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  1. I may no longer live in Cincinnati, but I'm super pleased (and not just a little bit surprised!) that this worked out for the best. Great job...
  2. Wow, I'm sad to see that the Graydon owners are still dealing with that garage.
  3. I used to work at the Oak Street campus. Both the Winslow street building and the Oak Street building were purchased by Children's hospital, then leased back to TriHealth (of which Bethesda Oak was a part of). The buildings are used by Trihealth for administrative functions, such as executive offices, IT, etc. Childrens Hospital then leases back portions of the buildings for their own purposes from Trihealth (at least this was the case a year or so ago). As for the fences - while I was there a co-worker was car jacked in front of the Winslow street building. I believe another co-worker was robbed as well. They aren't pretty, that's for sure, but they were put in for a reason.
  4. I went to Via Vite when I was in town a couple of weeks ago. Good stuff. Very exciting to see all the activity.
  5. Yo. Good times here. I miss the 'nati though.
  6. Good question... I moved awhile ago, but I'd be interested to know.
  7. Well folks, they offered me the gig... and I think I have to take it... do adios to Cincinnati. I'll miss it here, but it's time to try something new. So... if anyone knows someone who wants to rent me a room in SF short term while I get settled, lemme know :).
  8. Preparing for SF eh? Gotta make sure I make an impression. I need to maintain that Cincinnati attitude!
  9. Screw you all... every last damn one of you!
  10. Thanks - I go out to meet with some folks tommorrow. If I end up accepting/getting the job, I'll be picking your brain.
  11. Can I ask where you are moving now?
  12. Hah! Well, it's not a done deal folks... I just have an offer at this point, I need to see if I can make the financials work out.
  13. Aw, thanks. Yea... it is sort of funny isn't it? The fact is the MED still has a lot of work to do, and they are terrible. However, the place is still nice and you can't beat the location. The problems with the common areas will be taken care of (by the COA if not MED), it's just a matter of when. I'm thinking around $235k or so.
  14. The job is in SOMA. No idea where I'm going to live, however. I'm open to suggestions. I am serious about selling and/or renting my place however. Here are some pics: http://www.mark-grace.com/g2/main.php?g2_view=core.ShowItem&g2_itemId=2753
  15. Hah, good point. I'd like to point out that my place is fine... however, yea, MED ain't quite done yet. I'll swing ya a deal tho. Can't beat the location.
  16. Was on main for MPMF... Man, I wish it was that vibrant all the time. A great experience, despite the rain.
  17. So folks, I may be moving to SF. I have a job offer on the table... So anyone want to buy my place? :)
  18. I have decided to be optimistically optimisitic.
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