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  1. coming soon! (sorry, just saw this in a work related site couldn't help myself lol).
  2. Thanks! I knew there was a new place in there, glad to hear it's UO recommended :). Love me some good coffee and cool spots! The way supermarkets make money these days, I wouldn't be surprised if they focused big time on prepared foods. Like other people have said, it's kind of easy for students to get to other grocery stores in the area (if they know to take the healthline...). I am interested in what they have to offer though, boutique groceries are pretty cool spots.
  3. With Rising Star leaving LI, and nothing in the immediate area, I'd totally dig an Intellegentsia!!!!
  4. The floorplan names are so cringe, but whatever, I guess I'm not in their target demo haha. The gallery pics are very nice though, very *white*... All that said, why isn't there a So-crates? Model??
  5. Just going to dork out on parcels for a hot minute- Wolstein Center is actually on top of like 50 parcels. They were never consolidated when they built it. And with that, everyone can continue with their regular banter. Also to @Boomerang_Brian's post- I know it's not theatre, but I mentor a young adult in their film school and pre-covid he showed us around- what an AMAZING space (also their fitness center is one of (if not) the best downtown )! I love that CSU is gaining a fantastic reputation...
  6. Thanks for the heads up @jmecklenborg, I streetviewed that section and while it isn't ideal it doesn't seem too terrible in the scheme of things- would you suggest the new part of the trail? One of my first times down there I had an Airbnb on Delta Ave so I'm kind of familiar with Riverside into downtown (and with Eli's BBQ lol). Heading out on Friday, so hopefully will be down there around this time next week (it looks like Xenia for this time next week, Cinci Tuesday). Maybe the timeline's wishful thinking (I'm in full on covid weight gain mode lol), but I look forward to seeing the trail and parts of Ohio I've previously never experienced via bike! Also shoutout to @ColDayMan for the offer of a UO-esque tour of Dayton and/or Cinci. Next time, next time.
  7. @jmecklenborg I'm planning on riding from CLE-CIN via the trail, is it that bad down towards cinci? I have GPS loaded in but is it tricky/is there a better route once you get towards the city? Here's what I have for my computer: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/32148015
  8. Graffiti HeART created a map of murals around town, it's also crowdsourced so if you know of any, add away! http://www.graffitiheart.org/mural-registry/
  9. I'm excited for another tonedeaf DCA response. I mean, I get that they're repairing the place but comeon, you only need your work truck there no need for the workers to think this is their personal parking. If only there was a surface parking lot ACROSS THE STREET. Maybe we need some jersey barriers on this area of the park. Ugh, I really wonder what an active mayor would be like.
  10. Whooo boy, this thread is quiet. I'm planning on cycling from Cleveland-Cinci over the July 4th weekend (and then some). Looking forward to seeing Ohio from a different perspective (cough cough, not via 71 ). I've cycled to Akron via the towpath but not much further outside of that- any tips or must see spots along the trail network? Hoping this helps shed some of the COVID-19 weight I've put on in hibernation....ugh.
  11. No development, no construction but I know folks will see it here. Happy dad's day to all you neo (and outside creepers :P) UO dads. Hope it's been a good one!
  12. I really think the malls are something unique to cle and should stay greenspace as much as possible (active greenspace that is). As weird as our skyline may be from certain angles I really do think the malls add an element to cle that not many cities have. And oh yeah, surface parking, burn all that before we even start talking utilizing the malls.
  13. If only there were a technology where you could do a suitability analysis based on foot traffic, areas with higher concentrations of kiddos, and public greenspace...oh wait, there is . I tried to get on the DCA YP board but they didn't seem to think location intelligence/GIS was important
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