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  1. Also does anyone know the timeline for the digital information boards I'm not exactly sure where that was originally posted...
  2. ...since this thread is active, ever walk around and notice how many different types of streetlights there are around downtown streets? I swear, you can see 4 different types (at least!) on one street, I'm sure it's low on the overall needs list, but some parity would be nice! /endrant
  3. Chairlift! Imagine how fun that would be in the winter. This should be a priority though, Aldi moved down the hill leaving that neck of the woods with little for fresh, healthy groceries aside from convenient stores (and Save A Lot on Clark). Even dedicated bus service would be helpful a la Daves and Asiatown. I live in Old Brooklyn, and, despite it being a stones throw away, Steelyard is daunting in anything outside of a car (Towpath Extension should help, but only by a bit in this specific regard).
  4. Additionally, if I'm not mistaken, a group bought the lots across the street for doctors offices (I think I remember reading it here a while back). That'll help bring some density here. There's tons of storefronts around here that are either unused or underused (I'm talking cell phone stores...), that could, in a perfect world, evolve to fit the new space created by this redesign..
  5. From an street side/historical perspective, I'm glad they kept the etched 'M' glass, but as an apartment dweller, that'd be pretty terrible (and dark, especially in the grey winter hah).
  6. I'm all about boosting the city but it's not like Cleveland lives in a bubble, despite the city leadership acting like it-we rise and fall as a region. We need to grow as a region, city, suburbs, and everywhere in between. Tax breaks to move jobs throughout the county should be illegal as should other schemes to just shuffle jobs. I hope the Jacobs property being developed is a catalyst to bring more jobs here and sell our region as a whole.
  7. This is too awesome to be true, hopefully some folks at the design review board read this forum and reflect the will of UrbanOhio lol and I wonder if the parking deck will be solid enough for future construction (maybe the text of the doc actually mentions this or someone has some insight).
  8. The area you're showing isn't really 'downtown', look how dense the city core is. Smallman St. and the produce terminal is getting redeveloped (as well as development plans in the works for those lots on the river), and the Penguins Ownership Group has to develop that empty land where the igloo once was on a specific timeframe (of which I don't remember). The North Shore is also losing lots and building up (but still has a ways to go). I don't know what makes Pittsburgh feel much more dense than Cleveland but reasons I've come up with so far is lack of surface lots (huge), and narrower streets. Look around the city center (and neighboring shorelines) and you won't find a Jacobs Lot type situation- the city/private interest is actively developing these sites. Edit: Looks like the Penguins group may have something in the mix for the area between Centre Ave and 579... https://www.wesa.fm/post/overhauled-plan-redevelop-lower-hill-promises-housing-construction-fall they've had the rights for ten years
  9. The Downtowner had a good take on parking in the Jacob's lot, and Warehouse district overall and frankly, there's little incentive to make these anything but parking. I'm all about taxing the crap out of these lots and maybe we'll be subjected to less speculative buying and holding of lots and more concrete investors with actual plans. Sure, costs may be passed onto consumers, but there's no reason parking should be cheaper than an RTA/transit pass.
  10. Thought they key tower reflection was pretty cool (on top of new windows!), also, the building hasn't suddenly become curved hah
  11. If you know the volume and page, you can always post them and folks can look them up on the County Fiscal Officer site.
  12. Funny you say that, NYT today has a frontpage article on HY and their crazy tax breaks in lieu of the Amazon deal (don't mean to derail this thread Haha). If anything then article highlights how it's been 20 some years in the making. Amazon’s Tax Breaks and Incentives Were Big. Hudson Yards’ Are Bigger.
  13. I think most of the renderings show it around dusk/night (going from mental memory here lol) it'll really 'pop' at night. It does kind of act as a mirror at the moment maybe a building shadow of nucleus would fix this ?
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