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  1. Umm where are you looking?? There are a fair amount of families in the downtown basin.
  2. II mean there is all kinds of activity going on around Findlay Market, including new infill houses.
  3. Summit more a less does have this, with the only issue being that you have to cross cooper at the bottom. It gets a fair amount of use with people running from the rec center.
  4. I just want to say thanks for the fork heart knife throw back! Such an interesting microcosm of the neighborhood, played out in an incredibly short time frame. Makes me want to hop even further into the way back machine and grabbing a beer at Coopers.
  5. Also need to calculate footer size and depth, as well as determine other civil/structural requirements.
  6. Umm, you know sound kind of crazy right? I mean honestly this latest "wave" of shootings is nothing. I mean lets think back to the days of triple murders south of liberty for some perspective on where we have come from.
  7. Traveler Joe


    Except that the "gang of 5" has now paid into coast war chest so at the end of the day a fairly big negative in my book.
  8. Fyi https://www.google.com/amp/s/deadspin.com/louisvilles-arena-deal-is-a-complete-disaster-1797126730/amp
  9. Agreed 100%. It really is about access and repair and the fact that they would much rather go through asphalt vs concrete when making repairs.
  10. I'd guess they can justify it since there now will be a crosswalk on Sycamore.
  11. Not saying you can't put a manhole on the sidewalk, I'm saying you don't put a manhole to a water main. A water main is typically surrounded by a fill material and not really accessed except for repairs.
  12. I think the real reason is that they prefer to have mains under asphalt vs concrete as it makes repairs much easier. Regarding a manhole for a water main, outside of some very very unique circumstances they don't really exist.
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