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  1. Given the political field-of-play regarding health insurance, I'm not sure we should criticize any board or health insurer for not building a new HQ.
  2. ^^ Not really public. To save everyone the hassle, you must join the Urban Land Institute to go -- at $492.00 a person.
  3. I just drove by, and the stripes are on the southern and eastern side. And they're not white. They are grey metallic.
  4. I look at it every day, and I've seen nothing to indicate active work on this project.
  5. The Stipe decals were put in for his victory party, which was held in that space on Saturday night.
  6. I think an architectural historian would disagree with this statement. They're still being built, but the style is definitely 20th century. Its the mid-century modern of commercial towers.
  7. I don't know the business that well, but I am kind of surprised an architecture firm would move into such a sloppily constructed building.
  8. When Tower City opened, Higbee's WAS open. And so was the May Company.
  9. Although I'd love it if Tower City had real retail (other than Brooks Brothers), I don't think you can fault Forest City or their targeted demographics. I think the bottom line is that retail is tough (and constantly shrinking) everywhere. When it opened, Tower City had three levels that went from luxury on the top (e.g. Barney's, Fendi), to "upscale" on the second level (Banana Republic, J. Crew), to the Gap and Footlocker on the lower level. They all left. Tower City is a big mall, with 367,000 square feet of retail. By comparison, if you exclude the anchors, Beachwood Place has 398,000. Here's Beachwood's latest addition, which looks like it was stolen from Tower City. Pretty much says it all.
  10. I love this project and its street presence, but cannot stand all the visible mechanicals on its roof when viewed from the north.
  11. They need to demolish G. When Metro's new hospital is done, the Clinic will definitely have the worst general in-patient rooms in the city.
  12. I very much regret to say this, but the CEO lives in Brecksville.
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