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  1. My plan is similar to that one, but would also put stuff along the north side of Erieside and would have a more modest bridge (continuing the existing pedestrian route on the east side of Mall C). More money on destination/activity, less on infrastructure. Unless the southern part of the NCH area is rethought, seems like it's always going to be a pretty lousy place, so I'd rather not waste money on any high cost pedestrian connection. At best it will be a sort of pleasant but boring commuter-oriented museum campus/event space with some people on weekends, but on most days it will just go on being pretty barren, oversized, remote feeling and dull. Connecting that kind of place to a part of downtown that is also like that isn't going to change much for either, I'd guess.
  2. My plan would close that section of the Shoreway, relocate Erieside a little bit south, line it on both sides with new development, and build a wide pedestrian bridge from the east side of Mall C over the tracks to the roof of the new development, with some combination of stairs, elevator and ramp to street level. And my development on the north side of relocated Erieside would erase as much of the stupid lawn in front of the GLSC as possible. A distant second choice would be a wide pedestrian bridge from the east side of Mall A to the roof of a new development in the GLSC lawn, with some combination of stairs, elevator and ramp to street level. So many of the ideas I see for this area seem to be designed from above, or are too deferential to the Mall, or would cost a bazillion dollars. Rather just focus on a comfortable, not too-long pedestrian route to somewhere packed with as much activity as possible.
  3. Has anyone seen a section view of the proposed land bridge? From the renderings I've seen, I don't really understand how the thing meets North Coast Harbor. Also, I feel like I need to create a new advocacy group to represent those of us (maybe only me!) who dislikes both the land bridge and the suspension bridge ideas.
  4. ^And that decrease in enrollment from Ohio has coincided with a pretty huge increase in overall enrollment. In 2001, Ohioans made up 58% of the undergrads!
  5. It's hard to know from the outside what's really at stake here, and what, if anything, this type of financing would cost the city/county taxing authorities beyond what the standard package of city abatement on the residential portion + a TIF on the commercial building + port financing would cost.
  6. I confess I had never heard of the Ohio Air Quality Development Authority before now. From a little digging, I wonder if the developer is proposing financing the project through OAQDA, which would mean [I think] OAQDA acquiring title, financing the project, and leasing the development back to the developer. This would make the development exempt from local property taxes for the life of the revenue bonds OAQDA would issue. Might also exempt building materials from state/local sales taxes. Seems like a pretty ambitious stretch of the normal purposes of OAQDA, and I wonder if the city/schools are objecting to state action that would completely remove the development from the tax rolls. It could also be that the developer is proposing something more modest, like financing only certain equipment or something. Not much info available at this point.
  7. ^At least not publicly, the Market Square development hasn't been asking for the mountains of bespoke subsidies and tax breaks, which is what makes Stark so dependent on a fully compliant city hall. I hope NuCLEus happens, but I'm also going to withhold judgment till (and if) I hear more about the particulars here.
  8. I'm out of my element here, but I think it was just an accounting rule change that now requires certain leases be reported as both assets and liabilities. Note the operating lease right-of-use assets line item that also newly appeared in 2019. Might reflect new stuff, might reflect a bunch of random real estate/equipment leases that only now have to be shown here.
  9. Would it definitely be new brick veneer or are they planning to daylight the original brick behind the old stone veneer?
  10. These sorts of proposals always make me curious how many Ohio City residents who live in market rate units ever take a bus downtown. Do people know that the transit service between Market Square and Public Square is already excellent? During most of the day, average headways are probably 6 or 7 minutes, with none longer than 10 minutes. And unlike the train, those buses will take you several different parts of downtown.
  11. What on earth is going on with that sidewalk in the first pic?
  12. ^Thanks. From that article: The L-shaped structure will wrap around the south and west sides of the East Mt. Zion Baptist Church at 9990 Euclid Ave., Connell said.
  13. Based solely on that little rendering and some earlier master plan images, looks like the Cole addition won't be filling any of the dead space immediately east or west of the existing building which is kind of a bummer. That thing has to be the most obnoxiously sited building on the whole CC campus. Will be interesting to see if the site for the new Neurological Inst includes the church. Have to think the CC has been trying to buy them out for a long time.
  14. In case anyone was curious, there are literally 16 vehicular travel lanes between this site and the lake.
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