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  1. I find it ironic the Detroit, which has a much smaller downtown population than Cleveland has new businesses on Woodward Avenue. But Detroit does a better job of marketing and PR regarding that city than Cleveland does. The population of downtown Detroit may be as high as seven thousand. I find it insulting that Cleveland allows itself to be so disregarded.
  2. Folks like to tease projects in Cleveland. I guess it's Cleveland style humor. People should move on from that developer and ignore his shrunken, maybe never going to happen nucleus. in seven years the lack of nucleus won't matter as other developers actually bring forth major developments. Oh wait, some already are.
  3. So sorry if a repeat of the post was so disturbing, but Cleveland's inferiority complex on so many factors should be both embarrassing and disturbing after so many times, Cleveland took the lower road on the appearance of new developments. The Luman and MOCA building are exception to that multi decade long practice. Love Cleveland by the way, that is why I wrote about that topic in the first place. If the failure of great vision wasn't so pervasive not once, not twice, not three, not four not five, but for at least seven decades, with a few exceptions, my question would never have been asked. Seven decades of inferior vision versus a question asked twice. HMM!
  4. the Beacon looks great, but why oh why did they not follow through and put the beacon signs on top of the edifice per the renderings? I wonder is it yet another reflection of Cleveland's renowned inferiority complex that convinced the deciders that was just too much for the CLE? Come on Cleveland, break out of the box just a little bit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Why didn't they place the lit Beacon signs at the top of the building per the renderings?!!!! Was it thought to be oh too much for Cleveland's inferior complex sensitivities? Good Lord!
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