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  1. Its currently pending at $424,000. That would be the highest priced home sold in Northside this year.
  2. https://www.bizjournals.com/cincinnati/news/2019/11/11/event-center-opens-in-northside-photos.html?iana=hpmvp_cinci_news_headline They have been working on this things for like 3 years. The courtyard looks really nice. Havent been inside yet.
  3. While poking around the county auditors site looking for info on 918 York in the West End, this interesting parcel came up. Its like 6" wide and runs the length of the property. Could this be some kind of easement ? What do others think about this? It has a completely different Parcel ID than the other 918 York. https://wedge.hcauditor.org/view/re/1840003016200/2018/aerial_imagery Property Description YORK ST 0.46 X 150 FT PT LOT While the other 918 York street is a complete mess. I walked a client through it last week. Its a beautiful disaster. It was listed in Aug for $120,000 !! Currently @ $98k. It would take someone 2 years and a quarter million dollars to get it nice again. https://www.sibcycline.com/Listing/1/1636778/918-York-St-Cincinnati-OH-45214/
  4. As its been mentioned before on this thread, returning to Riverfront Coliseum would seem to make sense until a new corporate overlord could be found.
  5. I think this is the same group that was going to be in the Hamilton/Sohn Brewery. Rebel Mettle.
  6. You are absolutely correct about this. People would lose their minds over any proposal to remove on street parking in the business district. Hamilton Ave is currently being torn up again for underground utility work. It seems like it had been ripped apart like 2 years ago. Seemingly no coordination. Needless to say Ham Ave is a bumpy ride through the NBD. Looking forward when its all repaved, restriped and smooth. Also some of the smaller residential side streets are in dire need of attention. Chambers, APJONES, and Mad Anthony are all cratered out and resemble a minefield.
  7. I will echo what others have said. Great set of photo's, thanks for sharing. I, too, neglect this city to the north. Time for a visit or an UO meet up in the Gem City.
  8. I spent the last 4 blistering hot days in DC, while I was there I went out of my way for a ride on the DC streetcar. My wife and I wanted to check out the Union Station, designed by Daniel Burnham. Its also the terminus for the streetcar, kinda. You have to walk through the huge station, past the trains, up 2 flights of stairs, through the garage with the city buses and greyhound/mega/go buses and then onto an island in the middle of a busy H street. Once you are outside Union Station there is very little signage promoting or directing you to the streetcar stop. Arriving randomly, we had to wait 8 min for the train, including dwell time. First impression was that the train was smaller, much smaller than Cincinnati's Streetcar. It was approximately 2/3 the size of ours. It was also not well kept. The interior was dirty, with a small amount of trash on the ground. Fenders were missing from the front and back. Scratch marks were everywhere on the exterior. Once we got going, it was slow. The thing only crawled. It was in mixed traffic and was held up twice by the same ambulance for heat/drug related issues. The first delay was over 20min. The ambulance could have simply pulled over in the cross street, but they didnt do that. Once that situation was resolved it was only 3 blocks until we were stopped again by the same ambulance. My wife jumped off the streetcar, as we were at least stopped at a station. She asked the EMT how long they were going to be dealing with this issue. They responded, "whats it to you? why do you care ?" She told them we and others were on the streetcar and they are blocking the rails. "Oh, ok. Well we are done. We will move". Its like they dont even know they things exists, let alone they are blocking it inconveniencing riders. I will say thought the infill along the route was of much better quality we are seeing in Cincinnati, much denser as well. There were lots of 4-6 story buildings directly on the line. I didnt get a good look, but they seemed more inline with whats getting build in Columbus along High Street. Overall I was disappointed with the DC streetcar experience. If they can get the line across the city on "H street" they would really have something of value. H is key road in the city with lots of attractions, linking to Georgetown would be ideal.
  9. If FC Cincy gets an aviary then I think the Bengals’ lease says they have to get one too. Thats how their lease works right......
  10. Lens flare..... check Search Lights.... check Iridescent glow.... check What we have here is Vapotecture at its finest !! Welcome to the big leagues Cincinnati.
  11. I too should be a go for this event. the possibility of touring Clyffside and the Jackson Brewery sites put me over the top. I let myself into the Jackson Brewery about 5 years ago, I hope its improved since then. Looks like its going to be sunny and hot.
  12. This seems to be taken from a garage space off Blazter Alley. That place was an absolute mad house on the 4ht of July. Lots of noise and people. A band regularly practices there. Once I passed by when the band was messing around, I gave them a nod, and looked in, I could clearly see the words “JACK SHACK” spray painted on the wall. But ultimately your right, no one celebrates the 4th like Northside !
  13. While I certainly welcome traffic calming measures in Northside, I wouldnt want to sacrifice the ability to run BRT on Hamilton Ave. I feel adding bump outs to Hamilton would prevent a bus only lane and real BRT. I wonder how many of the crosswalk ‘paddles’ have been run over. How many times have they been replaced ? They might help a little bit, but crossing Hamilton Ave, you are taking your life in your hands if you are not paying attention.
  14. I am still surprised on how quick this development came about from announcement to construction to near completion. The Kroger store is slated to open by the end of September I believe. Is this how typical development occurs in other cities ? It would be refreshing if other projects in Cincy would occur at this same pace.
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