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  1. The city and county should, too. I'm guessing downtown residents would rather have a Target, for example, than that new Northcoast Harbor pedestrian bridge or some of the Playhouse Square gateway elements.
  2. Pretty hideous, but that seems to be trend for uptown-area design now since the original Saitowitz projects wrapped up. Budget no doubt a big part of it. Running out of development sites to pack more residents in the immediate area. I suppose the dialysis center site is next in line now. Or maybe Case will move its security services and free up the lot at the end of E116th, just north of this new project.
  3. Had a brief panic attack when I assumed that address was for the Blue Fig building, the first lot east of 116th street. Now I see it's the parking lot at 115th. Am I wrong this this violates the typical street number convention?
  4. ^I still miss the banners that used to hang from the ceiling, visible in that first photo.
  5. The historical names are The Arcade (where the Hyatt is), the Colonial Arcade, and the Euclid Arcade. The Colonial and Euclid Arcades have been rebranded as the "5th Street Arcades."
  6. ^Impossible to know if the money is hers or if she has a group of investors with and behind her.
  7. Just to pile on, this is a prime example of throwing good money after bad. It's not crazy what the city is trying to do here, making the horrendous original design of North Coast Harbor slightly more usable, but the incremental improvement doesn't seem nearly worth that much money, especially given all the competing priorities that others are appropriately mentioning.
  8. ^Jeff Jacobs is out on his own. The Nautica stuff and whatever he does in Florida isn't part of the "Jacobs" company that owns the Public Square site (or Chagrin Highlands).
  9. StapHanger

    2018 Gubernatorial Election

    There's a real chance the Great Lakes states are a total wipeout for GOP gubernatorial candidates. Chances are that Walker holds onto WI or DeWine squeaks it out, but not both. Overall it's looking like a real shift is in store.
  10. StapHanger

    2018 Gubernatorial Election

    ^Cordray has ~40% chance according to FiveThirtyEight.
  11. Let's hope they line up some interesting retail tenants. The unit count itself won't do all that much for sidewalk activity (though every increment helps a little).
  12. I vaguely remember an article about that land assemblage a few months ago...unless I'm confusing it with another similar group of lots being marketed on the near west side.
  13. It's not the original facade! [At least not for most of the complex]
  14. StapHanger

    Cleveland: General Business & Economic News

    ^Per the article, it's in Solon, and is maybe just one banker at this point.
  15. This is very much in the "it's fun to spend other people's money" category (h/t to KJP), but as much as I love the density boost here, a big part of me is sad we're not just seeing the two decent-looking industrial buildings on this site repurposed with new infill construction between and around them. Neighborhood character needs to take back seat in cities with housing shortages, but in Cleveland, it's a little painful to see new projects pound the charm out of neighborhoods.