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  1. ^That's an interesting point. I had never really thought of it as the state being responsive to Cleveland urban development interests, but the history of the historic credits, including the catalytic version, and now the possibility of the transformational credit do sort of point to that. Will definitely be interesting to see if the unit growth via medium/large project continues after the pipeline of old buildings dries up. Still a lot of units to absorb in the current pipeline, but fingers crossed.
  2. ^Not sure it necessarily follows that we'd have a lot of new construction if not for the conversions. These conversions tend to be a lot cheaper to develop, among other reasons, because of the state subsidies.
  3. StapHanger

    Economic Segregation in Metro Areas

    It's pretty clear the causation runs in both directions. At this point, there's pretty overwhelming evidence that segregation and isolation affect childhood outcomes. Also no surprise that the most comprehensive work on income mobility (the amazing Raj Chetty research) shows that Cleveland is an especially awful place to be poor, in terms of life prospects.
  4. Can't agree with this enough. The tint and reflectiveness of the glass, the interior window treatments, and the exact extent to which the window glass is inset within the facade grid, will make or break this kind of facade, and are completely unknowable from the marketing rendering.
  5. ^I have no inside info, but this seems like a pretty normal cash-out refinancing. The owner entity will just take the loan proceeds that were in excess of the payoff amount for the old mortgage and any reserves the new lender requires and distribute them to the partners. Pretty typical way for investors to pull money out when market conditions will support higher debt. Without knowing the waterfall in the partnership agreement for capital events like this, impossible to know how much of the cash out is actually going to Wolstein vs other limited partners.
  6. StapHanger

    Cleveland: Population Trends

    People casually refer to the data showing "jobs," but I'm pretty sure it's counting headcount. So unfilled jobs aren't really part of the mix. And the source of the "jobs" data is a survey of firms, so any data errors won't have anything to do with individual people not changing their personal records. There are three very obvious explanations for the gap between employed workforce and "jobs": One is commuters from outside the MSA, as several people have suggested. Another is part time jobs, meaning one person in the workforce might correspond to multiple "jobs." And the third is a persistent and uniform bias in one of the two data sets. Both sets are based on survey samples (one of people, the other of employers) so have fairly large margins of error.
  7. ^I'd be much more inclined to support development if it were higher density. I guess I'm skeptical anyone is going to go much higher than townhouses because of the parking demands for market rate housing and the site constraints. But I am open to being surprised!
  8. ^But the greenspace is adjacent to the imminent greenway, no? Easy to imagine it becoming somewhat useful. Normally I'd be all about developing this land, and won't object to it so much if it happens, but the most likely type of the development here is a handful of expensive 1800 sf townhouse with two-car garages. Would barely move the needle on neighborhood density and would generate approximately zero daily transit trips.
  9. StapHanger

    Cleveland parking discussion

    ^I'd guess that will actually make traffic better, by removing a major peak period driving destination in the immediate area.
  10. StapHanger

    Cleveland parking discussion

    Browns Stadium downtown was obviously dumb, but I'm increasingly convinced Progressive Field should never have been build downtown. The idea of making better use of common parking facilities made intuitive of sense, but these peak crowd generators are huge disamenities and the spin-off development has been meager and one dimensional. And anyway, the public took a bath on the Gateway parking facilities, so even that part didn't quit work out. As long as the city is convinced it has to cater to drivers attending the Special Events Party Zones downtown, we're kind of stuck with a cruddy streetscape, incomplete streets, and disruption for drivers trying to do anything else downtown. Not great.
  11. StapHanger

    Cleveland parking discussion

    This is a good topic, but no longer tied to FEB, so I started a new thread:
  12. StapHanger

    Cleveland parking discussion

    This is pretty rich topic for discussion, and I didn't want to see the stuff on the FEB vaporized, so seemed like a good time for a new thread. I'm utterly depressed by the on-street parking policy people are describing for downtown Cleveland. I understand removing spaces for things like bike lanes or street calming, but the idea that parking needs to be banned to move cars faster in a downtown with so little congestion is asinine.
  13. StapHanger

    Cleveland parking discussion

    Wait, was there a change to downtown parking policy overall? I assumed the earlier comments were about something specific to the FEB area, where the late night congestion occurs.
  14. Also, demolishing the Harbor Inn and building across the street would be obnoxious. I suppose these designs are better than the pure garbage shown in the original massings, but I'm still firmly rooting against this project.
  15. StapHanger

    Cleveland parking discussion

    The goal of FEB is to make money, not to be convenient to every possible customer. Sometimes those two things are the same, but sometimes, once you take into account the cost of providing parking and opportunity cost of not charging for it, they aren't. The current pattern of pricing parking based on seasonal demand makes a lot of sense to me. A pity the city does't do the same with its meters.