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  1. It takes long range thinking to potentially shut the airport down- it'd probably be years upon years (10? 20?) before it'd be officially closed after all of the necessary steps are taken. This means the majority of politicians will be dead, and for that matter, a lot of us UrbanOhio folk . It may not make sense in the immediate sense, however, will we regret not doing anything down the road when we'd still be looking at a long process to get the airport shut down? Just some thoughts, it may benefit us now- but think of how much money is spent on this place and how much will be, and maybe starting the process to shut it down would make more sense... PS- can a new mayor just pull a chicago and start tearing into the runway overnight?
  2. Is there a mechanism for the city to wholeheartedly sink a project? I nominate this for a planning commission veto!
  3. Pretty sure .25 miles is the top limit for most american's to be cool with walking (), I'm on my work computer or I'd google the study. Sounds like this would be in the sweetspot...minus the winter breeze off the lake - maybe the developers could have a shuttle of some sort or a MPLS tube system going on haha.
  4. I went to JF in Ohio City once and for what it was it wasn't worth the wait or the hype. I'm naturally cynical, but idk, after waiting 45+ minutes to just be seated for a breakfast spot isn't my style. It was a smaller space which was probably tough to balance with increasing rent and Cleveland food price expectations. Didn't the Arcade restaurant close because he was behind on taxes?
  5. meh, seems like a waste of one of the best pieces of property out there. If you want to attract people from the Rock Hall/Science Center/Stadium, I'd think the North Shore of Pittsburgh would be a good standard to follow, not this spread out corporate campus type look. Disappointing. PS- why's WKYC got to be all clickbaitey? It's not a crazy exclusive sneak peek when it's literally two renderings (and carrying the press conference I guess? just annoying).
  6. It was pretty awesome, granted the Canadian side is a bit more boring than I had hoped lol (they're smart in their road design and actually plan for erosion/don't build along the lake that much, so it's a lot of riding through fields and wind turbines). Irregardless, I'd still totally recommend it just to see what the other side of the lake is all about. It took about 8 days (and full disclosure, I went across through the islands [Pelee-Leamington] to save some time and headache at the Detroit-Windsor crossing.
  7. I biked the lake about five years ago, and there are some gems of towns and great people. Port Stanley was a favorite of mine just a picturesque port town (sorry about the ipod quality photo), and there's a few other neat ports throughout. Fun fact, a lot of Long Point is privately owned. I know this is a Cleveland development thread, but if anyone's bored, here's a link to my blog from the trip (mostly for photos of the places/towns). My reminiscing aside, I'd bet these towns would love a tourist infusion, but I'd be wary they'd lose their charm with a ferry. I agree with you- if you can beat out traffic/travel time to major cities it could be a neat idea (heck, it'd be cool to just go to Erie via ferry!). I believe Rochester, NY had a ferry between there and Toronto and it failed after a few years, and that was much closer for reference.
  8. Man, I wish I was wealthy enough to buy a building back because I didn't like the name they changed it to lol, very interesting tidbit!
  9. Good guess haha and yeah, I get they had to stretch it for a couple hours, but that was kind of weird as far as parades are concerned
  10. Frankly I won't believe it until heavy machinery is doing real work on site Haha
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