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  1. The School of Music had a contest to name the crane for their new facilities. The winner was Gustav Hoist
  2. I was watching the architecture episode of Columbus Neighborhoods and they showed a model of an expansion of the Christopher Inn featuring a space needle with rotating restaurant. Looked around this site and the rest of the internet and it doesn’t seem to be posted anywhere except in the video. I figured it was worth sharing for those who have not seen it. Funny thing is that it appears that the land where this would have been built is only a parking lot so an updated version could still be built there if anyone with nostalgia and very deep pockets wanted to.
  3. I’m sure it’s wishful/optimistic thinking on the developers part but who knows. In the meantime it’s a great place for a billboard or mural.
  4. Just noticed the bricked over windows on the eastern side. Wonder if they’re expecting a new neighbor at what’s currently the steakhouse.
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