 years and a quarter million dollars to get it nice again. https://www.sibcycline.com/Listing/1/1636778/918-York-St-Cincinnati-OH-45214/
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