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  1. Considering everything that was provided to OhioHealth from the city and state on this deal, the least they can do it contribute toward finishing the bike path through their property and taking it off Milton.
  2. I agree. They bark the loudest and are accustomed to having their demands met. Eventually some developers just say F it, we can tell where we're not wanted. The only solution is some effective counter-balance speaking out in favor of these proposals when warranted.
  3. The commission is advisory only; I think in recent years the Clintonville area commission has become a bit more pro-development and not quite as backwards. I think this proposed development represents the path of least resistance by the developer in terms of having no variances, not having to go before the area commission and therefore, not having public input, and not having to assemble the entire site and negotiate with multiple property owners. The Clintonville NIMBYs had more of an impact on this development than the commission.
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