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  1. It's not the original facade! [At least not for most of the complex]
  2. StapHanger

    Cleveland: General Business & Economic News

    ^Per the article, it's in Solon, and is maybe just one banker at this point.
  3. This is very much in the "it's fun to spend other people's money" category (h/t to KJP), but as much as I love the density boost here, a big part of me is sad we're not just seeing the two decent-looking industrial buildings on this site repurposed with new infill construction between and around them. Neighborhood character needs to take back seat in cities with housing shortages, but in Cleveland, it's a little painful to see new projects pound the charm out of neighborhoods.
  4. No skin off my teeth, but those corner courtyard units are going to be pretty bleak.
  5. This seems like a pretty big deal for the Cleveland area (and I assume the rest of Ohio).
  6. StapHanger

    Nashville Gentrification Madness 2

    Yay for bike lanes, but the lack of sidewalks on most of those streets is...conspicuous.
  7. StapHanger

    Housing market and trends

    The difference is, we've had a long stretch of fairly pathetic for-sale housing construction, so it's not exactly like 2008 Las Vegas in most markets. Michele is good about flagging this in her articles, but the interesting stuff is hidden by the metro-level price indices. It's true that metro-wide, price appreciation has brought prices back on average, but the price growth has been very uneven within a lot of these areas (see posts in this thread about Cleveland area).
  8. StapHanger

    Housing market and trends

    ^^It probably wasn't as balanced back then as you thought, and even now, the big money is still disproportionately located in the eastern suburbs.
  9. StapHanger

    Housing market and trends

    I wouldn't put it that way, exactly. Aside from the inside millage*, the taxing jurisdictions are going to collect the absolute dollars of tax collections that have been duly approved by ordinance or voters. The valuations are just the method for allocating that burden across all the taxed properties. The county doesn't need to increase valuations anywhere to make that happen- the effective tax rates just go up to make up the difference. But in Cleveland's case, there really has been very healthy property value appreciation on the near west side- that's not some bogus county estimation game. *The inside millage (10 mils) is a literal percentage of valuation (1%), so collections there do change in lockstep with valuations. But everything else is reallocated across all the properties on the tax rolls in a given tax jurisdiction every time valuations change. One other piece affecting property taxes in the past few years is that the state has stopped doing its "rollbacks" on new levies. The state used to force taxing jurisdictions to reduce their tax rates, but then make the jurisdiction whole from state funds.
  10. StapHanger

    Housing market and trends

    What gets a little lost in all this, is that most of the increase in tax burden on that Tremont duplex isn't due to its increase in value per se, but its increase relative to other city properties. Or, put differently, a big part of what's spiking the tax bills in Ohio City and Tremont is the decimation of house values on the East Side.
  11. StapHanger

    Cleveland: Crime & Safety Discussion

    There's also a federal carjacking statute, from 1992: https://www.justice.gov/jm/criminal-resource-manual-1110-carjacking-statute
  12. ^You can call Julie (unless Amtrak has terminated it's phone system).
  13. StapHanger

    Cleveland: General Business & Economic News

    This smells like a half baked plan unlikely to go anywhere, but hope I'm wrong. From the Cleveland.com article, we might learn soon if there's real juice behind this: A partner, which Williams said was "a major publicly traded company in the hemp space," will be announced Friday. https://www.cleveland.com/open/index.ssf/2018/09/hemp_manufacturing_facility_pl.html#incart_2box_business
  14. StapHanger

    Blockchains and Cryptocurriences

    Moreno's interest in crypto currency makes me take the whole "Blockland" thing that much less seriously.