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  1. This has already been discussed, take a look back in the thread.
  2. Go upthread, plenty of drawings show that it's maybe a quarter/half mile (+/-) from the station. To repeat my point from above, as a city dweller this would be great and would hopefully eliminate the need to drive out to North Olmsted or Beachwood to get clothing, instead being able to travel by transit. Also, if this comes to fruition, they may be crap paying jobs, but at least they're crap paying jobs easily accessible to transit vs the stores in the third ring suburbs.
  3. Gateway is literally a quarter mile (if that) from E4, City Tap, BWW, Winking Lizard, Panini's, The Clevelander, etc. to say more stuff needs to be built on the site/acting like it's a deadzone is kind of bizarro. I wouldn't be opposed to building on the parking lot off of E9/Eagle, but there's a lot of bigger fish to fry. First Energy on the other hand could be quite the model area (thinking North Shore area around Heinz Field in PGH), but again, bigger fish to fry.
  4. More of a collection of photos and archival media, but take a look at an application I put together for the county. This lists and shows places that MLK visited in and around the Cleveland area- it has a good collection of photos from his time here as well as some archival video of his speeches and the locations mapped out. It says it in the application, but if you have any media of any sort dealing with Dr. King's visits please get in touch and I'll try and get it in. https://cuyahoga.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapSeries/index.html?appid=6522a0e8180b46adb88711b76e6024eb
  5. They've put up banners of upcoming major events on the Lorain Carnegie bridge and it got me thinking about cranes and downtown progress being shown on national TV. Browsing around the forum, here's a quick take by year and event (I'm assuming some of my development dates are off, but y'all get the idea): 2021 - NFL Draft - S-W could have some cranes up, possibly City Club Apartments crane, doubtful, but NuCLEus?, East Bank Should be Built Out-ish 2022 - NBA All Star Game - Geis Tower (?), Lumen Phase II, CityBlock (or whatever it is at this point) 2024 - NCAA Women's Final Four - who knows what @KJP has up his sleeve...Thunderbird? I guess all in all, if even half of the things percolating on here come to fruition, it's going to be awesome for Cleveland in the national spotlight.
  6. For anyone doing historic research and who doesn't feel like doing full title search a lot of the old Sanborn maps have been georeferenced and digitized, also CPL has all of the old maps digitized (but not georeferenced)- https://www.arcgis.com/apps/View/index.html?appid=ddb0ee6134d64de4adaaa3660308abfd Here's 1927 for reference
  7. I hate to be so cynical, but tax breaks and/or state/fed remediation? I could see the city, county, and state stepping in to save this, seems like a good chess move on SW's part?
  8. I sure hope powers that be are leveraging GIS to find a good site IN the city. It'd be a relatively simple analysis to locate something like this within the city (looking at utilities, land needs, safety, etc.), but only if they're given the proper information and data. I'd hate to see this end up in Brecksville.
  9. I was in PGH when they were building PNC, I know they went for LEED, I think Gold? I wonder if SW would have any desire to go towards some level of LEED- does Ohio or the county offer tax breaks for this?
  10. You're going to hate me for this but I got a vanilla and chocolate flan (...not both for me lol) but chocolate was amazing, my gf definitely approved of the vanilla haha. Also got some tarts, they didn't seem as impressive but still there were a ton of blueberries in them, definitely with giving another shot haha
  11. I was definitely confused when I got it lol it was still tasty nonetheless.
  12. Idk if it's just holdover from the past or if they plan to relight the overhang but the makings for it are there behind the glass panels (those are florescent bulbs in the first pic).
  13. I'll work on getting better photos, but here's the new Half Moon Bakery and some Argentinian styled empanadas
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