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  1. I was surprised to see how low some of their metrics and employee opinions came out on job sites. I figured they were relatively progressive, but you definitely hit the nail on the head with your description - cliff notes of glassdoor reviews haha.
  2. Please report back, I was thinking about it but my cold has other ideas for me.
  3. In before this is thrown out, but as a transplant, I never got why people FROM Cleveland constantly go out of their way to sh*t on the place (pardon my language, but not really). Cleveland isn't NYC, Chicago, or LA, but who cares - we're Cleveland and we have a world class orchestra, museums, architecture and the list can go on. The reason why people go off on Cleveland so much is arguably more to do with our own opinions of the place over what others think. Similar to how therapists urge folks to think inwardly in a positive versus negative way, our people need to do the same. It's hard to defend a place when people are cynics to the n-th degree. I used to host folks through Airbnb and made sure to be an ambassador to my adopted city, and because of that I'd say 95% of people came away with a positive impression, and who cares about that other 5% coastie population anyways, we don't need them. This comment will certainly get wiped out and should be in the "For the Love of CLE" thread or somewhere else, but sure, we lost population and the 70s-00's were rough times for the Rust Belt in general, but if we can hold down S-W, keep growing current businesses, and attract new folks, there's no reason we can't continue to have a resurgence a la Pittsburgh, MPLS, and the like. With that, I shall take a breath.
  4. No more money for highway widening until RTA gets adequate funding. It's harsh, but why should I subsidize folks that willingly chose to move further and further way from the city center (ie Medina, North Ridgeville, etc.). Lobby for busses, or better park and ride services, instead of acquiescing to single occupancy vehicle folks. I really don't care that your commute is terrible, I'm more concerned about living off a 'BRT line' in the city/county that is absolutely atrocious in timing. Then again we live in Ohio where transit goes to die.
  5. Went to the Browns/Bills game this weekend, had a great time at the stadium and Muni lots before! Some people were jerks during and after the game, but 99.7% of people we're amazing ambassadors to my adopted city of Cle.
  6. Side note, I used to work in a brown-facade building in Independence area and wow, it really made ANY weather look drab - it could be blue skies and 70 degrees yet it always looked as if it was storming and meh. I wouldn't wish darker windows on anyone but my worst enemies.
  7. Like you say, it's better than a junkyard, but for a hopeful 'up and coming' neighborhood, this stinks. Especially with all of the uhmph they've put into the Pearl road stretch, the neighborhood should be more inviting to pedestrians and cyclists. Speaking of, I wonder if anything would ever be built on the HUGE Rite Aid parking lot on Broadview. Some new businesses have opened up in the Valley/Broadview neck of the woods (Corner of the Sky Bookstore, Buckland Museum, and hopefully some more).
  8. Looks like they're only lifting to the escalator level, elevators sound about right.
  9. Whoops, I was working off of a different dataset than MyPlace, thanks for the heads up!
  10. These lots are all owned by Brickhaus Integrity Ohio City LLC (in addition, the LOT 1 and LOT 2 shown are also owned by Brickhaus Integrity OC).
  11. For real, sounds like we lucked out on that one.
  12. They even respected pedestrians this time around hah
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