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  1. They say this development "will fill in the missing tooth"... this building did a pretty good job of that.
  2. first post! - I have been checking this website daily since the days of CINCINNATI UPRISE. as long as money is unlimited... I would love to see a new convention center built at longworth hall - using the existing building as a hotel and have an atrium between it and the new convention center. would need to regrade and build over the railroad line, and then the new arena could be on 3rd Street at the current UPS facility - creating a new arena district similar to columbus. not too far from the core - especially if we could cap some of the new 75 whenever that happens. this could, jumpstart development west of 75 and expand/reclaim some of downtown's footprint. Plum street could then be reconnected & two new blocks in the city core could be redeveloped. this is just a weekend project for Dubai.
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