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  1. One big reason is that infrastructure development/construction in the US has become insanely expensive. And this is for many reasons. Anyone who points to one specific factor doesn't grasp the scope of the problem.
  2. I think she's questioning the "we're not taking it seriously" critique, not saying the CDC guidance is confusing.
  3. "Convenient store" continues to be one of my favorite ultra subtle regionalisms.
  4. This project would be so much better if the city could muster some more courage with that block of Stokes between Chest and Euclid. Make it one travel lane in each direction with parallel parking on each side to buffer the sidewalks. I know that block has been a key part of traffic flow to Shaker Heights for generations, but there is so much redundant capacity. Traffic would pretty quickly redistribute across the other three avenues providing direct right turn access to the Shaker traffic sewer.
  5. ^I'm sure it's terrific inside and it's perfectly fine drive-by architecture, but I'm still baffled by the landscape plan. There's a constant flow of arrivals and departures from shuttle buses that pickup/drop off on East 100th, but no service drive, so the shuttle riders have a healthy unsheltered walk to get to the actual door. And of course there's no diagonal walkways across that huge eastern lawn, so of the small number people arriving by foot, a big portion just cut across the grass. I still can't believe they hired Norman Foster, spent a crap ton of money, and then finished it off by just rolling out a bunch of sod. I'm long past haranguing the clinic about its meh urbanism, but I'm still very grumbly about how gratuitously awful they make the exterior pedestrian environment. Just zero thought goes into it.
  6. ^Frequency is definitely lousy on the 26, but Church and State is like a three minute walk from West 25th, which has a bus to Downtown every 6 or 7 minutes, on average, thanks to the confluence of several routes. Eastern Ohio City (and Southwestern Ohio City, which has the Red Line station), are very well served.
  7. Happy to see so much density being added to the area, but being surround by traffic sewers is seriously going to limit how nice this development can ever be. Even with the proposed road narrowings, which may or may not actually happen. I predict a whole lot of short car trips and shuttle bus rides, not so much street activity.
  8. Much of that neighborhood, including Hingetown, is already served by some of the best transit service in the state. Seriously, folks, ride the darn bus, it's great. You can go from Hingetown to downtown in like 10 minutes without any planning pretty much all day.
  9. I'm not referring to Knez or any other developer. I'm complaining about the used car dealer able to squeeze $1.8M out of guys like Knez because of the higher residual value resulting from the tax abated development. It's a very inefficient way to subsidize new construction.
  10. ^^That site is a perfect example of the diminishing returns of tax incentives in a neighborhood like Detroit Shoreway. Asking price is $1.8M. So much of the tax abatement and TIF goes right into the pocket of the land speculator...
  11. ^Outside of downtown and University Circle, this is probably the site that UO types have daydreamed about most for many, many years, so I'm going to say yes.
  12. ^What you gain in sample size with the 5-year ACS, you'll lose in current-ness, and I reckon that matters a lot for rents.
  13. To be clear, though, the Red Line is not "free" if you board at other stations. It's just that there are no fare gates to mechanically verify payment. No one would ever say candy at CVS is free just because they don't ask for your receipt at the door.
  14. ^I'm skeptical that the development project would generate the local share for a transit project (public money tends to go into a project in these parts, not the other way around), but a new head house would be terrific.
  15. ^If local government held the cards here, we wouldn't be waiting today for details about the massive public subsidies going into this project. EDIT: there's a decent chance the design will masterfully hide the parking, so I don't mean to sound so negative.
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