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  1. I see a battle royale in the making. By my count there's more than 20 half-a-million-dollar homes in Bergen Village on, ironically, City View Drive. It sure seems like the view in 15 or so will be directly into Electric Garden's parking lot -- minus the city view.
  2. I think it's handsome. At least it is brick, unlike the plastic buildings down the road....
  3. Now the valet surface parking lot for the Glickman Urology Institute....
  4. Why does it seem like almost every new house on the west side looks like Swedish public housing, but more cheaply done? And what's up with that weird pergola?
  5. If you go back to the evening renderings on page 1, they show no crown illumination. But, since people will live there, hopefully at least their lights will be on.
  6. With KJP's picture as an inspiration, I just realized that the 1970's/80's "Central Market" was actually the decapitated, rump remains of the Sheriff Street Market.
  7. IF they were well-built, substantial and to scale, I think we could all find them homey -- despite Superior's breadth. I'm not holding my breath.
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