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  1. With where construction is currently I don't think you will be seeing a skywalk anytime soon.
  2. Traveler Joe

    Smells of City Living

    Some of it certainly was from seagrams as they made alot of there "puckers" line there. I worked construction a fair bit at Gividuan, got some really interesting smells when tearing out old floor tile and drains in assorted production areas.
  3. Traveler Joe

    Cincinnati: Random Development and News

    Yes it should have been but that could have been what let to them trying to pull it off with seriously cut rate contractors.
  4. Traveler Joe

    Cincinnati: Random Development and News

    Yeah when I saw the work on Garfield starting I was not too hopeful as it was clear to me they were not utilizing a competent GC.
  5. Traveler Joe

    Cincinnati: Random Development and News

    Speaking of things that have fallen off the radar, anyone know if the rehab of the Garfield Suites will ever be resurrected?
  6. The access and structural requirements for this transformer in an inside location would be much greater than what is need in its current arrangement. It was the right decision to leave it where it is.
  7. Luckily my Larosas delivery comes from the Clifton location. Other than the things you mention you can get zablong and midici on uber eats. Its for this reason that I think Taglio could do really really well.
  8. But how many of those places deliver? I think harvest is on uber eats but as the parent of an infant I'll happily take another pizza place that delivers.
  9. Traveler Joe

    Cincinnati: Corryville: Development and News

    So who know the story on the stacked trailer house at Oak and Bellevue?
  10. Traveler Joe

    Cincinnati: Random Development and News

    As someone who lives in the basin I will be using clicklist downtown, much like I currently do in newport.
  11. Traveler Joe

    Cincinnati: Restaurant News & Info

    I hear you, and while I understand it's not all of them but for every passionate chef/owner you have a jeff ruby who also fits that bill. I totally understand the argument you are making its just that it seems to be something that is only occuring in very high end places or a short order cook/owner setups and sadly there is a lot of room in the middle that needs to be filled as well.
  12. Traveler Joe

    Cincinnati: Restaurant News & Info

    I think the whole fascination with the chef-owner to be very interesting. The places I can think of that have owners who go around checking in on people is when the owner has some underlying mental issues. That being said buddy larosa refilled my drink once so I guess i'll have to move larosas into this category as well.
  13. Traveler Joe

    Cincinnati: Restaurant News & Info

    And it was good enough for bill clinton
  14. Traveler Joe

    Cincinnati: Restaurant News & Info

    I understand that an owner or chef can not be in multiple places at once. However I'd say proper hiring and a strong culture can overcome these aspects. Have you noticed a change in quality of food at thunderdome in the past 5 years? Does senate taste different now than when they were serving up hotdogs across the street from lavomatic? I can't say that I have and I think if anything it shows that what you thought was a curated experience was just some really really well done marketing and interior design. On the flip side who do you think is doing a really good job with this curated restaurant experience in town? Does going to french crust pass that test?
  15. Traveler Joe

    Cincinnati: Restaurant News & Info

    Things that can easily be handled if done well. Compare again thunderdome to tom & chee.