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  1. Providing the stadium looks anything like that, I'd be pretty pleased. I'm glad they're going with more neutral grey colors and a more simple contemporary look to help contrast it from its historic surroundings. I just hope they don't ruin the frontage along Central Parkway by setting it 5 miles off the street and 5 stories above it.
  2. $2.5 million for the DAAP Annex? Is it just me or is that a really low budget for a building of this apparent size? Unless it's going to be a fancy Amazon warehouse esque building with curtains for walls.
  3. The last time I was in Northside I thought it was just coincidental that I saw more kids there than I ever remember when I used to hang out there a lot even 5 years ago. Northside is at a really interesting cross roads it appears; a little gayborhood, a little hipster/grunge, a little yuppie, and apparently a little family oriented. As the neighborhood has changed, it has also still maintained a lot of the character and small business focus its always had. I don't know if Northside can continue to walk this well balanced line it appears to be on, but I hope so. Truly mixed communities like this are so rare.
  4. Glad to see they're going ahead and getting a move on this project instead of sitting on it for another year or so.
  5. Yeah, I'm sure everyone knows that a tower is best for that location. I'm just terrified that someone's going to let any ole' proposal get plopped there. I can think of very few places that have that Manhattan feel of an urban plaza surrounded by high-rises and I would only want that to be enhanced by a quality tower. 20-25 is probably about right.
  6. Navy Yard is a great example for the Uptown "Innovation" corridor to follow. Yeah, it's more mixed-use low density, but there's an emphases on scale, greenery, walkability, bikability. It mimics a college campus, which is appropriate for this area.
  7. Was recently in Cincinnati visiting a friend and was in OTR at night for the first time in awhile. One thing immediately tingled my constantly critiquing urban eye. LIGHTING! Downtown/OTR/Pendelton/West End really need updated LED lighting. This includes ally's, which many have little, if any lighting. It's amazing what updated and more equitably illuminated spaces do for the urban environment. They decrease crime and make pedestrians feel safer. They're also a fairly cost effective upgrade.
  8. I don't see any of the big companies downtown building a new tower (I've always speculated that as Kroger has grown in the past decade and is now starting to take on an entire tech side to the business, they might want to build a modern tower). I could absolutely see a mixed use tower with a handful of medium-sized businesses (maybe some from the suburbs?), some condos, apartments, and a hotel. I hate thinking about this because I'm fully expecting some dinky 5 story yuppy box.
  9. ^ I'm usually really critical of above ground parking. But if you conceal it well, most people wouldn't even realize it's parking. That Bangkok example is good because at a brief glance you don't even see where the parking is unless you look straight up and stare.
  10. The form is right, but that design is rough. I guess they couldn't decide on a design so the just mashed it all together. Glad to see further-out neighborhoods like Madisonville getting projects and infill like this though.
  11. Im seeing space for 3 cars... maybe 4 if you marked and organized the road properly. https://www.google.com/maps/@39.9807624,-83.0049162,3a,26.1y,93.77h,84.62t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s0TifvrePzQMfsVi-ueMBCg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656 They did go back to the drawing board... multiple times... But the residents were worried about not being able to see the sun because apparently it sits in the same spot all day (which is news to me). Kaufman did the opposite of pout (which is what the residents did), being a local company that cares about its reputation, they decided to pack up their proposal and let some more confrontational developer take on the residents. As someone mentioned above, you'll likely see something as tall if not taller here and possibly a lot uglier. I hope its a 20+ stories personally. Wrong. If you pay taxes in city limits, you have a right to an opinion. Especially because people like you are the reason rent is getting so damn high here and hurting all of the people who struggle to pay their rent. By your logic, poor residents living in a less-invested area who are predominantly renters have no right to voice an opinion. That's ridiculous. As for the project at King and High, I hope they build a 20+ story tower with quality materials. Cities grow and change, get over it or move to Washington Courthouse.
  12. Same. Honestly, if more companies built to the quality and attention to detail that Wood Cos. builds, I think more projects would get approved, regardless of height or location.
  13. On one hand, I hate that Dublin keeps getting all of the things that are supposed to be unique to city life and the core of Columbus. But on the other hand, I see the trend of unique and local businesses starting in the core of a city and setting up shops in the suburbs happening everywhere. I just hope that Dublin truly goes all in on eventually creating a downtown satellite downtown to Columbus.
  14. She obviously means walking from the garage to the office...
  15. Got it. The way it was worded, I assumed they were considering the renovated buildings next to the new one as the whole project. This is amazing density that OTR needs to continue with! I'm always trying to tell people that density doesn't mean high-rises. And in Mid-sized cities like Cincinnati, I'd rather see density and population added by making units smaller and reducing or eliminating parking in projects. Seems like Cincinnati has been on a roll lately in this regard.
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