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  1. Calling their bluff probably isn't in Cleveland's best interest. In a world of multinational corporations moving around a state, or even a region to save on their tax burdens, hometown company or not, SHW has the incentive and obligation to reward their shareholders not the city- the purchase price of the lots/cost of walking away is chump change when compared to incentive packages that other regions would offer. Cle can't afford to screw this up. After the drama and anticipation of them committing to Cleveland, I'm not too enthusiastic of playing with fire. As @Mendo said (and I'm sure @KJP can confirm...in time) it's not just the HQ, it's all of the related spinoff development that we're talking about.
  2. I've ridden into and around downtown a lot these past couple days and it's very, very strange (but nice for cycling!). I came into the office today and it's just sad/depressing walking around - I'll have to get a video on E4 - businesses that aren't open all have their windows covered, truly a weird sight. It's one thing to be dead after-hours, but a whole other thing when it's during central business hours and in those weird off times.
  3. Sorry to share my twitter feed, but I need to clean up my photos on here (I uploaded some really high res stuff and it's bumping up against my limits, but I digress...). Here's some photos from a bike ride the other day: And one more (just resized), Graffiti HeART
  4. Yes, because there's no small business spinoff from having a major HQ in town. Old man needs to retire.
  5. Okay so not that ICP lol Concerning bike lanes- Parma has some good streets to bike on assuming you're already in the city. Connectivity from Cleveland on almost every road leads A LOT to be desired. I think they should work on/with NOACA, etc. to shore up and connect existing infrastructure. I'd hate to see them take the Cleveland approach that kind of puts bike lanes in weird places with no thinking towards connectivity. Private developers can do their thing though, anything is better than nothing.
  6. BUT THE PARKING, WHO WILL THINK OF THE PARKING!?!?!!?! -Some suburbanite, somewhere
  7. So looking at the plat now, the Detroit Superior Viaduct ROW was vacated under ORD 1367-2019 on 12-2-2019. It appears the 'standard highway easment' to the City of Cleveland is still there on the southern end of the property (about 36' off of Detroit towards the north- it looks to serve access to the D-S bridge, ~14,000 Sq. Ft./0.32 acres in area). AFN: 202002040272 for the curious https://recorder.cuyahogacounty.us/searchs/generalsearchs.aspx
  8. I know parcels were definitely consolidated and the row may not have been updated in the GIS. I'll dig up the plat when I'm not on my phone.
  9. Thanks for naming the streets, it was a long line but I honestly expected it to be longer. I think I saw something about requiring some doctor authorization for the time being? I'd bet it was crazy yesterday to prompt something like that. Still on my phone or I'd link to a source, pretty sure it was local TV news.
  10. View at the Cleve Clinic about a half hour ago
  11. Oh most tailgaters do, it's the corporate dollars that want to move it, but I digress lol
  12. A coworker of mine has always been a fan of the area right below Gateway in the flats, it'd be an interesting location...but I'm also not ready to give up on a stadium that was built 21 years ago. I'm a bills fan, our stadium is from the 70's and while it's nothing special, it's not crappy enough to merit a $1B public stadium (ironically, corporate fans want it built in the city/waterfront).
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