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  1. I've never contributed to this side of UO, but this definitely struck a chord. While it was nice to have spending money from my pizza shop job, I lost a lot of friends over my schedule and not being able to go out on the weekends and just be a kid. Looking back on it, I made maybe $115-130 per week? Sure, I was able to pay for clothes and to eat out at denny's (lol) and pay to repair my '92 Tempo, but I also missed a year of football, basketball games and all that crap. Teen work isn't going to leave a dent in the overall tuition problem, BUT the one takeaway I did get from working in the service industry is respect for people busting their asses in kitchens, delivering and whatnot, thing is, you don't need to be in HS to learn that.
  2. As long as the office idea isn't dead or scaled down to something super minor, this doesn't strike me as a terrible thing. I'd rather them build to their original specifications than to do a super scaled down version just to do it. I wonder if the Voss building development would help move this project along and/or nudge the office component along...
  3. It's not just at you, multiple people in the past few pages have made statements that are not based in any type of fact other than 'I heard from someone somewhere'. I don't understand the need to get offended when people dig into your sources and takes- especially with something as transformative as this project. If I make a huge statement as you did, I'd expect a full on fact finding mission aimed at me from members here, and wouldn't get all upset when people try and dig. My intention wasn't to aim this at you, but just a general statement, but if you took offense, sorry. Finally, as I stated above, I came to UO to avoid bs from other sites- no matter if the news is good or bad for the region (feel free to dig through my post history), sure I might not have a tenure such as yours, but it's no reason to gatekeep.
  4. I'd imagine any RTA news following twitterfolk saw this, but great to see hands on leadership, hopefully this type of thing continues!
  5. I regret reading through/catching up on the 3 previous pages, buncha stuff thats going to get chopped from the forum. I like posts that are based in fact, and there's a handful of people on here that actually prove their muster. Its a very fine line of what makes this UO and not cleveland.com, reddit, or something similar. I don't see a problem in trying to vet someone's post that's a 180° turn from what's been said the previous 15 pages. Lastly, its not burning a source of you actually go into the most minor of details- @KJPis a great example- the guy has arguably more sources than most local reporters combined and still has them despite leaving breadcrumbs out there.
  6. Any rumblings of things going on in the space below the parking deck across from the UCC on Prospect? Restock closed probably two months ago, and just noticed Cash Stop has closed recently too. It's not the most appealing space but kind of weird two tenants are gonezo, especially the Cashstop, unfortunately that place seemed busy all the time.
  7. New Jamaican carryout coming along nicely! Right next to family dollar at pearl/broadview for reference
  8. I really hope the city puts an actual market manager in charge of managing the market. Despite this new development, I have serious doubts that the current market leadership (on the city side) will know how to capitalize on this. Here's to hoping though!
  9. Not to be a downer, but I really don't think Cleveland can support a soccer team of that caliber, at least not now. We have three major franchises currently and when one team is hot, attendance falls off with the other teams. I went to my first MLS game this past year and it was awesome, but it takes years to cultivate such rabid fandom, and to me, we should have a lower level team and build from there.
  10. Thoughts on the "several other states" bit? Is there a chance some state/county/muni offers some knockout incentives to move (they are a publicly traded company after all)? Does anyone think they'd risk such a move?
  11. Ditto. Not sure how I feel about this, those PS parking lots need to gooooooooooooooooo (same with nuCLEus site, but those can go after the other's are filled in...but I digress..) Regardless of my opinion, thanks for the insight @John D. Baumgardner!
  12. It's 6M according to Stark (someone correct me if I'm wrong here). When you're trying to get your way you tend to bend the truth/numbers/maps in your intended outcome's direction.
  13. Thanks for the clarification- fwiw I figured it was temporary until another phase was built and this confirms it, granted, they could probably do something just as inexpensive and more aesthetically pleasing in the meantime (especially judging by how long this site has sat idle since the last announcement).
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