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  1. Agree. + Kizer's inaccuracy. Hard to tell how many of the inaccurate passes were bad routes and/or miscommunication between him and the receivers or just plain inaccuracy. I'm pretty worried that it was the latter. I think one of the nocks against him coming out of college was inaccuracy and not being consistent.
  2. This probably needs its own topic. They are just reinventing the f-n vending machine.
  3. does the 70k get you the other properties? "This property priced to sell in the package deal with 118 Mulberry St, 210 Dorchester Ave, 437 Milton St, and 14 Findlay St. "
  4. ^ if it is a bubble I would sell and by back around 2k. If you think it will change the world then Hodl till 500k.
  5. You could not pay me to live in a house with driveway access from Columbia Parkway.
  6. ^as far as I know they are going ahead with the tear down of the 3 houses on Howell and the parking lot to add a garage and apartment building. This will only help the CM. The only objection from the neighborhood is some people would prefer condos and not just apartments. Not sure if that is possible in the current market right now.
  7. ^ ^^ we went from a 2 B surplus to 1 B in the hole? In 1 month. Sens. Joe Schiavoni of Boardman and Kenny Yuko of Richmond Heights, both Democrats, introduced legislation recently that would take $200 million from the state's $2 billion surplus. The money would be spent over two years and also require insurance companies to cover medications used to treat drug addiction. http://www.cleveland.com/naymik/index.ssf/2017/05/talk_it_out_should_ohio_tap_it.html
  8. Around 2008 I was in the exact same Guitar Center (near Tri-County Mall) and went over to the DJ area and started hitting some buttons and twisting knobs on some dumb little box. Some guy asked me if I was a DJ. I looked at him bewildered and said no I just started hitting buttons and twisting knobs. That was back when you hit buttons, and twisted knobs. Now you just hit play.
  9. The pool opens at 11am your video is 39 seconds long, shocking only a couple of people got there right at opening. You could shoot that same video at all pools in Cincinnati both public and private with the same results. esp on Sunday.
  10. Friday the greatest comeback against the greatest team begins. Lets just enjoy the ride.
  11. "9. Installing solar panels will help charge electric vehicles at night." Solar panels work great at night. :-D
  12. gaslight


    John Mayer has gotten a lot of new rich older fans from playing with the Gratefull Dead.
  13. If CPS selling their football stadium is the answer. Why cant UC sell Nippert to FCC? Heck FCC could use equity to buy it, and it the equity could go into UC investment portfolio. UC is already putting money into hedge funds why would this be any different.
  14. JC is going to fast track this in hopes that it helps get out the east side vote for him.
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