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  1. For sure. I know a lot of the retailers have moved around in the building, which also makes it look like more turnover is occurring. The main anchors have been pretty consistent and seem to do well overall. The newest crop were mostly the people who kept weird hours, so I can’t say I’m surprised they ended up closing. I think some have also decided to focus on their online presence, which is definitely understandable.
  2. Savile Lane is actually still open, they are just by appointment only. They have another (main) location in Fairlawn. The vacant spaces will fill as they always do. The shops definitely cater to tourists and the business lunch crowd because that is who shops downtown at the moment. What a lot of people don't realize is that the building is intentionally designed to be a great place for small retail businesses to get a start. The square footage is relatively small and the rates are reportedly more than fair. Not to mention, every single business is locally owned and operated and you are normally talking to the owner when you walk in. What other city has an in-tact, historic, one of a kind shopping center that is entirely full of locally owned and operated businesses? It's a pretty remarkable place that is consistently overlooked in favor of the many larger shopping centers with recognizable brands that exist in the suburbs. I definitely agree that the variety of shops could be better, but it's just such a unique asset that adds to the historic charm of the city. There are also some great little shops and, in my opinion, the customer service at a local shop will always be better than what you get at larger stores.
  3. I frequently park at 515 Euclid and the ugly doors in question have been there since I started parking there in 2016. You used to be able to enter the garage through what is now the the Beacon lobby on the Euclid side. It does seem like after the official opening they are going to finish up the front. The stair situation is VERY stupid. They added the stairwell next to the elevators when they built the Beacon (understandably), but neglected to put any clear signage to direct people to the actual garage staircase which is outside of the elevator lobbies completely.
  4. Yes, the Residence Inn. I'm used to just calling it the Marriott. Sorry about that!
  5. The crane on Prospect is replacing the HVAC for the Marriott. It will be there for today and tomorrow. Not sure about the crane on Ontario, but it definitely looks to be something for the May Company project.
  6. There is some activity on this site today. It looks like it could be soil testing? I got a photo, but it’s not very helpful. The parking lot is closed on the Euclid side and there are multiple machines working.
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