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  1. WOW. Indy really seems to love giving money to sports infrastructure. Just this week, with the help of the state, they committed over +100million to a spec soccer stadium. http://www.fieldofschemes.com/2019/04/09/14799/indiana-now-looking-at-spending-112m-on-mls-stadium-on-spec/
  2. I'd add that Rhinegeist is also largely a logistics company now. They self distribute to an ever growing market. I couldn't fathom what kinda of fleet of trucks they have by now. The distribution center they built in Camp Washington is testament to this.
  3. https://deadspin.com/the-7-laws-of-vaportecture-stadium-arts-fever-dream-1833445857 The vapotecture from FC Cincinnati Stadium is actually featured in the article. The actual stadiums almost always never live up to the vapotecture.
  4. Here are some more pictures from recent activity in Northside. Specifically, on the eastern side of neighborhood. The windows are in and more exterior paint is being applied. This site is on the corner of Knowlton and Chambers. Directly across from Knowltons Tavern. 3 buildings were demoed, and its to my understanding 3 homes sharing a common drive/space will replace them. This recently renovated and expanded home sites katty corner to that demoed lot, on Knowlton. The metal siding material is somewhat of a mini trend I’ve seen in Northside. This is a newly renovated home on Mad Anthony with the same type of metal siding. Another home on Chambers with the metal siding. Seems like it should be low maintenance.
  5. Yeah it was. They closed last summer. The guys running it were super nice too. Just not enough foot traffic coupled with lack luster inventory. The larger building itself, as explained to me by a cop, was a former crack house.
  6. There continues to be a lot of activity in Northside, currently concentrating around ApJones, Mad Anthony, and Chambers Street. Here are some quick pictures of a larger ongoing development at the corner of APJones and Chambers. Interior demo of the stucture took place over the summer, and the property behind the project was purchased and torn down in October. Once the house behind it was torn down, a large retaining wall was installed. The plan is to extend the townhomes into that empty space. Their will be 4 units with 4 bedrooms or about about 2000 square feet each, and then one smaller unit above the retail corner store. They are currently installing windows and working on “closing the envolope”.
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