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  1. I mean keep in mind its only been open on Sunday for what 15 years? In someways things are the same but in other ways they are vastly different than 15 years ago. I mean the wine store was an active bar until the late 90's which often was in the running for the most police calls to a given address.
  2. I thought the same thing but they had a fair amount of crews going at last night at 9:30 on Vine St so the closure could be pretty legit.
  3. I'm curious as well. If it results in increased frequency I'm ok with it. If it just ends up with the bus driver taking a break because he's running faster than scheduled than I'm not.
  4. Either way this opens up trail extension along the river to the westside. Often ended up turning back before hilltop due to the massive dust cloud hanging around there.
  5. Good to hear, though I'm kind of bummed about the bookstores transition. Wish I would have been more into architecture, preservation and exploring the neighborhood back then.
  6. It's crazy to me how many more buildings have been torn down in the Wick Park area over the last 15 years or so. When at YSU in the early 00's Pennsylvania Ave was for the most part still entact, while not necessarily in good shape. Now it seems to be mostly empty lots.
  7. I don't really like starbucks coffee but the times I've gotten things from Kitty's they are pretty close to undrinkable.
  8. Umm where are you looking?? There are a fair amount of families in the downtown basin.
  9. II mean there is all kinds of activity going on around Findlay Market, including new infill houses.
  10. Summit more a less does have this, with the only issue being that you have to cross cooper at the bottom. It gets a fair amount of use with people running from the rec center.
  11. I just want to say thanks for the fork heart knife throw back! Such an interesting microcosm of the neighborhood, played out in an incredibly short time frame. Makes me want to hop even further into the way back machine and grabbing a beer at Coopers.
  12. Also need to calculate footer size and depth, as well as determine other civil/structural requirements.
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