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  1. No matter how many times this is pointed out, it's just nuts how it'll really transform that part of town. I moved here about 3-4 years ago, looks like I picked the right time! lol Good on the Playhouse Square Foundation for moving this project forward super, super fast.
  2. Perhaps I'm showing my naivety on this, but is it normal to put glass on this early?
  3. GISguy

    The BEER Thread

    So we recently had the NEO GIS Symposium up here and for that, I created a few maps dealing with beer (historic and current Cleveland breweries). Figured yinz may enjoy looking over historic breweries (link) and I'm currently working on updating/making the current breweries application nicer (but it's still neat to see the recent explosion of beer in town since like 2016, link). I'd appreciate any feedback!
  4. I'll bring this GIF back out, please let this happen!! I wonder if the ASG's, Draft, etc., will push development into higher gear/get things moving in City Hall...I have my doubts.
  5. I honestly didn't realize it was all offroad, I'm doing the GAP/C&O trail next week, I may have to add this to the list!
  6. Sam Allard thinks his snark is so clever and e d g y, it's frankly unreadable. Blah, I hope Cleveland's alt newspaper scene graduates from him soon.
  7. The new smartboards are going in at E9 and Prospect, is there a map of all the locations they're going to put them in?
  8. Seeing as a large complaint has to deal with traffic flow, parking (*sigh*) and getting Ubers out of the Flats, I'd say a dedicated late night loop between TC and the Muni lots isn't a terrible idea to start and build from there. And frankly, public transit is always going to be slower than a rideshare until it's prioritized here, and (a conversation for another forum) stigmas with the bus are thrown out the window.
  9. If parking is a concern for potential downtown residents, they shouldn't live downtown.
  10. I have Pittsburgh's T in mind when stating this, but since the trains end earlier than the bars close, it seems the Wolstein's and the other bar owners could convince (IE pay) RTA to run down there later, and/or for free. The T (Pittsburgh's Train), runs from the football stadium through downtown for free in part because the Steelers and Alco Parking (they own the lots on the North Shore) contribute/pay Pittsburgh's Port Authority to do this.
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