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  1. The curved steel on the corner of Ontario and Huron is pretty cool too, I'll try and get a pic of that next time I walk that way. It's impressive how fast they've been moving installing the glass!
  2. A few pics from walking around during lunch break
  3. It's a weird place, I've rented in OB for twoish years and the transformation has been pretty crazy (but there's still a ton of work to go). Tons of storefronts ripe for development (Broadview), and a few major arteries into town make it nice. A lot of folks I know have been priced out of trendier areas and are moving into the neighborhood. That said, it's the largest neighborhood in Cleveland and with that, there's some great areas and meh areas haha. Once the CDC revamps the old theater on Pearl it'll just add to what's there. Also, hopefully the cellphone businesses on the corners get bumped out of there - it's a shame for folks to go to the beautifully restored Aerial Pearl and then have few options (Opal on Pearl is about it) but to leave and go to better areas. Edit: Also, once the old dump by Burger King turns into an actual park that'll mark a big transformation, oh, and if you like biking the neighborhood is right off the towpath! And come back in summer once the Ben Franklin Garden is in full swing, it's a great long running tradition (even if most gardeners are from out of the neighborhood). I swear I don't work for the CDC lol
  4. I know it's a pie in the sky number at this point, but I wonder how this would be paid for, are there state/federal dollars out there for projects like these? That's a lot of financing for the county to take on alone.
  5. GISguy

    Cleveland parking discussion

    That's a great photo hah, and agreed (FWIW Kerry McCormack tweeted about an RFP for updated meters last week). While we're on the subject of ranting about parking and traffic downtown [and at risk of derailing the convo.], what's up with the traffic cops? Are they some holdover, or do they serve a purpose? Seems like they typically cause more gridlock than properly timed and efficient lights would.
  6. I was walking by today at lunch and didn't notice the windows, they're churning right along! Is the frosted May Co window a new one as well? If so, awesome! Also, I can't say I've ever noticed the neighboring building- sorry for any ignorance but is this part of the WT Grant Lofts? What a great looking building.