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  1. FC Cincinnati wins City Hall skirmish over West End church Historic Conservation Board denies landmark status https://www.wcpo.com/news/local-news/i-team/fc-cincinnati-wins-city-hall-skirmish-over-west-end-church
  2. "Hard Rock is "evaluating" its newly-acquired property and the surrounding market for the potential addition of a hotel in later improvements."
  3. The Emory is more than just another theatre. It’s near-perfect acoustics have been acknowledged by some of the most notable figures in early 20th music and theatre. It is true that it is one of four “acoustically pure” convert venues that were built in that time period, the others being in Chicago, Detroit, and New York. It also has unobstructed views from every seat, which is also another well-recognized feature. We should consider ourselves very lucky at the fact that this building still stands today, and that we even have such an important venue in our city in the first place, as Cincinnati was a much more prominent city when it was constructed. This theatre is extremely significant not only historically, but also to the disciplines of music, theatre, architecture, and engineering. I understand that there is a surplus of performance venues in the basin right now, but next to Music Hall, The Emery could be considered the most important concert hall in the city. I think it would be a mistake to not preserve this treasure that we have. This is my first post on UO, but I’ve been reading threads for a long time now. Finally got the courage to share my thoughts on something.
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